Brooke's reality

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Day 565, second part

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Submitted: January 22, 2018




The burning sun was going down setting the background in crimson shades. In the vast sandy area, the story of two people was being written in blood and sweat. Soon the truth will be uncovered and the unseen will be seen. When the reality is cracking the shield others built for you, what will you do?

  • Do you think it’s time we break our seals?
  • Don’t kid around! You know how dangerous that is!
  • But we won’t be able to escape if we don’t do it!
  • Are you sure you want to remember right now all of it?
  • It’s a risk we have to take!
  • Brad, I sealed them for a good reason! I can’t …
  • We have to! Look what happened to you! D.I.D? You can’t even take your meds!
  • That’s because of the fourth seal, you idiot! I only placed three on you because you kept crying!!!
  • Fourth? Weren’t only two?
  • We’re in the middle of a fight and all you can think of is unleashing a power you can’t control and that will definitely turn you into a veggie???
  • Take a look at your body before speaking! You are all cut!
  • Shut up! It’s mine not yours so just…
  • No! I’m removing them right now! Tell me how the fourth works!
  • You really want to be a vegie? Fine! Let’s be veggies after this!
  • Hurry! How do I do it?
  • Remember the game we played two months ago?
  • Don’t tell me…
  • Left, right middle and centre!
  • That’s all it takes?
  • I was a kid so…
  • And didn’t your seals got undone when you were in school?
  • Only you and I have the power to unleash it stupid!

~ the spectators~

  • What the heck are they doing?
  • The big guy is going to smash them and they are playing games?
  • Number eight is strong! I guess even the firsts would have problems with that size…
  • What are you saying? Didn’t you see the light signal?
  • What?
  • Yeah, the boss is sending the second wave right now!
  • I forgot that this were only the scouts!
  • Are you sure you’ve been here for fifteen years?
  • Hey, I’m old not stupid!
  • But what are they doing? Isn’t that a child’s game?
  • I know… Well they might be losing their minds after so many hits. Look at the woman she is all bathed in her own blood!
  • Well she was the one that took out the first three! Oh but look at the man! He’s skin is getting blue!
  • Wow! That’s amazing! That means they fought without their powers until now!
  • Are you for real? Why wouldn’t they use their genes?
  • No clue…

~ The chamber’s walls crack and the barrier suddenly breaks, producing a screeching sound. The seals were now removed~

  • Mired bul po sam sum sing!
  • Mo sum sam bul ping ping!
  • Just speak in English stupid! Stop using that baby speech!
  • It’s hard po!
  • Come here! Presses on his forehead. How’s now?
  • Ah! my head doesn’t hurt anymore when I speak!
  • Well you are younger than me so it figures that you can’t shift it so easy!
  • What is that supposed to mean?
  • Nothing! Guard up! They send the real shit this time!
  • TEN??? When did they produced them?
  • Look at their colour!
  • They are all blue! Does that mean they have the same…
  • I think they went in again, but ten of these… I’ll have to release my fifth seal again, just like that time…
  • What are you saying? A fifth one? Aren’t you supposed to be unable to move after four seals?
  • It’s on the back of my head so could you…
  • What happens after?
  • I die if I don’t seal it back in one hour.
  • Just do it! They almost finished charging them!!
  • But…
  • Do it now!!!

~ with tears in his eyes he presses the pressure points. Brooke’s hair turned white instantly and her skin cleaned up and started to glow greener and greener, just like her eyes~

  • Why are you going so far? Why can’t you give up and go to them?
  • Brad, you don’t know since you were there all the time but what they did to my family is unforgivable! I can’t let them take me again! Listen here, if I die don’t let them take my body!
  • What are you saying? Brooke…
  • One down! There’s still nine to go! Focus on fight boy!
  • Behind you! Reaches his hand towards her.
  • Get down, idiot it’s a trap!

~ A blue man breaks his arm and tries to smash his head. Brooke slices his throat in an instant and helps Brad up~

  • You fool! How can you fight now?
  • It will heal in three minutes!
  • We don’t have them! I’ll put my barrier on you so just stay still! I’ll fight them!
  • No, you’ll…

~ covers his mouth with hers and his body starts to glow~

  • Don’t say a word!

~ she vanishes in the sandy horizon with the five blue persons that could still fight. Their speed was too high, so all the spectators could see were just beam lights and the sand raising up like slashed~

  • Where did the man go?
  • I don’t know he suddenly disappeared from the green woman!
  • But did you see that after that her glow diminished?
  • Yeah, I think her powers are fading, she must be tired…
  • Excuse me…
  • Ah, new guys! Sorry, we were too caught in the fight so we completely forgot about you!
  • Can I ask a question?
  • What?
  • Are they human?
  • Well they were when they were kids. They are all originally human…
  • What is TPS really doing to them?
  • You could say that we work to improving the human race!
  • Improving? They don’t even look human anymore!
  • Well that’s not our concern, we’re just using the technologies they provide to test them…
  • Who are they?
  • Didn’t you meet them at the interview? The funny looking guys?
  • Ah, them?
  • Yes, didn’t you two got recruited for your special talents too?
  • We’re still new so …
  • Ah, newbies…
  • Look, look the woman stopped moving!
  • What is she doing?
  • I think she waits for the Colectors! They always come to clean up the place…
  • It’s good that we don’t have to do it, the stench is unbearable!
  • Yeah, the blue ones smell like sulphur when they die.
  • What about the green ones?
  • Don’t you know? That woman is the only green alive! Her family was used to create the blue one’s genes. They were supposed to be duplicates but they turned blue and their strength is only a quarter of the real thing.
  • Yeah, it’s no wonder that she took the blue ones out like that.
  • Here they are…

~They white costumed ones entered the perimeter and Brooke, barely conscious was still guarding Brad~

  • Brooke open the barrier! Brooke!!! Answer me!
  • If they take out your special… you will die… I must protect…
  • Brooke!
  • Brooke!
  • Wait, how do you know the woman’s name, newbies? Wh…

~ They don’t get to finish they words and all four disappear leaving only  some light beams behind. The alarms start to ring and everyone is agitated. What just happened?~



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