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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 12

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



Maggie zipped up her black leather jacket all the way to her neck, she unfolded her umbrella and sprinted up the Kings Road as fast as two-inch heels would allow. Huge puddles were forming on the uneven paving slabs and the gutters in the kerbs, were like a glutton after an over indulged meal, spewing uprain water they could no longer hold down

By the time Maggie got to Caffe Concerto she was soaked. The waiter saw her coming and immediately opened the door and offered her a towel.
“Thank you, what a day!”
Janet was already there and stood up to greet Maggie has the waiter escorted her to the table.
“Drink for the Signorina?”
“House white, please. Sweet.” She was still dripping everywhere.
“I bet you are glad you cut your hair short?” said Janet
Maggie just smiled still trying to work out which bits of clothing she could take off and still be decent. She then reached into her bag to retrieve her little chamois cloth for wiping her glasses.
Janet just carried on talking while Maggie made herself comfortable.
“We’ve not seen each other for ages!”
“We saw each other last week, when you helped me move into Richards.”
“I know, but proper girly seeing.”


Janet and her husband Steve were the only two friends from the Martin and Maggie era that remained with her after the split. Martin had manipulated the other so called, ‘friends’ into seeing his point of view making Maggie out to be the bad apple.

“So, how’s living with Richard? Does he snore?” Janet was itching to get all the juicy gossip and pillow talk.
“We don’t sleep together, his not like Martin who wanted to get me in the sack every five minutes. Richard is different. Genuine. The first night we were together he made this fantastic meal and the wine was something else. Anyway, I got a bit boozy. Later he escorted back to my room and tucked me up in bed fully clothed. If that was Martin he would have taken advantage and tried to get my kit off.
“Oh” Janet looked disappointed by that news.
“Sorry, love no Jackie Collins for you with one” Maggie chuckled.

Just then the waiter came and took their order, refilled their glasses, gave a bow and left.
“There is one thing,” Maggie, waited until Janet had a mouthful of wine before announcing,
“Richard finally said he loved me.”

Maggie sometimes has the devil streak in her and giggled as she watched her friend cough and splutter up her wine.

“You did that on purpose” said Janet choking. The waiter fetched her a glass of water and a cloth to wipe up the mess, “When did he tell you that?”
“Yesterday, when both our Florence engagements was confirmed. He said he didn’t want to have any regrets while we were over there.
We were having lunch out the back in the sun, he was doing his rambling thing. You know, wanting to tell me something but couldn’t find the words. Then he just blurted it out. ‘Damn it Maggie, I love you’.

“So how did you feel have that?”
“I genuinely thought I was dreaming, I sat there looking at him expecting something like, ‘only joking’ but no he just looked at the ground and started his rambling again. After a few seconds my instinct just took over. I gave him the biggest kiss I have given any man. Finally, I thought, now we can get somewhere. No more being awkward around each other, wanting to kiss, not wanting to kiss. Hold hands, don’t hold hands.

That first night we were alone in his flat was defiantly the turning point for Richard, emotionally. Since I have been staying with him he’s changed got more confident and bold around me. OK, he can still let people intimidate him. But where he was, say two weeks to where he is now is unbelievable.”

“But you didn’t have to wait for him to make the first move, you could have said you loved him.” Observed Janet.
“Yeah, and that would have pushed him further into his shell. Good grief we are talking about a man here who kept nearly fainting every time I passed him. He knocked me off the ladder the other day because my arse was in his face.”

“What!” replied Janet.

“I was climbing the ladder to fetch a box and I could feel heavy breathing on the backs of my legs. That’s how stressed out I made him. So, no saying I loved him would have been a bad idea. I was practising on the bus the other morning how I might manage to say it, when an old man thought I was proposing to him.”

Janet burst out laughing, “What did he do?”
“Just blew me a kiss and gave me a wink.”

The two of them were still laughing when the waiter appeared with their food

“So, when do you fly out?” asked Janet
“Next Saturday from Gatwick” said Maggie slurping at her spaghetti Bolognese.
“Do you know what you are taking?”
“No, but I’m not wearing my WallMart collection in Florence.”
“Too right girl, this Saturday we need to shop.”
Maggie looked up from her plate with a mouthful of spaghetti and giving the thumps up.

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