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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 11

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“Can you believe this shit!” Maggie threw her phone across the desk to Richard. He looked up from his computer bemused at her outburst. Picking up her phone he read the email in silence. Then without saying a word Richard reached for his phone and made a call.

Maggie was fuming and was calling her landlord all the swear words under the sun. Richard caught her attention and told her to be quiet, while he waited for the person at the other end of the mobile answered their phone.
“Oh! Hi,” said Richard, “Is Nick Skerrett there please? Richard Maple. Thanks.”
He held the phone away from his mouth, “Maggie will you calm down and take a seat.”
Still swearing she did as Richard asked.

“Hi Nick, how’s things. Oh, not too bad, busy is booming at long last. Listen Nick my business partner Maggie Harris, you met her last year when we signed the papers for the shop. Well she’s got a spot of bother. Yes, the hot one with the black hair. Nick, I only have one business partner.”

Maggie was looking across at Richard sticking two fingers down her throat.
Richard smiled. “Listen, Nick I think we’ve got ourselves a rogue landlord. Thought that would grab your attention. I’m reading an email on Maggie’s phone from a firm of solicitors calling themselves, ‘Chandler and Brown’? No, I’ve never heard of them either. I’ll forward this on to you from her phone. What’s your email address?”

With his phone tucked between his ear and his shoulder, Richard typed in Nick’s address.
"S& Is that right? Good. Listen, I’ll pass the phone over to Maggie and she can give you the full story.”
With that, Richard gave her the phone.
“S&M? What perv calls a firm of solicitors that. I better you have some interesting clients.”
Nick laughed, “Hi Maggie, how you doing? it stands for Skerrett and Marshall. So, what’s the trouble?”

Maggie went into detail explaining about putting the washing machine on the timer. About, how the landlord never serviced it even after she complained when it made a funny noise. Then she told him about the phone calls after the flood and now the email.

“Hmm!” said Nick, “I’m reading that email now. This whole thing looks a sham to me. First, the tone of the email is not written correctly. It’s written by someone who has no understanding of the law. Secondly, the landlord can’t ask you to leave his property AND demand damages from you, is one or the other. Thirdly none of the above should be communicated by email, it should all be dealt with by letter. Do you have your terms and conditions of tenancy to hand?”
“Yes, I have a PDF copy on my phone, I’ll email it to you.” Maggie scrolled through her phone and put Nick on the load speaker so they could carry on with their conversation.

“Also,” said Nick. “The word under the name just says ‘Partner’ no tile or accreditation. So, the person who wrote this has no clue about the legal system. It’s actually an offensive to pose as a member of the bar and carry’s the same prison sentence as impersonating a police officer. Do you still have your keys?”
“Yes,” said Maggie.
“Good, keep hold of them. While your property is still at your flat, you have a legal right of entry. Right I have a heap to go on here. I’ll send a letter to this Mr Thomas Reeve telling him I’m representing you and all communication should come through me. I take it you have found yourself alternative accommodation”

Richard could hear what was being send through the loud speaker, “Maggie is staying with me.”
That threw Nick off guard, “Aye, aye, bit of a dark horse Dicky boy!” Richard hated anyone calling anything else but Richard. He just closed his eyes and bit his tongue.
“We are going out together” said Maggie quickly coming to Richards defence.
“Blimey, Dicky when did that happen?”
“Mine your own business.” Said Maggie jumping in.
“So Maggie, dinner is out of the question then?” enquired Nick
“Totally, and his name’s Richard or can I call you dickless Nicolas.”

Nick laughed. Richard was feeling embarrassed that Maggie was fighting his corner, but she was like a terrier after it’s prey when she got stated. It was always best to let her run out of steam naturally.
“You got a feisty one there, Dicky. Listen I’ll get on to this straight away, don’t speak to Mr Reeve, don’t even go near the flat until I say so. We should have all this wrapped up in a couple of weeks.”

“Nick, Maggie and I go to Florence next Saturday for a week. Is that OK?”
“Good heavens Dicky, this relationship is travelling at light speed. Since we have been on the phone you’ve gone from single, to going out and now honeymoon. What happen to the wedding?” Nick loved teasing Richard, ever since the first day they met at university.
“It’s a business trip dickhead!” Maggie yelled at the phone.
Nick responded with a “Whatever”
“Why does no-one believe me when I say that?”
“Listen,” said Nick winding up their banter. “Time’s money and all that. I’ll be in touch, don’t worry your pretty little head Maggie about any of this, you’re in the safe hands of Skerrett and Marshall. I’ll now leave you two lovebirds. Enjoy Florence, if you can’t be good be careful.” With that Nick finished the call just has Maggie poked her tongue out towards the phone.

Richard gave Maggie her phone back, “The secret with handling Nick, is just let him wash over you. If you retaliate he’ll have you on the run. It’s just his way, he’s harmless really.”
“I hope he’s good?”
“He’s the best. Your landlord will curse the day he messed with you and Nick Skerrett.”
Maggie looked at her watch, she had ages to wait until she meets Janet. She walked over to the door, looking out of the window the rain was bouncing of the pavement. Not many people will be out shopping today. She flipped the sign to ‘Closed’ and locked the door.

Richard was puzzled and asked her, “What you doing Maggie?”
She walked over to Richard, turning him around in his chair. Then without warning she jumped on his lap. Maggie removed her glasses and placed her index finger under his chin lifting his lips towards hers, “I desperately need a kiss.

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