Freedom Fighter

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Everyone wants freedom, but some people aren't willing to fight the battle. Join Victor on his fight for freedom.

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Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



 Freedom Fighter 


By: RedWing
Scene 1 N- Narrator 1
N- One day a young man met a woman at a cafe for a date. They did not work out, but fortunately for the man, him and the waitress did. He helped her at work and she helped him get a degree. Then, suddenly, a war happened. The man suddenly realized they were not safe there. He bought two plane tickets out of the country with all the money they had. Almost right after they bought the tickets the country closed all airports. They were stuck in a war-zone with no money left. As they stayed in abandoned buildings filled with shattered windows and graffitied walls, the king and queen fled the country. The only thing they had left was their love for each other. They met a man while they were in one of their ‘homes’. He agreed to tell them some information. A boat was coming in two days that would take them to a new country. The boat left to America. They eventually got married and gave birth to a boy, Victor. They lived in near poverty conditions, but Victor made the best of it and studied hard.
  Scene 2 P- Parent  A- Administrator 
P- *knock on door*
A- Come in 
P- *open door and sit down* Why am I here? Victor has straight A’s. He has a perfect attendance. He’s never been involved in any fights. 
A- We believe Victor led the recent riot breakout. We have multiple security cameras that can back this ‘theory’. *show footage*
P- That was a peaceful protest. Those kids were protesting the school system manipulating the truth. 
A- You don’t have the credibility to say anything relating to the school system. 
P- I don’t think you do either. 
A- Considering your son just started a riot in this school and your trying to defend him, I don’t think you should be thinking about anything but your sons disobedience. This school system is at the peek of its educational glory. Victor is just an example of another misfit who acts out to gain friends. The school system was trying to guide him, but unfortunately enough, he choose the wrong path. 
P- *stands up violently* The school system is a failing system based on a already failing government. 
A- You dare defy our government? The only thing that is failing is you and your son in society. I can have you shot for saying such things! 
P- If that's what it takes to get my family out of this infected place then so be it!
A- Infected?! Infected with your plague depiction of our reality? *stand up* This is a school. No such nonsense will be tolerated here. Get out. Your son is expelled.
P- You can’t expell the ideas he’s inspired. *walk off*
Scene 3 N-Narrator 1
N- After getting expelled, Victor moved to London where he organized and lead several rallies, marches, and protests. He was given the nickname, “Freedom Fighter”. He inspired thousands to fight for what they thought was right, to make their own path. Many criticized him. He was willing to fight for their future, for their freedom, to be a Freedom Fighter.

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