Brooke's reality

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Ashley Brooke Winslow

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Submitted: January 22, 2018





Simple is the best but if you can’t keep it simple then just keep on twisting like your life depends on it.


It was already past noon, the sun was still blindly spreading killer rays. Miss Trina was waiting anxious on the edge of the bed, Brad and Steve were at the kitchen table exchanging glances. Their nerves were stretched at maximum. It was the silence before the storm.

  • Water…Coughs… Wa… Water!
  • Steve! Brad! Hurry! Bring water, she’s awake!
  • Here! Hands a glass of ice water.
  • Ah! Gulps down. Thanks that was refreshing! I thought that my body was left in Arizona or something.
  • Oh, dear… How are you? How’s your back? I…
  • I don’t have the energy to answer you! The bathroom is that way right? Tries to get up, fails. Oh shreds!
  • You ok?
  • Of course not! Hey Brad, come here a second!
  • Yes, miss Brooke?
  • Sit here! Points the space in front of her.
  • Ok… sits down cautiously.
  • Here I go! Jumps in his back. Onwards! Ah, and from now on call me Ashley Brooke Winslow!
  • Dear are you sure you’re alright? You speak weird! Takes a step back.
  • Of course I’m not miss Trina! Can’t you see what I must do just for a pee? Now, onwards! Raises her hand towards the ceiling.
  • Onwards… Answers confused.
  • If you dare to drop me you’re dead! Capisci? Tightens her grip.
  • Yes, ma’am! Sweating bullets.

The other two left in the room...

  • Steve… is she high? Did you do something to her? Comes at an uncomfortable distance.
  • I didn’t do nothing, maybe after I went to sleep something happened between her and Brad or… I don’t know for sure either! She seemed relatively fine when she got up this morning! Takes a step back.
  • Do you call this fine? And why did you let your patients unsupervised? I swear… If something worse happens… Drives him into a corner.
  • I’ll take care of them! It must be because of something that I said to her so don’t worry, I’ll apologize and it will be fine! REALLY!!! Panicked.
  • It better be fine! Stares. Now why didn’t she asked me to take her to bathroom? Something is weird here…
  • Well she weights a ton that’s why! Answers cynically.
  • I almost forgot that she has plumb instead of bones. Hope Brad won’t keep her company in the broken back thing. Sighs.
  • Yeah…

~ the other two~

  • We’re here miss B… Ashley Broo…
  • Just call me Brooke or Ashley… I tend to be very irritable when I’m in pain so… Whispers in his ear.
  • It’s fine, I kind of disserved it…
  • Oh shut up! Just put me down and leave…
  • Ok! Puts her down.
  • Oh shreds! Falls as soon as she touches the ground.
  • You ok? Did you hurt yourself? Picks her up.
  • This won’t do… Help me to sit down there! Points the bidet.
  • Are sure you’ll be fine? Dou want me to help…
  • Help with what? Do you want to slide my panties for me? Huh? Just get out! I’ll call you when I’m done.
  • S… sorry! Dashes out blushing.
  • What a drag! Why must I kill myself like this? Struggles.
  • Are you done? Asks softly.
  • You were still here?!?! Shocked.
  • I closed the door! Excuses.
  • Whatever! Come inside, I need to wash my hands!
  • Excuse the intrusion… Opens slowly the door.
  • Pick me up! Reaches her hands like a child.
  • Here we go! Clenches his teeth while doing it.
  • Now take me to the kitchen. I’m hungry. Grabs him with her wet hands.
  • Uh… Groans.
  • What’s wrong? Asks confused.
  • The… It’s wet! Please… Tries to grab a towel.
  • Oh! Sorry I didn’t realize… Takes her hands off of him. Falls over.
  • Got you! Catches her … weird position.
  • Yeah… forget the towel, let’s just go… Tries to cut the odd atmosphere.
  • Yeah… Total agreement.

They go to the kitchen and miss Trina and Steve join them. Brooke is ‘placed’ by Brad on a chair. Steve exams her again to see why she doesn’t have stability in her feet. Meanwhile Brad starts cooking with miss Trina.

The atmosphere becomes heavier as the clock goes onwards and there’s no dialogue between them. Three of them are super tensed, nerves stretched, while the fourth, Brooke is eating her meal with no signs of worries.

After finishing her meal Brooke says firmly that she needs to go to her physician, doctor Gilbert Shon.  Without further discussions they proceed.

After they arrive at destination miss Ashley Brooke Winslow is admitted without a pre-consultation. The three left in the waiting room are confused. The doctor comes in the room and explains the situation. Apparently this wasn’t the first time she lost her ability to stand. He explains further that due to a childhood trauma whenever she hurts her back she unconsciously limits her movement. Since it happened at an early age she can’t remember at all. This episode happened about six or five times in the past. Before her second episode her case was assigned to him and ever since he calls her for check-ups and treatment. He explains further that there is no real danger, it is just her way of dealing with the trauma.  He tells them that there is no reason to worry and that in about a week she will be discharged. Further details were not provided.

Being a doctor himself, Steve goes to talk the details with doctor Gilbert. The two left decide to go down to the coffee shop, since visits were prohibited.










Ah… Instead of taking care of ‘details’ I’m stuck in the hospital again. Just like four years ago. What timing! Why can’t I remember that shit trauma that everyone is keep blabbing about for years? Brooke didn’t even exist back then… B… Well, B is still a wild child. I would like to know more about that side of past but no one is telling me and since I myself can’t remember… What can I expect from others?

Well, it’s really such a drag that my feet became jelly but it’s not like I can control it. When mister Gilbert comes I’ll have to explain a lot to him and I know too well than pretending to be asleep doesn’t work with him. This is such a drag…

For now, I’ll just have to take my treatment. In a few days I’ll start my plan, but first let’s make a plan.

First I need to gather information. Oh but wait, my laptop isn’t here… my phone either. I’m screwed! Wait…I can ask mister Gilbert or I can always ask mom or now… even better, I’ll ask miss Trina. Just come to me my precious… just come.

Sometimes I realize that what I’m doing isn’t normal but I enjoy it too much to quit. At times I get lost in my own thoughts for hours or even days. My whole life is smeared in abnormal stuff. That’s where I belong, there, in abnormality I exist I can create and I feel alive. The rest is just a drag and dead skin.

I enjoy talking to myself or just simply letting my thoughts fly. For example what do you usually think when you see that outside is raining? Most people will cuss and start complaining that it sucks etc. Well not my case!

If I would be raindrop my life would be hanging on a thin thread. Just like a decoration of a spider web in a dewy morning. The spiders have maybe the coolest lives ever. Sometimes they can even fly. But if I could fly it would be so cool. But then again it would be difficult. I need to consider who sees me where I fly and the weather and …. Ah… It’s too troublesome! But what if I would develop a device that allows you to fly or teleport or… Wait, I suck at studies and especially mechanics and physics. What a shame ! I could have won a noble prize with this. But maybe I could win a noble prize for peace or something. I’m pretty good with disputes. And then again maybe not. It will require a lot of effort and it will become such a drag if I have to deal with shit every single day just for a piece of junk. Not even a gold bar isn’t worth it.

Ah… This rain reminds me of my childhood days when I thought that when was raining someone was secretly taking a shower in the clouds. Those times of sublime ignorance were so blissful and now… Now I have to struggle every day to live. Who gives a penny about the rain? It’s just water anyways!

Sometimes when I realize my level of arrogance and pure eagerness I feel like flipping over in shame. My sanity is long gone to the Wasteland.

For a while now I feel like I’m about to break. I feel like a shit in the rain. I can’t understand a thing of what is going on around me but I always pretend that I get it all. People don’t see me even when I’m right in front of their eyes. Everybody sees only what they desire. The reality that everybody is creating is so distorted that it makes me dizzy. Their rules make no sense, my life makes no sense. When I hear a person telling me that he/she understands me and knows me better that I do, I go crazy. What in the world do you know about me? How can you understand me when Even my own self doesn’t understand his existence? I say… The heads in this world are full of bull.

The worst part is that not even a single soul on this earth will ever understand the true meaning behind their own existence. I don’t get it either but at least I know that we will never get it. Our brain, our body … we don’t have what it takes to get it. No one does and this is it. But it irks me to see that the world that I see, I see it only I. It’s lonely and sometimes even I get scared. But no one cares. They are blind, deaf, and mute. The utopia everybody is dreaming of is a huge crap. All people do is evading reality.

On this earth there aren’t two people with the same mind. Similar is not the same. Same is not identic. This isn’t going nowhere… It’s a dead end…I am so tired of all the things I see. We are one but still apart, we are close but far, we are we but not we. This paradox thing is so annoying! The rain is relaxing and depressing at the same time. It can be joy or sorrow, it can soak or pummel until nothing but silt.

The world is sucking me in her marvels. The unknown is pulling my fingers and the words are insufficient. What I feel inside this chest is endless and limited at the same time.

My thoughts never make sense. My sense is dead and gone, my words alone are just like a breeze. My existence is futile and pitiful. Will someone notice where I hide?

And returning from my lost state… I’m just watching raindrops so just let it rain!


‘I know that you are famous in this domain but, frankly put, she has no chance of being normal ever again. Take my advice and don’t take her case. As I see it she will soon lose control and collapse. She will end up in a mental hospital at best, but she might die until then. This semi-paresis is just the beginning for her. When it last happened three years ago her parents wanted me to put her in induced coma in order to prevent the development. I told them that it was already too late… It’s a miracle that she resisted until now. She has a strong will. However, the reason for the inefficiency of treatment is that she isn’t susceptible to hypnosis and she’s also immune to most of the suppressants she should’ve take since childhood. What is worst about her is that her parents are already considering her a monster and always wear gloves around her. They never told her or even gave her suspicions about her condition, they just acted like nothing happened… Last time I tried to talk to her dad about what happened in her childhood, he said that if he knew that his princes will turn into a monster after that, he would never have let her see the light of the sun. They said that since there is nothing that can be done about her condition, they will just watch over her. If you ask me I think they really gave up on her from the beginning. They just played family with her. I am sure that she felt it. Anyway if you still want to treat her I’ll help as much as possible. It would be a huge step if we could find out the source of all this’

Doctor’s Gilbert words were echoing inside my head. I felt powerless and stupid now for promising the treatment without fully knowing the situation. Even so I still can’t give up, I won’t! Brad’s treatment depends on her.

Well he isn’t seriously ill. He suffers of depression and has an obsessive side to his personality. Compared to Brooke he is better off.

His personality changed because of his ex-girlfriend death. With a new love story he should give up on his night patrol. Before I begin the therapy I should investigate a bit more deeply. I have a feeling that these two patients will bring some favour in my life. Doing normal stuff is boring as hell. I am not made to sit still. I am Steve Watson! No matter the case if I can’t treat it no one younger than me can’t!

It may be a bit hard for Brooke but no one said it’s impossible. As for Brad… Hmph! I am already halfway through! Ah! Miss Trina sure brings me only flavoured people!

What bad luck she has… her parents gave up on her. Sad but they won’t be a bother to my experiment so all’s well when it ends well. I think it’s been years since I’ve last felt this driven. Hmm… last time I felt this splendid adrenaline rush… Yeah, it was when I discovered that I like to psychology. Human psychic is so underrated sometimes! If people would actually use all they have… Such a shame!

Well I guess it’s time to put Matilda to action. She will provide all the info I need. She may be almost married but I don’t care. She is the best when it comes to collecting info that normal people can’t get. Oh, her eye for detail is something else. I hope Dre won’t mind.

But there is something fishy about this whole thing. First time she met me she called me Pam’s twin. The only relative I have is a distant cousin from my mother’s aunt’s daughter. How in the world did she see the resemblance? Is she a police detective or something? That wench, Pamela … Ah! I don’t even want to think about it! Because of her I had to stay in this stinky city! Well as long as no one catches onto this it will be fine. Last time I checked she was preparing to leave to London. Good thing I kept her under surveillance. Aish! That stupid cousin! Why do we have such a nonsense in our family tree?

All like all, but I should do my job seriously too. I have no time to waste. With a depressive coward with a superhero syndrome and a potential crazy D.I.D patient I have no time to spare. In fact, I might need reinforcements, two is just too much.

Think Steve! Think! Whom should I call? Who can truly help me with this? This Gilbert person seems to know a lot so I will definitely need him but still… Someone young and powerful to help me in the dire situations…

Ah that’s right! Moly and Daniel! These two love birds should be the perfect glue! And Daniel is pretty strong too. He was a wrestler until two years ago. Oh this will be so good! AH! The thrill!

This will be the coolest thing ever! Oh! So much to do!









Miss Trina and Brad walk towards the café and Steve bumps into them.

  • Oh, sorry! I have a lot to do so see you next time! Ah, miss Trina please watch over the whole thing OK? Thanks! Rushes off.
  • The… Steve! Wait! Where are you going! We need to talk! Come back!!!Howls miss Trina.
  • Let’s talk to him later. Anyway if he was in a rush it means that he really doesn’t have time to lose. It is rare to see him so hyped.
  • Really? Whatever! Let’s go, I’m not done with you!
  • Sure, after you! Answers politely.

They sit at a table waiting the coffee.

  • She never showed a single sign! She always seemed normal… Sobs.
  • It was like this even for me… Until someone else told me, I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t eating.
  • I know it was hard on you, but thanks to Steve look at you now…
  • Yeah…
  • Do you think they realised that we listened?
  • Nah… They couldn’t see us from there.
  • You’re right… Now that you know, what will you do?
  • Of course I will help in any way possible, although I myself need help…
  • I too will do my best in supporting her … Why did it had to be her? What in the world happened when she was a child? And aren’t her parents supposed to help her?
  • I want answers too but sometimes life isn’t going like it is supposed to.
  • Oh, sorry… I didn’t mean to…
  • It’s okay, thanks to you, miss Trina I found my hope again.
  • Don’t be like this! I’m only keeping you close to use you!
  • Yeah sure... Whatever miss Trina says!
  • You… Now, putting this aside… What did you punks did when I was gone? Why are you responsible for her bad back?
  • Well… I… I just
  • No excuses! Spill the beans kid!
  • Well we played games and I drank a lot and I don’t really remember. Steve told me that I had a seizure again and Brooke ….
  • Go on don’t stop!
  • Come on! Spill it out!
  • She hugged me and calmed me down and then then…in the morning we..
  • Continue!
  • When I woke up I was holding her and when she tried to get up her back …

Gulps down the coffee and asks for water!

  • Go on!
  • And then Steve told me that I grabbed her waist and just wouldn’t let go after I took the injection and that she…she had to stay like that all night long. He told her almost everything about my case except for my syndrome.
  • Come closer for a second!
  • Yes! Comes closer.

~ A strong slap~

  • You are unbelievable! Poor Brooke and that Steve bastard! How could he tell her all that? Huh?
  • I…I’m sorry!
  • Stop apologizing! Tell me! How did she react?
  • From what I know she didn’t say much… She just said that the three of us need to talk it over again and she told Steve to stop teasing me.
  • She took your side and she didn’t overreact? Brooke? Are you sure you are talking about her?
  • Yes…
  • She actually stopped someone from being teased. Unbelievable! I think I’m going nuts! Listen…
  • Yes?
  • For now, let’s just take a break and wait for her to get out of the hospital. We will talk about details later. For now, let’s just go home…
  • Yeah, I need to go to work and meet dad tomorrow…Call me if you talk with Steve or just call me …
  • I get the point kid! Wait for my call.

So just like that, the team got dispatched. What will happen next?





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