Brooke's reality

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Day 565

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



DAY 565


BROOKEDOWN, fifth stage observations:

“After the four preparatory stages of the experiment I finally reached the desired state necessary for the X moment. From here on we will commence the testing procedures for the male subject and the new therapy for the female subject. Until this point they received strong alternative medication and cognitive therapy. The male subject recovery was a huge success and now he is almost completely cured.

The female subject reaction to treatment was minimal. The cognitive therapy and the medication were ineffective. She only responded at associated therapy and psychological games. Despite the ineffectiveness of the mentioned methods, her condition seems to get better when being around the male subject. Her other personalities appeared only twice and it happened both when she didn’t interact with the male subject for an extended period of time. Seeing this I decided to start a new therapy method bases only on the subject’s interaction results.

For the two subjects to be completely cured is necessary to make them remember the part of past their brains sealed away. This is the true preliminary stage of the experiment.

I can’t guarantee that their condition will get 100% better but in order to advance we need all the information their brains hold.”

  • I’m so dead tired!!! Someone bring me some coffee!!
  • My son! We have problems, they found us!
  • What? How? They haven’t moved an inch since the last time! Why now, after all this time?
  • I don’t know either!
  • Did you contact miss Trina?
  • I already gathered all the people on our side! They are in the weapon room.
  • How many and where?
  • Right in front and they are only seven but none seems normal. I recognize two of them from the pictures Brooke sent.
  • This is not good! Why would TPS act now after all this time?
  • Well you took some funds from them and I guess they came to harvest the fruits now.
  • Yeah, well meds and high tech isn’t cheap!
  • They seem to know that too.
  • Should we move out from here?
  • To where?
  • I don’t know…
  • Doctor the subjects are missing from their rooms!
  • What? At a time like this! Search them all over and seal all exits!
  • The base is already sealed, they have nowhere to run than …
  • Exactly! The front entrance! Mom come with me!
  • Sure…

~ A shock wave penetrated the base. The security system collapsed. No electronic device was working properly. Outside, in front of the wall a battle was about to begin. ~

  • This is really bad! What should we do?
  • How am I supposed to know? This isn’t your normal thug fight!
  • Do they realize that the enemy can hear them perfectly?
  • I know, are they really that dumb?
  • Let’s take this back where it started shall we?
  • I’m sick of this hunting game too! Let’s go!

~ a strong shock wave~

  • Holly! Look son, they vanished!
  • Mom this is not the time to be amazed! Give me the speaker! We need to assemble and follow them!
  • Follow them where? They vanished!
  • Brooke still has the military bug and now that she’s outside …
  • You mean that old junk that she won in one of your games?
  • Yes! It’s active! Look!
  • I’m surprised that this junk still exists!
  • Hmp! These old things are ten times better that your milids!
  • You don’t say!
  • Mom do you know this place?
  • I do but… son… That’s in the middle of the ocean. That is Santa Barbara island… Are you sure that it’s not broken or something?
  • It’s not broken they just appeared there!
  • Holly! We need a boat!
  • I don’t think so!
  • The disappeared from this point see?
  • That’s close by, but there is nothing but a junk yard there, son!
  • Let’s go! I need my subjects back!


~ they take the care and go to the place marked on the radar map~

  • Son in my twenty years of patrol I never saw anything like this!
  • It’s okay, it’s my first time seeing this too.
  • Where did this popped up?
  • Maybe from the underground. Look at the structure, this resembles so much with the milids but they aren’t milids.
  • It seems alive somehow!
  • Don’t touch it!

~ the gate opens up a swirl and they are pulled inside~

  • What is this?
  • I don’t know!

~they fall down in the sand~

  • Sand?
  • Look over there!
  • Wasn’t this supposed to be…
  • Watch out!
  • What are those? I almost got decapitated!
  • I don’t know son but they sure aren’t friendly ones!
  • Bugs with blades? Hmm… what should I name them?
  • We have no time for this! They’re coming back! Run!
  • Oh shit, these ones are bigger!

~ As they run a ground trap opens and they both fall, reaching some underground hall~

  • Son, if I get out alive I’m going to disown you! I’m too old for an adventure!!!
  • I am too frail so you need to protect me!
  • Why didn’t you take someone else? A younger one!
  • I can’t trust them!
  • I’ll really disown you! Making your mother do this…
  • Shh! Someone is coming!
  • Did you hear? The gate opened on it’s own, and the security bugs attacked the sand…
  • Maybe a malfunction! The gate is supposed to hold only seven people but I heard that nine came through. It’s supposed to be a secret but I think that the first ones returned.
  • Isn’t that good? We don’t have to chase them around…
  • You fool, the firsts ones are the most advanced!
  • But isn’t it weird? Shouldn’t the last ones be the advanced?
  • The ones made after that are made from the remains from the firsts. They are inferior.
  • Do you want to go see them fight? Two against an army?
  • For real?
  • Are we allowed?
  • As long as they don’t know we’re there I think it’s okay…
  • I see what you mean! The thermo-blanks!
  • You sure catch on fast!
  • Let’s follow them!
  • Grab two of those mom!
  • Shh! They could hear!
  • Did you hear something?
  • A security bug?
  • Let’s hurry!

They go through a dark corridor and they reach an exit. Opening the door carefully a sudden gush of wind hits their faces. The door led to a cave on a steep cliff. They step with care and a similar gate pops up. The first to go through the gate is Steve, his mom follows.

Finally, they reach a large area, this time in a dessert like place. They take two steps and bump into some kind of barrier.

  • The footsteps stop here…
  • This is weird… Why would they need barriers in the desert?
  • Mom this is not the desert. Look at the sand! The colour and texture are unusual.
  • What are you blabbing? It’s just sand.
  • Oh, we’re sinking!
  • What now?

~ the quicksand engulfs them rapidly and they fall in a pit like place~

  • Are you the new ones?
  • Wha…
  • Yes, we came to watch in secret too!
  • I guess news travel fast!
  • Did it begin?
  • A while ago but don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. They just took the weak ones out.
  • Why is so dark here?
  • It’s an unused chamber! Here they used to make the young ones watch the fights! Since you’re new you couldn’t know…
  • Oh make silence the green guy will hear us!
  • Shh!

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