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Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



Rick and his bestfriend Dave have been inseparable since the beginning. They grew up together, served in the Seals together and now live next door to each other in the same gated community. Rick made most of his fortune in accounting whereas Dave became successful in buying and selling large real estate properties to millionaires and their families.[HB1]  Dave and Rick both served under the same CO in the navy in Afghanistan, while there they formed a bound that still continues to this day.



Rick Schmitz stormed into the building and started yelling.

“Hands up, Now!”

Following right behind him was his longtime friend and former navy seal Dave. Sprinting over to the money counter Dave jumped over and slapped the hand of the teller before they could go for the silent alarm[HB2] . Instantly the mood in the room changed and the noise level went from busy and bustling to still and absolutely silent, like in the middle of the desert at midnight. Coralling all the employees into one room, Dave checked his wristwatch[HB3] . Exactly 2 minutes left, just enough time to raid the vault. Grabbing the manager by the lapels of his dress shirt he shoved him against the vault door…

“Open it, Now!”

“Okay…. Okay”

The only sounds in the room being the click clack of the electronic keypad. Whoosh… the electronic lock disengaged[HB4] . Rushing over Dave dropped the manager back down onto the ground with the others like a sack of flour [HB5] and threw all his weight into pushing the gigantic vault door open. Inch by inch the giant metal door began to slowly creak open, usually this job was done by two people, Dave was doing it as one. Just then Rick showed up into the back.

“All the camera’s are disabled and the silent alarm system was never triggered.”
“I think we are in the clear, but let’s hurry up just in case.”
Finally, the door was open enough to squeeze through. Contorting their bodies Rick and Dave entered the vault. Stopping in pure amazement Rick and Dave could not believe their eyes. Instead of money all that sat in this room was an elevator. Shuffling over Rick and Dave could not believe it….

“Where is all the money?”

“Where does the elevator go?”

“Why is there an elevator here in the first place?”

All these questions[HB6]  rushed through both their heads before Rick finally was able to muster enough courage to speak,

“What should we do?”

“I do not know, there should be money here, instead all that is here is an elevator.

“Should we go down it? See where it goes?”

“We need to be careful, we don’t know if there are people down there. Remember we aren’t supposed to be here.”


Deciding for both of them[HB7] , Rick walked up to the elevator and pressed the only button on the panel, the down arrow. Surprisingly the panel responded almost instantly with a...Ding, and the doors opened. Stepping hesitantly into the elevator the pair watched as the doors closed before them.

Both to their surprise [HB8] elevator music began to play from the speaker in the corner. Slowly the old elevator began to creak down all the way to the bottom. Reaching the bottom the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Slowly both Dave and Rick peeked around the corner of the door looking down the long hallway that stretched before them. What they saw surprised them, what they didn’t see surprised them even more.  Compared to the drab and old interior of the elevator the hallway was brand new, covered in white slabs that looked something like a medical facility. What they didn’t see though that surprised them the most was the lack of people. There wasn’t a person in sight. Hesitantly they both stepped slowly out of the elevator and looked at the sign in front of them….

It read…” Danger… Chemical radiation, all personal must wear protective clothing at all times. Anyone who does not follow this can and will be subject to prosecution.”

“well, that’s just great.”
“Don’t worry the sign is just probably there to try and deter people.”

“Well, either way I’m[HB9]  still a little worried.”

“Let’s continue down the hall, we will find out soon enough.”


Continuing down the hall Rick and Dave looked into each room that lined the hall. Most were empty. A few of them had medical supplies, which helped to solidfy their belief that it was some sort of medical facility. Sauntering now with more confidence the both of them started to actually open doors and go inside. Confident that no one was going to show up and bust them they pushed open the door into the last room[HB10] .

This room was much like the others, except for one major change. Glancing around they saw a bed, medical supplies and artwork on the walls. What they failed to realize until what felt like minutes later but really was mere seconds, was the human figure laying prone in the bed.  Not a sound emanated from the room, not even their own breathing. Also the man was shrouded in [HB11] Finally registering the person in the bed was alive they paused, hearts beating loudly in their chests, waiting to see if they were going to get caught. After what seemed like minutes they slowly and quietly [HB12] crept to the  bedside edge of the prone figure and watched him. What they saw before them shook them to the core. Laying before them was a frail man with weather beaten features and sunken skin so bad you could they could literally see the outline of almost every bone in his body, even through the sheet that covered him from head to toe[HB13] .. Shallow breathing mixed with the slow steady beep of the heart machine in the corner emanated throughout the small [HB14] room. Looking at the machine both Rick and Dave gasped at the small lines that slowly ran across it. Astonished at how slow the man’s heart was they both looked at each other in disbelief.

“This can’t be right.”

“He must be dead.”

“No, his heart is still going. He must just be[HB15]  in some sort of coma.”

“I think he may be in some sort of eternal sleep, like cryosleep.”

“Whatever it is, we should get out of here before someone finds us.”

“I agree.”


Slipping back out the door Dave shut it quietly as not to disturb the sleeping man, Slowly both men began to realize that what they thought was the last door in to hallway was actually just the last door before the hallway took a sharp corner and continued on. On each side of the hallway doors opened into different rooms, much like the ones they had already seen. Continuing past a door that marked “secure area, authorized personal only.”, they both stopped and looked at each other. Turning around they stopped and looked at the door. Looking back at each other they both put a hand on the door and pushed. What lay inside it surprised them both, Tall  structures with blinking green and blue lights lined every square inch of wall space.

“This must be the server room, where they store all the computer and medical data for every patient here.”

“Like the man we saw back in the bed.”

“Exactly, what should we do with it? We can’t just leave them to experiment on people, if that’s what they are doing here.”

“We don’t know that that is what they are doing here, they could be saving people.

“That’s why they needed to hide in the bottom of a bank, with a secret elevator[HB16] 

“I know, I just was hoping that this was a good place.”

“Why don’t we try and find out who owns and operates this place?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Rick strode over to the computer terminal and attempted to boot it up. A few seconds later the screen came to life and the access port opened up. Clicking on the tab that said “personal” Rick was surprised to find out that there was no password required. Immediately Rick moved the cursor over to the folder that said “ Patient Files”. Clicking on it Rick was surprised again to see the number of sub folders included under that name. Scrolling through he saw many pictures of different people but none that looked like the man from before. Reaching the bottom and the last folder he stopped…. Staring back at him was a picture of the man in the bed.  Opening the desktop file [HB17] he began to read

“Nate Erickson

Age: 56

Occupation: Chemical engineer

Martial  Status: Married 30 years

Family: Wife Susan, two kids Ashley (21) and ryan (18)

Diagnosis: stage 4 lymphatic cancer



The only way that this will Rick sighed, closing down the computer he walked over to the door and opened it. Standing right outside Dave looked up and down the hallway before striding forward to let rick out. Both men kept walking but a lot slower this time, Rick all the while thinking about what he had just seen. Before they realized what they were doing they reached the end of the hall, in front of them stood an elevator. Unlike the one they had come down in this one looked newer and was white, instead of the old Dijon mustard grey of the other one. Pressing the down button they stepped inside and waited until it reached the bottom. Surprisingly this elevator went down for mere seconds before the doors opened again and the two men were able to step out again. This floor much like the first was decked out in all white, but instead of it being the harsh solid metal white this floor was painted white. Hesitantly the two men stealthy walked down the hallway. Reaching a doorway Dave opened it. Inside was the living quarters of what they could only assume to be a staff member as it was exactly the same as the rooms on the floor above them but without any of the medical equipment that they had seen before. Retracing their steps into the hallway they came face to face with 6 men all clothed in what looked like radiation gear.


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