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A woman in need of assistance; a jilted lover. Mystery! Suspense! And it's nonfiction so a boring ending..

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018



It was 2:57 am on a Sunday morning. I was desperately trying to get one more rider during peak hours so I could drive home earlier on Sunday. I don't know Phoenix well but I could tell I had been slowly drifting into a greasy area. (The declining beauty of the archeticture, conversation and the passengers themselves were a sign.)

Anyway I got a ride request from Abby; a part of me loved her, being able to go home after 5 days of sleeping in your car... The thought of sleeping in a bed! The feeling can't be described. I arrive outside a gated community and hit 'arrive' and begin to wait. One minute or so later a car arrives and two black dudes get out. "Hey man, have you seen a woman walking around here?" "No, I'm waiting for a passenger" "Wats her name?" "Abby.." "She may be usin a fake name... We'll wait with you." I lit their cigarettes with the resounding feeling that I was in the company of creeps.

They proceeded to try and enter this gated community. OH my rider may have seen them and canceled.. Son of a bitch.. Well I call the passenger and they canceled; it could have been an accidental dial (happens sometimes) as well; assumptions are like funyuns. After she canceled I wanted to throw an egg at Abby's house, but meh. Time to drive to a hospital parking lot to get a lil shut eye.

I pull out of that driveway and onto a side road to map the nearest hospital with an emergency room. (When you sleep in a car in a state that it's illegal to do so; you need to hide in a crowd.) Out of the bushes runs this black chick; I would have guessed she was under 20. Her face was all bruised and she seemed pretty frazzled. 

"CAN I PLEASE BURROW UR PHONE?!? MY BOYFRIEND JUST BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!" I hesitated a moment; I was falling asleep and it caught me off guard. "Get in quick and I'll take you home." She pops in the passenger seat with no seatbelt on and proceeds to tell me the story.

She had just bailed her boyfriend out of jail; 8 grand she had been saving for something else. He needed to take his drunk mother home so she said "I'll do a rideshare to go home so you can take care of your mom." He proceeds to freak out and pull her out of her own car by her weave and smash up her face. He has her cellphone, wallet and is driving her car. 

I pull out of the road and start driving. "SHIT THEY FUCKING SAW US!! DRIVE DRIVE!!! DRIVE!" I drive my usual speed; 5 over the speed limit. I get to a red light and the car with her boyfriend pulls in front of me and he gets out and proceeds to beat on the door. "Im gonna go to fucking prison blah blah, get outa the car." She starts screaming "LOCK THE DOOR LOCK THE DOOR!" And starts slapping at the lock button. Naturally she unlocks it and he starts trying to pull her out.

I shout "JUST FUCKING CALL HER TOMORROW! I AM TAKING HER HOME TO HER MOTHER" and they're shouting at eachother. The light took way too long to change.. I also shouted "Get the fuck away from my car or I will call the fucking cops!" and he was like "Try it and I'll shoot your fucking car up." I say "It's a fucking rental and I have a deathwish; try me." Also, what would we do without the F-word.. 

So the light turned green and I put my arm around over her shoulders so she doesn't ripped out of the car. I see an SUV up ahead so I speed to get next to it; then I stay there so the idiot can't pass. Another car is following me now. I'm having the time of my life! Getting to help someone + an adrenaline kick; i wanted so badly to sleep but how often are you in a car chase.

The SUV turned left so I got into the left lane (I figured it'd be harder to block me; I was ready to break road laws just to get this over with. If I had been a teenager I'd probably be locked up for driving over 100 in a 45 or something but I got road chops now.) The new car pulls up alongside us; it's 2 of her friends, both female. There's another red light but there are 2 cars stopped at it! Lucky; I pull behind one and her friends pull behind the other.

They were freaking out; you can't blame them.. She got into some strange dude's car. DON'T DO THAT! Most guys are desperate pathetic creatures and can't be trusted. (I aint no femenist.. Most ppl need to get their heads right.) At the very least I can be trusted. Her friends and her shout back and forth; she was screaming "I just wanna fucking go home. I want to be with my mom" and I don't remember much else of the conversation but I shouted "Im taking her home to her mother. We called her and both spoke to her." I was getting annoyed and tired but I was going to see this through.

During the conversation we had been sitting at the light for a bit and a couple people behind us started honking when it turned green. Where did all these cars come from? It was like 3:15 at this point (or later.. I didnt check the clock.) I drive. I was a ways to the west of downtown and once I got to the interstate it was a good 35 min drive. Mostly silence; she told me her story at this point but it made more sense to put it at the beginning.

I was falling asleep at the wheel; it was a mess. We get to her mum's place; they had followed us the whole way. She pops out of my car and runs inside and I drive to a parking lot for a cigarette and to just process everything that happened. I wanted to call the cops; wouldn't have done any good. She woulda lost 8 grand from the bail bond. Even though I'd be a semi-reliable witness there were a total of 5 other people involved in this story so my voice woulda gotten swamped.

Lastly; it was none of my business. Even though it was made my business to an extent; people need to learn for themselves. It would have just complicated the poor chick's life more if I had run my mouth. I would seriously enjoy putting a bullet into anyone who abuses women... but like, in the knee. They deserve to suffer.

By the time I get to a hospital it's after 5 am. The sun wasn't coming up yet! I was able to fall asleep but only got a couple hours. My driving the next day.... is another story entirely. LEGALIZE DUI; Tired driving is far more dangerous. MADD can SMD

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