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This is about a girl I met. Some might say that life is cliche, but if that is cliche, it means that a lot of people have done it before, which probably means that you are doing the right thing.

Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018



Have you ever felt like you are always so down that nobody would really like you? That you are absolutely lost with everything around you. You just think that the things you do are really turned-off, but you really don’t mean to scare people away. Well, I feel like that almost every single day. I honestly just think that I’m not good enough, and I’m always so negative about things. I always overthink and be super sensitive to tiny things because I am that anxious… I guess your experiences really just shape you as a person, and I wish that someone could just understand. I’m always so scared to hurt somebody, I know that I easily grow attached to people or even cling on to them. But I’m that kind of person who would just care too much.


For your cause, she began to appreciate herself and value only those who have always been with her. She vowed never to surrender body and soul again. She closed herself to the world and now sees others with different eyes. She doesn't care about the past anymore, because she knows it will never come back. She is determined not to make the same mistakes as before. She loves nobody but herself. You can call her selfish, she does not care. She is just another victim of someone who said she loved and who, in the end, only used her.


I went out to drink and celebrate with my friend because it was her birthday and I just want to be there for her. In previous times, I went out and probably just had fun with several people and just go back home, with just a short-term of lust and fun. Nothing major, just a typical teenager messing about. We drank a bit, trying to drink our problems away and loosen up a bit. Then we went to a club. Damn, it was crowded. At first, we were debating to just leave, but I mean it was her birthday so screw it. We stayed in the long line, and there were a group of girls behind me. Somehow me being the usually shy and awkward girl, just started random conversations with them. Slowly, I realised that they were older and rather pretty. But somewhat I got a vibe from one particular girl in that group, but I ignored it because I don’t want to overthink things especially when I’m a bit tipsy. We went into the club and of course, with that many people, we were separated. I was with my friend, just casually dancing around. Somehow, we bumped into them again… I mean I have to say it is such pure coincidence, in such a big club. We just danced around. The girls from the other group were literally going all out. We sobered up and drank more… the events just keep going.

 With the loud bumping of the music and alcohol in my system. There was tension between me and that one girl. I started to really notice her features. She was beautiful. She had that cute baby face, but also a fierce element to it. She was swaying her hips freely, following the beats of the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, there was just something about her. I tried to shake the feelings off, just tried to keep the night going. There were so many guys trying to talk to the girls, so obviously I switched positions with them to make sure the guys wouldn’t touch them or something. At one point, we all went to get more drinks, we just held hands without any hesitation. I guided her through the club, and the tension intensified between us. We danced. And she did it again, she was going down to the floor while her eyes fixated on me, I didn’t even know did I imagine that, but I mean who wouldn’t. She suddenly came over and asked me “ Can I kiss you?”. I nodded and she leaned in. Our lips connected and I reciprocated the kiss. It was just magical, nobody has ever been so straightforward towards me, and she was the one who I’m missing out. We slowly digressed into a heated make-out session. I was her first ( girl ) kiss and I was absolutely honoured by it. I was blown away by her and every single second after that the kiss. Unfortunately, I had to leave because my friend wasn’t feeling well, so I had to go back home. I felt miserable, I wanted to stay behind and just be with her. Literally, I felt like jumping out of the taxi just to hold her again. I had a feeling that I won’t be able to see her again but life is always about expecting the unexpected right?


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