Gender Roles in the modern world

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This is a short remake of the fairy-tale Little Red Riding Hood. It mirrors gender roles, stereotypes and pressure which women still face to this day-even the aspects which are very subtle and
unnoticed. The story promotes feminism, warns you against the dangers of conforming to society and is very eye-opening.

Submitted: January 19, 2018

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Submitted: January 19, 2018



Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood.....


Teacher- Now children, today we’ll be learning about feminism again. Who can remember what we talked about last time? Yes that's right, sexism was a huge issue way way back in time. Women were obliged to stay at home, look after children and cook dinner for their labouring husbands. But luckily as you all know, that issue is lonooong gone. We now live in a secular society liberated from gender roles and stereotypes. Now, please raise your hand if you're a feminist.


As little red riding hood raised her hand she immediately heard the sniggering laughs of her classmates and saw the teachers deadly glare. They all new she was a lying slut. When she realized this she plopped down her hand as if some powerful unknown force was controlling her: “Of course I'm not a feminist” she thought.  “Silly old me! I wear dresses and shiny red shoes. How on earth could I have forgotten?”


Little Red was a happy and pretty girl, as girls ought to be. But we all know they should not be too pretty of course, oh god no, that's promiscuous. Riding was her father's second name, which rightly so held more importance than hers mothers, hence Red happily took to it. Obviously thought, Red was more closely knit to her mother, as mother and daughter relationships are unbreakable, always as strong as steel.


On her back from school, her mother greeted her at the door. “Oh no child, please do tell me that that is not what you wore to school today! Its horrific, how will you ever attract a man in that dress, oh my. Why don't you ever listen when I say you need a man, I mean what else is there to live for? But anyways, I need you to bring this basket up to your Nans. She is sick so I filled it with ginger beer, cookies and blackcurrant squash. Do change before you go, you never know if you’ll meet Mr Perfect on the way. But to be fair, I guess any old fellow will suffice, girls should appreciate anyone who lays their eye upon them.” After finding a cocktail dress, in other words the only key to a man's heart, she set off through the forest. On the way, she dumped the cookies, even the smell of them could contaminate her. She had remembered that she was to be scared of cookies and cakes and calories basically anything that wasn't cold cut cucumber or celery sticks.


Little Red ventured through the forest until she came to a clearing. There, in the opening, sun-kissed and golden, stood the figure of a man. Naturally, she was delighted, exuberant. As the twigs beneath her feet crackled, the man turned around. But no man was this.


A big bad wolf. About to scream as a flourish of terror spread through her, she remembered her mother's words. “Any man will suffice”. It didn't matter that he was unknown and scary and probably had a ravishing hunger for little girls. Plus, afterall he was a bigggg baddd wolf so clearly being a good girl she was attracted to him too.


Conversation flowed swiftly. Red giggled and laughed and gasped right at the appropriate moments of his charm. Red was desperate not to end their encounter quite yet, even so however, how was she, the less dominant of the affair, to lead the wolf to her destination with her? A girl, whose role is purely to be a hard to get toy asking a man to accompany her? The very concept would sicken, rot the depths of her teachers, her classmates, her nans and her mother’s sole. Again, some powerful but this time a more known force compleed to walk away-against the impulses and urges of her mind.


Arriving at her Nans house, she informed her of the encounter with Mr. Wolf. After congratulating her on her achievement, there came a pounding on the door. “What a heavy knock” thought the Nan despite having lost half her hearing. “No, no dear, let me open. You never know what predators are lucking in the out in the wilderness of this big scary world. You, being young and delicate are susceptible to all this evil that the world has in store for us”. Like mother like daughter, like grandma like grandchild, Nan had the exact same reaction as Red when meeting Mr.Wolf - horror followed by an optimistic epiphany, of a futuristic Grandson.


Standing there in the door frame, blocking the view from Red, she realised features that were before unnoticed. “Oh Mr. Wolf what big eyes you have” stated Red. “Oh my love, thats so I can look though you” was the cold-hard reply. Instead of returning a compliment, Mr. Wolf proposed a toast. Being a man it was rightly so, him who served the beverages of blackcurrent squash but Nan who plated the cookies. After clinking glasses Mr. Wolf served up some more squash for Red. Red was satisfied after one drink and thought “Oh no, I'm a girl so too much of this will exceed the serving size and sugar content” but she didn't want to say no to bigg badd wolf. “Of f it”thought Red and then decided that if she’d walk up an unattractive beast the next day she may as well grab another cookie. Taking one, Mr.Wolf subtly lay his hand upon hers, gently squeezing it so that the cookie crumbled to pieces,falling to the table. “What big hands you have Mr.Wolf” exclaimed red, trying to break free from his grip. “Oh sweetie pie, that's so that I can grab you. Plus, you don't need another one cearly” was the reply while looking down at Reds thighs.


Rage, anger culled into a ball and swelled in reds face, making her look like a plump tomato. This was not purely caused by Mr.Wolf, no it was more this strange force that had been following her around, triggering her to meet a man such as this. “What a big gob you have!” Red blurted out. Nan nearly falling off her seat got up to leave saying “Oh huss! My ears are bleeding, did your mother raise you like a common street whore? Making you think that girls can use that sort of profanity, oh god. Obviously though, your father is not to blame for it. So long as you have a roof over your head and food in your MOUTH he has done his job.” Before slamming shut her bedroom door, Nan whispered in Red’s ear “You will be the luckiest girl in the world if he’ll still have you after that! And if so you better wash his clothes, make him a bloody banquet every night and treat him like a damn king!”.


Following such an unacceptable remark Mr. Wolf, in contrast to Reds raging comment, softly said “Oh my sweet sugar dear, that's so that I can eat you”. She tried to run, she tried to beg him not to, but the sugarly squash had her a too hyper for her words to be articulated. Mr. Wolf just ate and ate and ate. When he done he ran out of the door, slamming it shut after him so that no daylight was to be seen. Red on the floor, alone in dark, had not only lost her arm but also the fire of which had been building up in her for the past twelve years, leaving nothing but sut, dust and and the last trace of smoke.


Nan came in after her nap; women tend to get tired after raising their voice, and squatted down to Red’s level. “He ate my arm Nan, he took it!”. Nans filled with tears and with a trembling hand stroked Red’s shoulder. Within second the force, which was very familiar to this old women, compelled her to retrieve her sympathy. Tears quickly dry, emotions simply fade, life goes on when we apprehend the normality of catastrophes.


“You get up for the floor girl, peh, sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. You caused this; you lead that wicked wolf on in that revealing cocktail dress. You can't blame a wolf for craving flesh, when all your flesh is out there! Exposed to the world! And I heard you two, girl; not once did you tell that wolf to spare you, how on earth should he have known to stop, after all it's in his biological nature to force his will against another species.” Red was confused, she was victim of a brutal attack. Quizzingly she exclaimed “But Nan, what do you mean. I’m innocent. Plus all that blackcurrant suqahs nearly put me in a sugar coma, I couldn't gather my thoughts!” Pointing to the door, still rocking to and fro from the wolf's force, Nan said with a strange finality “Get out of my house child. No victim are you nor grandchild of mine. In this world there are no real victims, victims are simply hypothetical, created by the individual themselves. Making catastrophes happen by flaws in their morels then pointing fingers at others- getting the blame away from themselves. Oh right yes, then they expect sympathy! Non will you get of mine. Be gone girl”


“Mother wouldn't understand, she would just condemn my fashion sense . Plus like mother like daughter, right? Nan would have informed her by now, and daughters always agree with their mother opinions” thought Red, walking aimlessly about in the forest. “And no one else thinks I’m a feminist, so how will they take me seriously?”.


Red hated Wolf, no Mr.Wolf was he. Hatred turned to anger, anger turned to disgust, disgust turned to nothing. For deep down, benether the force which had now entered her body and clung to her heart, she knew that this desolation was not down to Mr. Wolf.









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