The Boy Who Coyed Wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 20, 2018

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Submitted: January 20, 2018



The sky was darkening in the east ahead of them. They had seen Jordan off when her mom drove into the parking lot of a small elementary school by the interstate. The lady was short and warm and focused on me as Jordan loaded her bike into the back of the car.


“Not much really,” I managed to release. “I’m sure we are just going to be eating. And eating some more after that”. I let a smile on to my face but it was difficult to maintain with the intense rising and falling of my chest. The adrenaline blaring through my head was jarring and awkward.


“Oh, well isn't that what it's all about?” she smiled a very rich expression. The creases on her face moved almost gracefully as they made their ascent and descent along the ridges of her cheeks and eye sockets. It’s alarming to see people who know how to smile that well.


The daughter hugged him goodbye, my friend, and when she approached me I saw the expression on his face turn to a slight distaste. She held me longer than she had him. He looked down at his feet.


We rode back the same way we came, crossing bridges and down winding roads that trickled through suburbia and over howling, wind shot highways. The tread beneath us became gravel and the sky burnt out into a pale orange. By the time our tires were getting caught on roots again the orange had succumbed to a lifeless blue.


“You cucked me hard there, Finn.”


The words bit a little harder than the wind. My gummy jacket was stiffening like melted plastic.


“What do you mean?”


The adrenaline was refreshing. He exhaled and looked forward.


“She invited me, man. Did you want me to say no?” I continued after a silence. “I didn't know you were trying to be intimate.”


“Of course I am!” He yelled in a sarcastic, shrill voice. When I met his eyes they reflected my gaze like new steel.


“It’s fine. I’m not mad. Don't worry,” he said in a quieter, empty tone.


“Sorry. Just text me next time and I’ll make an excuse.” I let the blood flush from my face.


There was an animal satisfaction in the idea that she wanted me to be there. The fear came from the fact that she didn’t need either of us.




Progressing along the trail the scenery presented itself as a constant blur of the same three shades. The air was thin and cold, and a weak stench of mud permeated through the hollow ground beneath. There was an energy in my head that circulated behind my eyes and trickled down through my nostrils and out my mouth. It was easy to exist.


“Hey, there’s this girl I’ve been talking too. I work with her.”


“She hot?”


“Yeah. She’s old though. Like 24.”


“Ooooh, big boy!”


“Ha. No. like I’ve been texting her. Her life is really fucked.”


“Why?” His smile was still present.


“Nothing's really gone right for her I guess. Like she was the 6th child of a family of 8. Except only the last 2 made it past birth.”


“Wow, Lucky.”


“I guess, yeah. But she told me about how she had fallen in love-”


“What?” He ejaculated, raising his voice.


We were nearing the freeway again. The shape of the escarpment trail contoured to the bend of the road. Around us rose a flood of strained air and a deafening hum of rubber on concrete.


“I said she fell in lo- never mind.” My throat was dry and my head started to hurt. Migraine was always the first thing to bring me back to the cinema of my own thoughts.




I sifted through the other stuff first. What I’d eat for dinner. Whether I’d get home in time to hang with a bunch of stoned kids and wander the vast reaches of suburban Hamilton. The wall of gray matter that filled my head was pushing. Menial conversation is comfortable, but not gratifying.


I came back to it.


“He died on her,” I urged, resuming a one-sided conversation.




“The Girl. The guy who loved the girl, who she loved back died on her.”


We had been riding for at least 30 minutes now. I didn't realize how far we had come. Jordan was distracting.


“The fuck. How?”


“Overdose. Some drug I’ve never heard of. It’s funny though. Apparently, they had fought 20 minutes before he died, and the last thing he said to her was, ‘I’m rearranging my bedroom furniture’.”


“Probably the last thing he said to anyone.” The words wilted as they left my mouth.






He was trying to share something with me, but the wind was filling my ears. I nodded anyways, and stared ahead, riding away from the setting sun. He had started again, so this time I pulled closer, watching my distance and the menagerie of roots running under the tires of my bike.


“I keep on looking behind me and imagining it right there,” he said with a wily smile that revealed some semblance of fear.


“What?” I shouted at him as I fingered the brakes of my bike.


“The Coy-Wolf!” He explained, grinning.


I smiled to myself. I couldn't take the name seriously. I said it again in my head. ‘That must be one coy wolf,’ I thought of offering but I bit my tongue. You sound like your father.


I crossed over to the right of him and slowed to his pace.


“Someone's getting a little paranoid. You gotta learn to take that shit with a grain of sa-” Just as the words came out of my mouth we saw it. On the darkening path, its greyish white coat blazed through the sickly brush that rose around them.


“Fuuu-” My stomach turned and I clutched the breaks down to the inside of my palm.


Our tires skidded and skipped on loose stone and stick with frightening velocity. We lost motion at the same time, and in almost perfect synchronicity we slid our bikes 180 degrees around.


“Ohhh my god, holy-” He gasped.


“What are the odds of that happening? That was insane!”


We recounted the story to one another in various dramatized renditions, speeding away from the small mammal.


“Thank god it was a little one.” My stomach jumped into my lungs at the thought of anything larger.


“It musta been a cub, yeah. But the mothers are extremely protective. That's why most of the attacks happen.” His speaking was now rising and falling in tidal waves that aligned with his exercised breaths.


“Attacks?” The thought was now suddenly more pleasing than alarming.


“Apparently some lady got bitten about a week ago. A runner.”


“That’s what they get for wearing neon saran wrap” I commented, chuckling. She must have looked like a piece of packaged meat, sweating because It was left out of the fridge for too long.


He was fingering his cell phone.



We ended up returning to the memorial school parking lot where his dad picked us up. His father showed some reluctance in using his karate green belt to bestill our bike tires while we sped down the freeway. He cursed when the belt was removed shodden in grease outside of my small vinyl home.


The paved streets were surprisingly comforting and the humidity of the city air brought a sweetness into my sinus. We walked beside the rich, mustard yellow flowers that had endured the winter months and now danced in front of my window.


“Hey, Finn.”


There was a furtive and concerned smirk on his sharp face.




“Me and Jordan... We made out”


I laughed.


“Jordan and I”.


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