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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter 24

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Submitted: February 08, 2018



Richard held Maggie close to his chest feeling her warm tears soak through to his t-shirt. He kissed the top of her head, and he ran his fingers through her hair. Reassuring her that every thing was going to be alright. She was his Maggie now, and no-one was going to hurt her.

The Ponte Vecchio was getting back to normal after Richards dramatic proposal. Traders and shoppers ignored Richard and Maggie as they stood in the middle of the bridge embracing each other. She was happy to stay there for a moment or two longer, the warmth of the sun played on her back. She kept her head on Richards’s chest until eventually the tears began to dry and she looked up at Richard her eyes red and puffy.

Her make-up was ruined; black parallel lines of unequal length ran down from her eyes. Richard wiped the last of her tears from her cheek, “You look like some kind of bizarre panda.” He said trying to make her laugh. Maggie did laugh as she turned her face away.
“I must look a mess.”
Richard brought her face back around and gave her a kiss.
“You’re the best looking bizarre panda here.”
She reached into her shoulder bag to fetch some tissues. She blew her nose with one and Richard wiped away her trailing mascara with another. Putting her shoes back on she wanted to go and apologise to the café owner.

When they arrived back at Café Florence, there was no trace left of Maggie’s outburst. Martin and Julie were gone and the tables and chairs were back in position all with new diners sited. When the accordion player saw Maggie coming he held up his fists in a mock boxing gesture. The owner was also pleased to see them back and told them apologies were not needed. From what he heard, it sounded like Martin deserved what he got. The owner insisted they continued with their lunch this time on the house and made ready a table for them overlooking the River Arno.

Maggie took her seat and like any modern day woman getting engaged, she went straight on her phone to text her friends. First text went to Sophia:
‘Richard just proposed, face a mess, need make-up.’
Sophia then replied:
‘Congratulazioni! I will be with you in 10. Are you at Café Florence?’
Maggie replied back:
‘Yes and Thx.’

Then she sent a message to Janet:
‘Martin’s here in Florence just got engaged.’
Janet then replied:
‘Wot! You got engaged to Martin? What happen to Richard?’
Maggie replied:
‘LOL, No just seen Martin in Florence. I punched him telling him he was a bastard, and then Richard proposed. Been quite a day!’

When Maggie put her phone down she caught sight of her ring. It looked strange, sitting there, that space on her finger had been empty for too long.  

Less than an hour ago she was a single woman going to lunch with her boyfriend, now she was engaged to be married. She wasn’t a ‘Miss’ anymore and neither was she a ‘Mrs’. Maggie wanted to create another title for herself, to show the world she was a ‘Mrs’ in waiting.

“Do you like it?” Richard asked siting opposite her.
“It’s beautiful.” She said.
Richard reached out to hold her hand. “I’m sorry it didn’t go the way I planned.”
“Actually,” she said. “It went perfectly well. I got the opportunity to finally punch that useless shit of an ex-boyfriend. Then, you tongue-tied Richard, stood in the middle of a bridge and shouted at me to marry you.”
Richard sat quietly before saying, “Maybe I’m coming out of my shell.”
Maggie squeezed his hand. “You’re getting there.”

Then Richard looked over Maggie’s shoulder to see Sophia approaching. She held her finger to her lips indicating to Richard not to tell Maggie of her presence. Maggie was about to talk, when from nowhere a bunch of flowers were placed on the table.
Maggie looked around to see Sophia standing beside her, “Congratulazioni” she said again placing a kiss on Maggie’s cheek. She then went over to give Richard a kiss also.

“Did you bring some make-up?” Maggie asked removing her sun glasses.
Sophia took one look at Maggie’s eyes, “Mamma mia che casino!”
Sophia produced her BA flight bag, which Maggie told Richard later, was a portable beauty salon Sophia took on the planes with her. The girls went off to the ladies toilet leaving Richard alone to contemplate where the two of them go from here.

Richard and Maggie insisted that Sophia stayed to have lunch with them. Afterwards, Sophia bid them farewell and would see them tomorrow night at her father’s dinner party.

It was late afternoon by the time they walked along the banks of the River Arno. Maggie was carrying her flowers hoping the heat of the sun would not wilt them. The two of them were quite happy to just dawdle along making small talk as they walked among the tourists. Just ahead of them was a vacant bench and they both sat there overlooking the river. Maggie as was her custom now when sitting in the sun, hitched up her dress to above her knees and stretched out her legs.

Richard unashamedly placed his hand on her thigh. “You like going there, don’t you?” said Maggie.
“I don’t mine admitting it now, but I think you have incredible legs Maggie Harris.”
She made to grab his hand but he pulled it away. “No,” he said. “You are not going to embarrass me again like you did this morning.”

Maggie took back his hand, “No, tricks.” She said as she placed the bunch of flowers on top of her lap. She could now hitch her dress up further without unwanted eyes seeing. Taking his hand she placed it right to the top of her thigh, so this time Richard would be able feel the cotton of her pants.

Maggie stared straight out across the river to the other side of the city. She waited for Richard to take the initiative, and then she felt his finger creep under the elastic of her pants. Like an excitable worm, she could feel Richards finger crawl its way through her pubic hair and make it to the outskirts of her clitoris.

“OK, I think we’ll stop there for now.” she said, concerned now that she might not be able to walk back to the hotel.
Richard gave her a mischievous smile. “Are you ready to go back?”
“Oh yes!” said Maggie, “I’m ready alright.”

The first thing Maggie did when she got back to the hotel was to put the flowers in some water. The manager found her a vase and she sat them on the table outside. The second thing she did was to strip off and have a shower. Richard had just pushed her button and now she was on automatic drive.

It felt good to be under the hot water; she poured shower gel over her wet body and massaged in the soap. Looking up at the shower head, she closed her eyes letting the water run down her face. It felt so refreshing. Stepping out of the cubicle she towelled herself down before putting on her bathrobe then she went to find Richard.

Richard had already showered and was sitting up on the sun lounger in just a pair of boxer shorts and a clean t-shirt. The patio door opened and the smell of Maggie’s coconut shower gel came through before she did. He watched as she walked towards him, her robe worked lose with every step she took. Eventually, she stood in front of him and dropped the lose robe from her shoulders.

Richard didn’t bother to cover his erection he was in total awe of his beautiful lady now standing naked in front of him.

Maggie opened her legs and placed one either side of the sun lounger she sat on Richard legs. She placed her hands inside his boxer shorts to bring out his penis. With it standing tall, Maggie rubbed her clitoris up and down Richards’s erection. She was not interested in penetrative sex tonight, neither of them had protection and she didn’t trust the Italian contraception. Maggie just wanted them to share each others orgasm.

Richard was shaking and his heart was thumping. He had never gone this far with a woman before; he knew Maggie had slept with two other men, one of them she almost knocked out today. But for him the whole experience was beyond words.

His erection was now starting to twitch as Maggie sensed the moment of climax for Richard was near. She threw herself forward onto him pushing Richards erect penis against his stomach. She then put her hands either side of his face passionately kissing him all the while rubbing herself up against him.

Richard couldn’t hold it any longer; Maggie felt the muscle in his penis starting to pump semen all over them. Warm goo flowed over both their stomachs; Maggie grabbed Richards hand and told him to rub her clitoris as fast as he could. He fumbled around finding it different to tell the difference between that and her vagina.

“For goodness! It’s there!” Maggie grabbed his index finger to start him off.
“FASTER!” she shouted. He rubbed away at her as fast as he could, hoping he wasn’t giving her friction burns. Just when Richard was getting the hang of it,
Maggie shouted. “STOP! Stop! That’s enough!” Then taking a deep breath, she exclaimed “Bloody hell! That was good.”

While she was still on top of him, Richard put his arms around her not wanting to let her go, her soft white shoulders still smelled of coconut. He kissed her.
Maggie asked, “You OK babe?”
He was, he was very OK. He hadn’t lost his virginity, but damn close.
“Thank you.” He said.
Maggie took her head of his chest, “Thank you for what?”
“For saying yes.”
Maggie kissed him again. “Thank you for asking me.”  

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