Haunted Treasure

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What happened when four friends tried to get a haunted treasure.

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



sigh of relief after seeing a milestone. Their car was running on the rough and narrow road and Arun who had been driving the car for more than four hours, was tired of driving and was waiting for the destination. From their last halt to so far they could not find any suitable place to halt and take some rest. Rajdeep, who was a journalist, was busy in the videoing of natural sceneries of the area.

long time. The idea of camping at the dense forest of Shikarpur first came into Arun’s mind who was a lecturer of history at a university. He told his idea to his friends. Rajdeep and Sudheer were agreed at once. Later Amit joined them with some hesitation. Amit, a layer, was a reluctant person and he had never before in his life take part in such types of activities. It was his first experience.

minutes they reached Shikarpur, famous for its natural beauty, hills and dense forests. Here they met the headman of the village who was familiar to the father of Amit. The headman gave them a warm welcome. He enquired about the purpose of their coming Shikarpur. He laughed at their idea of camping. He advised them to watch out for the wild animals and other dangers. Taking leave from the headman, leaving the car at the headman’s home, they set forth on foot to the jungle. They followed a rough and narrow way which went through the hills covered with trees, shrubs and wild vines. After walking for about two hours, they reached an old temple at the top of a hill. Here they found an old monk who was engrossed in the pray to God Shiva. Being religious nature, they also offered a brief pray to the God Shiva. After pray, they sit down under the shadow of a banyan tree.

Arun take out a map from his pocket and began to read it. Rajdeep began to take photographs of the temple and surrounding area.

there must be a small fort at least five kilometres in temple.” Arun said to Sudheer who sitting next to him was busy in drawing the sketch of the temple.

Sudheer stopped drawing and looked at the map and said, “Whose fort?”

” replied Arun.


temple, stopped to listen to Arun. He said to Arun, “do you know something about the temple?”

Narsimha whose kingdom was spread across a vast area of India. Shikarpur and nearby cities were a part of his kingdom.”

Narsimha. His treasure was buried somewhere in India. It has not been found out so far”, said Amit whose curiosity awoke all of sudden.  Amit further enquired, “Arun, being a lecturer of history, do you know something about his treasure?”

text book about his treasure.”

Rajdeep remarked, “It may be true or may not be.”

to suitable place for setting the camp.”


they looked around and found a river following on the other side of the hill. The water and the sand on the banks of the river were shining bright fields there were huts surrounded by palm trees. And after going beyond these fields were spread other hills. They decided to descend the hill and reach the river. Soon at some distant they found a track. They followed the track. The slope of the hill was not so sharp to produce any difficulty for them. They manage to descend the hill. Rajdeep somehow manage . The river was not so deep. They took bath in the warm water of the river. They decided to set up the camp at a mound about a hundred metres away from the river towards the fields. Soon they set up their camp and collected enough dry woods for campfirethe campfire.

Next day, agreeing on find out the fort of Narsima, they set forth in the north of the temple. They had to make their way through dense shrubs, grasses and trees. It took them at least four hours to reach the fort. Fort was considerably small in size and was in bad plight. They entered the fort through a broken entrance. They found nothing of their interest except a small temple with some statues. They went further inside the fort crossing a big space which seems like a big hall. Then they passed through a corridor and found many empty rooms. They proceeded further and found some closed rooms. Here breaking down a termite eaten and decaying wooden door of a closed room, they entered the room. To their surprise, they found a well in that room. The well was dried.

“Why is this well here?” Arun asked in low voice.

Rajdeep threw the light of his torch into the well and observed the well carefully and said, “Look there, a cavern in the wall.”

The cavern was at least ten feet below and was wide enough for a man to enter easily.

Seeing that cavern Arun said, “I think the well and the cavern inside the well were built for a special purpose.”

“For hiding something” Amit gave his opinion.

” Sudheer said.

Rajdeep said, “I think we must enter that cavern to find what is there.”

Amit expressed his fear, “I would not like to go to such a place. One can fall into the well when trying to enter the cavern.”

determinative there but I must go there to see what is there.”

Agreeing with him, Rajdeep said, “I too like to go there.”

Arun asked, “Do anybody have a rope?”

“I have”, Sudheer said opening his bag.

Arun went down to the cavern with the help of the rope. He entered the cavern. There was stark dark in the cavern. He threw the light of his torch into cavern and found the cavern went deep underground. He moved forward carefully. The cavern came to an end after going at least two hundred metres. Reaching the end of the cavern, he felt the wall of the cavern and began to think something. He drew out a hammer from his bag and began to hit the wall with hammer. He felt that the wall was weak and thin enough to break. Being hopeful of finding something on the other side of the wall Arun began to hit the wall more forcefully.

cavern to help him. 

Reaching there, Rajdeep found him breaking the wall. He asked, “What are you doing?”

Arun replied, “There is something behind the wall.” 

“What?” Rajdeep cried with surprised.

Without saying anything Arun continued striking the wall.

The wall was now about to break. With a few more strokes, he made a big hole in the wall.

He looked through the hole and found a big room with several boxes. He cried in excitement, “Rajdeep, look what is inside!”

Looking through the hole, Rajdeep cried, “wow! It may be a hidden treasure.”

They made their way by falling down the wall. When they opened the boxes, they found a lot of golden and silver coins, jewellery, silver bars, several precious stones, statues and many other expensive items of worth of millions of rupees. They were so excited about the treasure.  The worth of the treasure was big enough to fill one with greed.


All the four friends decided not to tell anybody about that hidden treasure. They planned to steal the treasure and divided it among themselves. They decided to return homes with all that they could collect from the treasure and later come again to get the rest of the treasure. So they followed their plan and filled their pockets and bags with the gold, silver and jewellery and went their homes.

Narsimha to collect the treasure.

dark of that ominous night. They went down to the cavern in the well. They collected as much gold, silver and precious stones as they could collect. Ignorant of an invisible force seeing them they were happy. When began to come out of that cavern. When Rajdeep was coming out of the cavern, he lost his balance and fall down deep into the well. Seeing this Amit began to shriek with terror. Arun looked below into the well in the light of a torch and found the body of Rajdeep drenched with blood on the dry floor of the well. They could not do anything for him. Rajdaeeap fall victim to that treasure.

Rrajdeep began to run away from the fort. When they were passing through the corridor, they met a poisonous snake that giving them no chance attacked them and bit Sudheer. sudheeer staggered and fall down on the earth. Before Amit and Arun could do anything to save their friend, the snake again attacked them. They had to flee leaving Sudheer behind.

Whin Amit and Sudheer were passing through the jungle, a bear attacked them. And sudheer became the target of this attack. The bear killed him with its sharp claws and dragged him to a dense thicket.

Amit run away towards the temple in hope to find some help from the monk. On the way to temple, it came to his mind that the treasure might be the cause behind the death of his friends. The treasure may be haunted. Being feared he threw away all that he had looted from the treasure. Now he was feeling himself free from a burden.

He reached the temple where he found the monk meditating. He waited for the monk to come out of meditation. He fell asleep. He was awoken by the monk in the morning.  


, Amit narrated all what happened to him and his friends. Monk told him “Before you and your friends, some people had come to get the treasure but all of them had to lose their lives. It is a haunted treasure. You did do right to throw away all you looted from that treasure. You are very lucky. ”

Amit returned home immediately and he never again went to Shikarpur.

© Copyright 2019 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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