Forget The Past, Make Your Future Great

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We all make mistakes and don't dwell on the past. Make your future great

There is no point in looking back, the past is the past

Don’t dwell on old thoughts, they need to be forgot

The future is a mystery, the past should be history

Always move forward, it’s your goals you should be moving towards

There’s a reason it’s called the past, it wasn’t meant to last

The best way to improve, is to think of the new you

Friends will come and leave; you’ll know the ones you need

The same goes for dating, you’ll find one that’ll be staying

We all have hard times, it’s part of the human kind

All that matters is you always try, and never ask why

Everyone makes mistakes, make your future great











Submitted: January 20, 2018

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A nice inspirational write, and a great way to look at things if you can. My favorite line - 'The future is a mystery, the past should be history.'

Sat, January 20th, 2018 8:24pm


thank you, i appreciate it

Sun, January 21st, 2018 12:11am

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