Forest of Death

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Submitted: January 18, 2018

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Submitted: January 18, 2018



Aokigahara Forest

Amanda packed a small bag of belongings. She could no longer stand having her

mother-in-law breathing down her neck for money. She had borrowed a couple thousand

dollars from her, about a year ago.

As she approached the forest, she noticed that there were several signs covered in

yellow “caution” tape. She pushed aside the tape, and read the signs. The signs were

messages discouraging people from taking their lives. Amanda rolled her eyes. “I only

came here to get away from everybody. It’s my choice if I want to take my life,” she

thought to herself.

She dug through her backpack to find her compass. As she wandered deeper into

the forest, her compass started going crazy. Even though it was only 3 in the afternoon,

the sky was unusually dark. She shivered. The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees.

“Maybe I should call Louie.” She fished her cell phone out of her pocket. There was

no signal. She walked deeper into the forest, and still couldn’t get a signal.

“I should find shelter.” She made camp in a nearby cave. She spread out a blanket,

and went through her food rations. She ate a handful of nuts, and dried fruit. Then she cried

herself to sleep.

Amanda emerged from the cave, early the next morning. She explored deeper in the

woods. She shuddered as she noticed several nooses scattered throughout the forest. “That’s

strange,” she muttered to herself, “I’ve been here for a day, and a half, and I haven’t seen any

animals. Not even a bird.”

Amanda sunk to her knees, and sobbed after walking past several corpses.

Suddenly, she came to a clearing. The air was thick with despair. Amanda sobbed

uncontrollably as she leafed through her writing journal, and a picture of her husband fell

out. She fished through her bookbag to find her knife. She put the blade to her throat, and

closed her eyes. She was distracted by a strange sound.

A strange creature had emerged from the nearby river, and began to approach her.

It was a huge, slimy creature, that had 4 unusually long human arms, that it used for legs.

Amanda backed away in fear.

“Do not fear me,” the creature said, “I mean you no harm. I am A-Mi-Kuk, the “familiar”

of the priestess, Azriella. I have come to deliver you a message. I know that you intend to end

your life. You’re tired of living a solitary existence, and you feel like an outcast. You feel like

no one understands you.”

Amanda looked at the creature in disbelief.

“Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but that is the life of a writer. You are meant to be broke,

and feel alone. That gives you inspiration to write more stories.”

“That’s not fair!” Amanda shouted. “I didn’t ask for this! You can’t stop me from taking

my life!”

The creature put a “freeze” spell on her. “Now, you will listen. I put a suspended

animation spell on you for your own good. You are too important! The world needs writers, and

there are very few left. Without writers, the world would lose hope, and more forests would

turn into dumping spots for suicides.”





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