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Submitted: January 20, 2018

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Submitted: January 20, 2018



There are forces that cannot be explained.  People say, “Oh, it’s just a co-incidence” Things happen but why do they happen?  No better way to see how things just happen than in the game of Scrabble.  For example, three of us were sitting around a table and we each drew a tile to see who went first.  The first person drew an “X” and commented, “I’m going to the restroom; I’m not going first.”  (The one who draws a tile closest to the beginning of the alphabet goes first.)  As this individual got up to leave, another person commented, “What if we each get “Y” and a “Z” then you’d go first.  He stands there and waits and that’s exactly what happened.  In the game of Scrabble, there are one “X,” two “Y’s,” and one “Z.”  What are the odds?

Another time, four people are playing at one table, and they all drew an “A,” so they drew again, they all drew an “I,” so they drew once more, and each got an “N.”  On the fourth draw, things diverged and someone finally went first.  However, the four “A’s” might maybe easily explained, there are nine “A’s” in the bag, the “I’s” there are 14 in the bag, but there are only six “N’s” in the bag, and then what are the odds of three draws to see who goes first.

I was playing Scrabble once with my wife, and I had the word RETINAS on my rack, which would allow me to play all my tiles for a 50 point bonus.  However, I needed an “E” in just the right place because I was lacking the “E.”  The next play my wife played a word with an “E” in just the right place, and I got the 50 point bonus.

But, more miraculous, was my two friends were playing at the coffee house, and one of them needed a “U” in the triple word row, to make the word, RUNAGATE to get a triple, triple word bingo to multiply score of his tiles by nine to get 209 points in one turn.  The odds of the other player playing a “U” in that row were slim to none, and that is exactly what he did.

I had a friend in the air force who told me he was driving on a two-lane highway near Flint, and he and another guy got to talking what he would do if an accident happened right in front of them.  They discussed, hitting the brake and swerving for the shoulder.  Only minutes later that’s exactly what happened.  He and his friend hit the ditch but no one was hurt.

Back to the election, our pastor of a fundamental Baptist church said from the pulpit, “I know I’m not supposed to do this as a preacher, but Donald Trump will win the election.”  How did he know?  The polls weren’t indicating that.


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