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Chapter 3 (v.4) - Chapter 3

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Submitted: January 20, 2018



Maggie finished dressing and put on her trainers. The only thing missing today was her make-up. Just a bit of lippy was all she could manage this morning. Both her and Richard dressed smart for the shop. Today she wore her cream sweater, grey pencil skirt, black tights and luminous green trainers. Like most women who did a lot of communing on foot, she left her heels at her place of work.

Now armed with the chocolate smeared bed linen she crammed it into the washing machine. Maggie filled the two compartments with conditioner and washing power then set the timer to come on later in the afternoon. With that taken care off, she grabbed her handbag which contained her twisted glasses, and fetched her black leather jacket. She ran quickly down the stairs of her two-storey flat and headed off into the fresh spring air of Fulham and Chelsea.

Today was going to be a nice bright day, it was May and the optimistic summer lay ahead. Maggie reached her bus stop just in time to see the number 11 bus arrive. She placed her oyster card on to the yellow panel and found a seat. The bus was a later one than she would normally catch so none of the regulars were they for her to chat too. Still, today being what is was so far, she felt anti-social on her commute and just wanted to listen to her music.

Maggie, like Richard loved classical music and in particular Nicola Benedetti the violinist. Maggie became a fan when Martin, an ex of hers, took her to the Albert Hall one time to see Nicola in concert. Maggie was so impressed with her playing that she downloaded every one of her albums.

Maggie was drifting away to the music, when the phone pinged in her ear interrupting her moment of solitude. She looked at her phone; it was a message from Richard. ‘Hi, have you had breakfast? Just going for tea and croissant. Do you want one?’ She smiled, the ever-thoughtful Richard. She texted back, ‘Yes please only can I have a latte none of those fancy herbal teas for me (Smiley Face) I’m on the bus shouldn’t be too long.’

She then returned to her music, thinking of all the nice things Richard had done for her since they met. From the first day she arrived on the Kings Road when he helped her unpack the van with all those crazy artists, to when she came down with the flu and he not only ran the shop for her but came around to her flat every evening with food. They obviously got on and thought a lot of each other, so why was it so difficult to say out loud what she had written countless times at the end of her texts, I LOVE YOU.

She was miming those three little words to her reflection in the window when an elderly gentleman sat beside her. A natural reaction on a bus is always to see who is sitting next to you. Normally that encounter goes without incident, but when you are absently mouthing the words, I LOVE YOU it could lead to all sorts of unpredictable scenarios.

Fortunately for her the bus was coming on to the Kings Road and Maggie pressed the stop button and asked to be let by. Without looking towards the man, she made her way to the front of the bus and before getting off, cocked an eye towards him in time to see his wink and a wave.


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