Cranium Island

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two brothers take on a journey they will never forget.

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



Journey to the Cranium Island

Me and my brother are so close to each other. He is a pilot. Once we decided to go on a journey in a private helicopter. So, we did, and following the next day packed our bags. We were so excited, wouldn’t believe we could travel the world by ourselves. About three days after we packed our bags, we made a plan. Go on the roof, and steal the News helicopter on top. Seemed so easy, and to our surprise, the pilot left the keys in. It’s like it was meant that one fifteen-year-old and one twenty-five-year-old to fly across the world into the unknown. ‘’Right, this is it’’, I said, and soon after that we started the engine. It was as loud as booming thunders, but it was worth it. Seeing everyone under our feet gave us a sense of power, I guess…that gave us the strength to continue our journey.

About 25 minutes into the flight, we are above the ocean. So beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. Just like me…but won’t get punished for it! Everywhere, beautiful skies and clouds. Such beautiful skies, gave both me and my brother the impression that there are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds. I felt I already belong to this same but also different world. I felt free…free from the societies dull-witted ideologies. This strong feeling of emotional freedom soon ended, as the heaven like world ended also…as soon as my brother said:

‘’Rub the smile off your face…time to face the hell part of it…thunder storm ahead. Think you can handle this, brother?’’

‘’Yeah…’’ I said calmly, ‘’ I trust you ‘’ Sounds, weird sounds, could see fear in my brother eyes…but I trusted him.

Sounds so weird I have never imagined before. Everything goes Space Blue, crows everywhere, we went from heaven to hell. In the matter of a couple of seconds, all I heard was the failure alarms coming off the helicopters control panel. At this point, a forced landing was imminent…almost irreversible, but where?

‘’There...There!’’ I said, ‘’There’s an island. We could just land there and send an SOS message, can’t we?’’

‘’It’s not that simple Jason… I wish it was, but if the helicopter doesn’t survive after this, we…we…’’ he ended silently. I could read the fear in his eyes.

So, after the hardest 5 minutes of our lives, that I want to mention, it was like we faced death, we finally landed. We landed on a very mysterious island, that had a creepy attribute stuck to it. Much like a mysterious island, but different in some way.

First thing we did was to send an SOS message. No response…but we realised we had a tracker on the helicopter. That means someone surely knows where we are, and if we are lucky, in about a week after our disappearance, they will look for us.

‘’So…what do we do now, huh?’’ I said sarcastically

‘’Pray, look around, search for shelter, and pray again…’’he said, also on a sarcastic tone

And that is exactly what we did, and to our surprise, we weren’t alone on that island…How do I know you might ask? Well-and this is a good one-we found human skulls and a recently lit campfire.

‘’Anxiety? Oh hello, can I order you please?’’

‘’Shut up dude, you’re making it worse for yourself. There’s no signal dummy’’ my brother said sarcastically

‘’Oh really, as if I was going to order a cab to get us outta here’’

Anyway, back to the story.Can it be cannibals? Mutants? Nope, not even close, but what was it then?

We followed the bones and steps until we found a huge wall, and by huge, I mean 3500 feet huge, all made of gold. It suddenly opened, and inside was a totally different place. We saw waterfalls, of a non-imaginable power, and birds sang, and I felt we found paradise again.

So mystical, yet so astonishing. I felt like I didn’t want to go back home… There was a golden palace in the middle of the island, and many people, of an unknown origin lived there. And they were so polite, and cheerful, and tall, we now knew we truly found a new world…within our world. But there was a reason why there was a gate, and a dream we were still alive, but even worse, a reason why we found human remains. Many of those people adventured outside the gate to hunt, but never came back. They say there are mystical creatures in the shadows, that no one has seen before, neither the inhabitants seen them. We later understood where the Cranium Island comes from. ‘’English...Do..You..Speak..Eng-lish?’’ my brother childishly asked the inhabitants

‘’Human...We are of a higher intelligence than you ever imagined…of course we speak English’’ said the leader of the population that lives there

‘’How come you can’t protect yourselves against those creatures’’ I curiously said

‘’We are not murderers, you kill, expect to be killed, we only live here for the island resources and harmony’’ said the leader.

‘’Oh, I can definitely get used to this’’ I told my brother

Then suddenly, all inhabitants ran inside their houses. We didn’t understand why, but 1 minute later it was clear they have a way more advanced hearing than we do…it was the sound of a helicopter, far away.

‘’The tracker…it worked! Oh my god Jason, we will get out of this hell like paradise!’’ I had mixed feelings, I wanted to go, but also stay here and explore more…I cried:

‘’I don’t wanna go Eric, I don’t want to go back to that inferior sinkhole of a city…’’

‘’Think what our parents are going through right now…at this moment, it’s about them, not us Jason…’’

Helicopter got closer and closer and our return home was imminent. We both started shouting, as loud as a crowd at a Justin Biebers concert…Seriously, maybe even louder… Couple seconds later, the helicopters search light was directly on us… Couple minutes went by, and it landed.

Mom was crying, but dad had a huge smile on his face. We had no idea if that mean ‘’You’re in big trouble’’ or ‘’I’m so happy we found you’’ But to my surprise he approached me, and whispered: ‘’Do you know why I’m smiling, son?’’ asked gently ‘’No idea dad’’ ‘’Because it’s nice to be back here… ‘’ he said ‘’Dad, what do you mean…’’ ‘’I was born here Jason, I belong to this place…and the reason you’re not dead by now, is because they smelt the origins in your blood. Welcome to the Cranium Island boy, welcome.’’ he said silently

-The End-

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