Brooke's reality

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Day 1

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“I, Ashley Brooke Winslow, twenty-seven years old, born on January second, write this fully conscious as a patient of Steve Watson.”

  • Done! Do I have to write more of this?
  • Of course my dear! You have to write this log every day, a detailed one. It’s for health purposes, you know! Brad have you finished?

“I, Bradford Prince, twenty-five years old, born on September tenth, write this fully conscious as a patient of Steve Watson. This is my second time asking for his help, although I can’t remember well how we first met…”

  • Wait, your surname is Prince? You’ve got to be kidding! Let me see what you wrote!
  • No!
  • Oh come on! I bet it’s something funny! Kehe…
  • Stop laughing and you stop glaring! Both of you just write your logs and go to your rooms!
  • Wait, we are going separate ways? Aren’t we supposed to be the cure for one another?
  • Well, it’s not hard to explain… a man and woman in the same room… I don’t think it’s appropriate!
  • You? The most perverted person alive, uttering such words? I must be hearing things!
  • Hey! I’m not a pervert! But you, as a girl shouldn’t you be against it?
  • Not necessarily! I don’t know what you might do to him or to me so I will be his backup and he will be mine too. Somehow I really feel a bad vibe…
  • Aren’t we smart and intuitive today? Brad, do you want to share a room with her knowing that your seizures might increase during the next period?
  • I…
  • Be a man and face your problems! Come on, I promise I won’t bite, just say yes…
  • Don’t influence him!
  • Why? So you could do it instead? Tell me the truth!
  • No one is influencing me! I will do things on my own accord!
  • That’s the manliest line I ever heard from you! Come here, you deserve a hug! Grabs his head and buries it in her chest.
  • Oh! This is actually too good! I love that crimson skin! What a scene! Someone bring me a camera!
  • Are you that perverted? Stop watching and take your leave along with those! Points towards the papers.
  • Fine! You can stay together but don’t go further than a kiss! Wait, let me take a picture… Is room seven, OK?
  • That’s a no go! Stop it with the camera and mind your own business! And we’ll take room four thank you!
  • Ah, fine! I’ll stop! Signals the guards to escort them.

Brooke kept tightening her grasp as the guards raised them up along with their chairs. Brad could hardly breath but instead of trying to break free he griped her tightly as a child. They both felt the same forgotten feeling that was unleashed from deep within them.

What could be the thing that makes them quiver in fear and ties them to together?

  • Put them down and make sure the room is sealed!
  • Yes, sir!

After the doors close, he takes two steps back and he trips. His hands start shaking and the scene from that night comes back. It’s foggy but he still remembers the footage on the screen. He reaches for the pills in his pocket and gets up as nothing happened.

  • Are you alright sir?
  • Yeah, I just tripped! Back to your positions… He waves as he takes the lift up.

“It was them without a doubt! That night I saw… Just what in the world did they do to them back then? Ten years ago when I stole the list their names were right at the top. Wait… Why did I suddenly remember that scene when I saw those kids? Is it possible that they were the ones on that screen? No it’s impossible! They wouldn’t go that far, right?  She didn’t remember Brad nor he remembers her… then why do they act like that? Hypnosis didn’t reveal anything about Brad’s past, Brooke can’t even be hypnotized… Just what in the world are those files and that list? How does it connect to that footage? Why are they like this and what connects them to TPS in first place? It’s dangerous if TPS finds out who they really are, I need to heal them fast… I need more information! Shit what do I do now? Why did it had to be them to attract my curiosity? What do they have to do with that? I feel just like ten years ago when I broke in TPS’s lab… This feeling… I need to move them out, it’s not safe for them nor for me. How will I do it? Doctor Gilbert is not trustworthy… he definitely works for them. There is only one place where they can’t enter… That’s it! To think that I almost lost my cool over this matter… Steve Watson you are a genius among geniuses! Of course, ten years ago it was the same. The only problem is that mom is going to roast me if she finds out that this is connected with the case she was working on ten years ago. But that’s the only safe place I can think of. Why do I even worry? I’m her son, she won’t kill me.”

~ in the background~

“where is that punk? Get your ass here Stew!!”

  • Sir the police came, what do we do?
  • Relax is just my mom! But did she bring the whole squad?
  • No it’s just one more person outside!
  • Ok! Today I will not be able to comeback so tell the one from the lab to take care of the rest for me! Wish me good luck!
  • Good luck sir!

~ Steve appears from under the desk~

  • You know I sow you when you came, right?
  • Mother! What brings you here?
  • Mother my ass! Come with me punk! You have a lot to explain!
  • But what did I do?
  • We will talk at the station!
  • Why the station? Can’t we go home at least?
  • Drive!
  • Yes, captain!
  • Mom do we really need to do this, every time…
  • This time if what I know is the pure truth you’re screwed!
  • You won’t do that to your son right? Right???
  • Son, I told you before! If one day I find out the pure truth about that night your life is officially screwed.
  • It’s been so long and you still can’t get over it? At this rate you will lose your job!
  • What are you talking about son? I can always go private you know!
  • Mom!
  • Yes, son! We are almost there! Shut up and stop squirting! You’re not a two years old kid!
  • But mom …
  • Shut up and get out of the car!
  • You know I’ll run right?
  • Open your eyes wider!
  • Oh shit!
  • Yes, sonny you won’t be able to run this time around!
  • This is inhuman…
  • Stop complaining and move it!
  • Captain! Welcome back!
  • I’ve been out only for an hour, spare me Chief!
  • You should show some respect in front of you kid at least…
  • Is the room free, Josh?
  • Ah that? As you asked, water, a laptop and a solid chair! You can go in!
  • Thanks! I owe you another one kid!
  • My pleasure, Captain!
  • What did you found?
  • You’ll know when you see.
  • Chief, make sure no one will disturb, thanks!
  • Anything for you…
  • Let’s go!

They go down a dark hall and at the end a pair of automatic steel doors opens. Another hall light with red lights and another set of steel doors.

 They step behind the last set of doors and a green beam of light passes through them. They take another few steps and the floor beneath vanishes. In a flash they were flushed in another room. A chair, a table two bottles of water and a laptop.

  • Sit down…
  • Mom there is only one chair … you should sit…
  • Right now I am on the verge of cracking! Do you think I can sit down? Just do as I say and it would be wise to answer all the questions I’ll make!
  • Yes, mom!

She turns the laptop on and inserts a memory stick. The files on it are loading slow. The tension rises. What was she going to show him? Why did they go in this chamber? This was the first time when she asked to not be disturbed either. Suspicion and fear was melting in the air making it hard to breath.

  • Stop sweating bullets! It’s not what you think it is, it’s more than that!
  • You don’t mean…
  • It’s done! Let me play it!
  • Wait! Does by chance has to do with…
  • It started! Shut up and watch it!

The screen turned blank and after five seconds you could hear the screams of children. Then silence for another five seconds. A few strips start showing on the screen. The footage stabilizes and a clear picture appears. A lab full of white coated personnel and two capsules connected to some weird devices that were occupying half of the room. The screen blanks again and recovers shortly. Now the room is all wrecked and one capsule is broken. A little child sits beside it. In a flash the child disappears and the footage becomes unsteady.

  • Take a deep breath! I’m going to show it frame by frame because what’s next is too fast for human eye to catch.
  • This lab… how did you get your hands on this footage?
  • Let’s watch first and then talk!

The frames are a bit blurry but you could see clearly the background and the people fall one by one or two at a time. After twenty frames there was no one standing except for the child. Next the child breaks the other capsule and takes out the second child.

  • I can’t distinguish the kids gender because they have no hair here, but I’m positive I’ve seen something familiar behind them. There are only a few seconds left…

The screen becomes blurry again and worse something like an explosion makes the camera crack. The last frames shown between the cracks put Steve in shock.

  • Mom stop the video! Can you enlarge the last two frames?
  • Sure, but why? Did you notice something?
  • Right there! That spot over there!
  • This one?
  • Yes! Enlarge more! There! In the left corner the is a cabinet!
  • How come I didn’t see it?
  • I know!
  • That’s the box you brought home ten years ago! But how? This footage is older than ten years, it’s at least twenty years old!
  • Mom, where did you get this?
  • Well, I have this from a long time ago. I remembered about it when you asked about that boy, sorry girl. There was something about this footage…
  • Can I ask for a favour?
  • Not so fast sonny! First, where did you go ten years ago and how did you get your hands on something older than my car? You have questions to answer!!
  • Mom that’s not important! Tell me, how do you know that red haired girl?
  • Girl? A… He was an informant of mine. Until three months ago I was still in contact with him why?
  • Did you meet him in person? And it’s a she!
  • But that strength… OK, I might have been wrong that night! I only met her when she saved your ass, and to be frank I was surprised that my informant knows I have a kid. She sent me a message telling me to come and pick up my kid.
  • So it wasn’t you that asked her to come?
  • No. I didn’t even know you were in trouble! This is getting weird… My initial purpose was to ask you to help me with this video and so to distract you from TPS. I know that you met them.
  • How did you found out?
  • You’re my son, I would use any means to find out what you’re up to!
  • Mom what would you do if I told you that I know who the kids are and much more?
  • Do you by chance know something that I don’t?
  • Of course but I’ll tell you only if you help me!
  • What do you want?
  • Full access to this!
  • Are you nuts? This is not a place for anyone to enter!
  • Am I just anyone? Plus, what I’m about to tell you will flip you over!
  • Well, it is my place and you are my son but if the information you’re selling isn’t worth it I won’t let you use this place!
  • Deal!
  • Now spill it! My heart is about to explode from stress already!
  • Ten years ago…
  • You…
  • Just listen! That night, I broke into one of TPS labs and stole the box that was in the capsules room. I only wanted to prove that I’m smarter… Anyway, on my way out I saw someone so I hid. The man was carrying a lot of tapes. I followed him into a projecting room and there I saw the vids of these two kids being experimented on.
  • It’s the same as what I showed you?
  • I’ll get there! So… I was found out shortly and obviously chased and almost killed. When they caught me on that alley the red haired one appeared out of nowhere and took them out in a blink. I took my box and tried to run but I collapsed. When I woke up I was in hospital and the box was beside me with a message card beside it “Find the truth, find the cure”.
  • So ten years ago, so many things happened and all you told me was that it was a test for you to pass and the prize… Forget it, I knew that you lied but I was too busy to care. So my question is what do you know now?
  • I’ll try to tell you as much as I can.
  • You better…
  • So… The kids are a girl and a boy and I’ve been searching the whole list of names just to find them. After five years I discovered that the only survivors of that experiment are the two of them. The others on the list were either dead or in a coma or in a sanatorium, all listed in the files that were beside the list. I just had to check…
  • Go on!
  • Two years ago I finally found the boy and this year I also found the girl. The girl is the same one that saved me ten years ago.
  • You’re kidding right? My informant?
  • No, I’m dead serious. Both are now in my care and the rest you know…
  • So you needed money for this?
  • Well this was initially … but now they are in my care so I intend to go deeper and find the truth!
  • Do you have any idea with whom you’re messing? TPS is scarier than the Mafia! We caught their tail twenty years ago, when I was still a rocky. The tape in front of us was found at a crime scene and the detective that took it as the evidence died after a week in a car accident. The breaks were cut. I was the one that hid it until now.
  • But why are you telling me this?
  • Be patient and you will understand! You don’t know who you’re playing with! I have been investigating unnatural death ever since that day! The modus operandi, was different but the victims were always connected to someone powerful from the underground world.
  • So what does this have to do with a research institute?
  • It has! TPS is more than a research institute! They are the kings of the underworld! The rest are just their pawns! What I search desperately for so many years is the Special Force. A team created by them to be above average and beyond human limits! The red haired one has been gathering data about them for more than ten years. Experiments, places all over the world where they were seen, pictures and audio files. For years I’ve been collecting them! I’ll send to you some of them if you don’t believe me! Wait I have one right here!
  • Let me see!
  • Look! This was taken in the area! It’s a young man jumping off from building to building.
  • That is not even human! Look how big he is!
  • I know! And if you look closely you can see he has blades on his arms! See, it’s these lines…
  • Holly shit! And, are you saying that there are more?
  • A total of one hundred and fifty-two…
  • These things are in Special force and are roaming around freely?
  • Not quite! Most of them are captured by black suited men before they cause damage. Tranquilized like elephants or almost killed. Follow me and I’ll show you the rest!
  • No need! Mom I need you to come and help me right! The two of them are in danger!
  • Who?
  • The kids that I told you about! Come on let’s hurry! They’re at my clinic!
  • I’m coming! Don’t we need back up?
  • We have no time!

~his phone starts ringing and also his pager~

  • Shit! They’re there!
  • We’ll be there in five minutes even at full speed!
  • Just go!
  • I am punk!!

~ they arrive at the clinic and find chaos, the fire alarm was on, the patients were evacuating with the personnel, a complete chaos~

  • Come this way! The shouldn’t have reached there yet!
  • What a sight!

~ They pass the doors and two familiar faces were standing there~

  • Brad! Brooke! Are you ok?
  • I am fine but they destroyed everything down there. The personnel are ok, I started the fire alarm and with a little smoke they were all gone. Brad is injured…
  • Let me see! Mom, give her a hand, I’ll go bring my kit!
  • No sonny, you’re coming with us! It’s too dangerous!
  • The lady is right, I can’t face them a second time, I’m at my limits!
  • Let’s just go!
  • Where?
  • Don’t worry dear, you’ll be safe there!
  • Let’s hurry, the doors won’t hold for long!
  • I’m sorry Bobo…
  • Steve, do you still have that syringe?
  • Bobo, hold me…
  • I think he’s delirious!
  • It’s funny! He’s like a kid! Are you sure he’s injured, Bobooo?
  • If you say one more thing…
  • Fine, fine… Just get him inside the car!
  • Son, you have weird friends!
  • They’re my guinea pigs!
  • I would hit you but I respect your mom too much!
  • Do we know each other?
  • Well, sort of! I’m Iris!
  • Oh so you were a girl all this time?
  • Surprised?
  • A bit! But thanks to you we found about Special force!
  • Wait, did you not received my last package?
  • What package?
  • I sent it to you one month ago!
  • Was it by chance a suitcase with two ampoules?
  • Yes! But why do you know?
  • That? The mail man gave them to me.
  • Shit! Where is the suitcase now?
  • Relax! It’s in a safe place!
  • Kids, we’re here! Get down!
  • Lady, those ampoules, do any of you know what they are??
  • Embryos!
  • Not any embryos!
  • I know what they are so I put them in a safe place!
  • Where?
  • Where we are going now.
  • Punk, when did you?
  • Last week, the chicken delivery…
  • You are indeed my son!
  • Now give me the keys mom!
  • I’m taking you there and then we’ll talk!
  • Mom!
  • Steve Watson do not raise your voice! To the left and down the stairs!
  • Mom, that’s a wall!
  • Watch this! Puts her hand on the wall and the wall disappears like water.
  • Nano?
  • More!
  • More?
  • Milids!
  • What are those?
  • Enough questions! Let’s get moving, we were followed!
  • Shit!
  • Don’t worry once past this wall we’re safe!
  • Are you coming lady? Or should I go ahead?
  • When did she…
  • We apparently got left behind…
  • Yes, we did! Let’s go!


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