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Chapter 2 (v.4) - Chapter 2

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The time was 07.05 Monday morning and the sounds of Sibelius were coming from the radio alarm clock. Richard Maple walked back into his bedroom with his towel around his middle leaving a trail of wet footprints across the laminate flooring. His phone was lying on the bedside cabinet and buzzed alerting him to a text message.

He dried his hands to pick-up it up, it was a message from Maggie. His glasses were still in the living room where he left them the previous night. Holding the screen close to his nose he read her text. ‘Running late thought I had the shits but was just chocolate buttons. Explain later. I should be there about 9.30. luv Maggie (Smiley Face)

Richard too smiled and threw the phone onto his bed. As he towed himself down with those last two words bouncing around in his head. Luv Maggie. He did love Maggie; he just didn’t know how to tell her. Richard’s experience with women by his own admittance was zero putting that down largely to begin an introvert and feeling uncomfortable in a crowd and not good with small talk.

It was great having her around this five-foot five inch, seven in heels fireball. He would often find himself just stare at her from his side of the shop. Liking the way, she would sit with one leg tucked under herself as she typed on her computer. The scent of her perfume as it lingered for ages when she walked past. The eyes she made at him, wide and inviting when they joked with each other. Her wild personality that secured many a transaction. All this and more was why he loved her.

He still remembered the first Saturday when she first arrived on the Kings Road, Chelsea, to open her independent book shop. Her van full of books pulled up outside the old boutique shop that had been closed for six months. She arrived with only her friends Janet and Steve to help her unpack and with the amount of stock she had that was going to take forever.

Always a person to help a local trader, Richard closed the gallery and walked the three shops up to offer her some help. When he reached the van Maggie was coming out backwards carrying a box of books. Turning around she was surprised to see another man standing there instead of Steve and gave a little gasp.

Richard smiled, introduced himself and before Maggie could reply he took the box from her. After a few more trips back forth, Richard inviting everyone back to the gallery for a welcome coffee break. It was during that time Richard phoned his artist friends to come and help. Maggie tried to persuade him not to make a fuss, but Richard was insistent besides he promised each artist that turned up free space in his gallery. So, with an army of painters and sculptors helping, the van was soon emptied.

With the books safely inside the shop, there was not much more to do until the joiners came on Monday to start putting up shelves, so Richard dismissed the army of artisans and was about to return back to his gallery. Maggie stopped him from leaving and invited him to join with her Janet and Steve that evening at the Italian restaurant as a way of saying thank you.

It was the start of a two-year friendship with the delightful Maggie Harris. The woman he was beginning to lose his heart too.


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