Brooke's reality

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Past and Present

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Submitted: January 22, 2018





  • What happened? Why is so dark?
  • Where are we son!
  • Which was the light switch again?
  • Miss Trina?

~ Light switched on~

  • Oh my…! What happened to you two?
  • Wait… how?
  • One name: Black Dre!
  • Huh?
  • Well I guess that you are too in awe to put things in order…
  • Explain latter! Brooke is not waking up… What do I do? What do I do?
  • Where is this?
  • My summer house… somewhere in Tenerife… I don’t know exactly I just bought it!
  • Do you have by chance some medical facilities?
  • Just tell me what you need and I’ll bring it just like I brought you!
  • With what?
  • Duh!!! With this baby!
  • What’s that thing?
  • Mithra 2000, TPS’s best teleporting device!
  • How did you get your hands on it?
  • It’s incredible what you can do in a year you with the right folks!
  • Hurry! She’s…
  • That’s right! First things first!
  • Bring room nine from my clinic!
  • It brings only what’s in the room…
  • Just do it! We have no time!

Brooke’s body was turning back to normal and the side effects of opening the fifth seal were starting to show. Brad on the other hand looked fine. His blue skin turned clear and his arm was completely healed.

All the necessary things were teleported instantly and Steve was doing his best to keep things under control. He had to sedate Brad multiple times because he kept bolting in Brooke’s room to wake her up.

Miss Trina and Black Dre were busy with the security and communication. Steve’s mom was buried under a pile of papers trying to help with the remaining tasks. Everybody was busy while Brooke was lying in bed, pale and full of bruises. Her hands were in gips and she had a bleeding wound on one of her legs. The cut was so deep and the bleeding just wouldn’t stop. Her hair roots remained white and her lips started to turn black.

Brad wakes up and walks slowly towards Brooke’s room. He opens the door and sees how Steve and his team were trying to save her. The sight of her blood wakes up dormant memories. A car, he was in a car and on the front there were a man and a woman wearing lab coats.

~He collapses on the floor~

The woman was blonde and had a beautiful smile, they were laughing… The next second a strong light appears in front of them. He sees blood on his hands, he feels the pain and cries, he’s calling his mom and dad but they don’t answer. Smoke started gushing out and he can’t breathe. The flames surround him and he’s scared. He’s so scared and he can’t breathe… A hand tears open the smashed window… Two green eyes stare at him; it was a girl a bit bigger than him. She’s speaking She pulls him out and they fall on the wet asphalt. He can see behind her that the car is completely engulfed in flames. A bunch of black suited men come towards them and grab them. They try to separate them but the girl is hugging him too tight. He’s scared and in pain but he feels at ease in her crushing embrace.

~he coils up in a corner and lets the tears wash his face~

All his memories were coming back to him. The labs, his parents, her, the escape, the other green eyed girl… all of it at once.

A question suddenly popped in his head: If she was beside him, who was the other green eyed girl?

A new truth was uncovered. Who is really Ashley Brooke Winslow?


  •  The bleeding stopped and she’s stabilized! We did it! Why is the door open?
  • Sir… he’s in the hallway…
  • Shit! Hey Brad! Come here for a second!
  • There were two of them! Two!!!
  • What are you talking about? Are you okay?
  • Let me pass! I need to ask her! I need to know!
  • Calm down! Someone brig sedatives!!!
  • There were two!

He was sedated and locked in a room to prevent him from disturbing Brooke, who was now recovering at a fast pace.

A few frenetic hours passed and she was almost healed up. Steve was amazed that all her bruises disappeared and the cut was already just an ugly scar.

  • I don’t think she’s human, modified or not, it’s impossible for any living organism to heal that fast!
  • Brad’s arm healed fast too!
  • No! That was her doing! If she wakes up I have a set of questions to ask…
  • Look she’s moving!
  • Can you shut your mouths? I have a horrible head ache… I must’ve overused my body…
  • Holly!!!! Are you sure you were half dead a few hours ago?
  • Shut it! Where’s Brad?
  • He’s still sedated! He did quite a scene! Last time he was mumbling about two something… I don’t know…
  • So he finally remembered… Took him long enough!
  • What are you saying?
  • There is a part of our past that I sealed away in order for us to live a normal life when we escaped TPS.
  • What happened?
  • Let’s go to Brad, he needs to hear it first…
  • Sure, but he’s still…
  • Details! GO!
  • Do you really have to sit on his bed?
  • Shut up! The chairs aren’t my style!
  • So what happened?
  • Well that night, I snuck out to search my twin and he and his parents got caught in an accident with the ones that were after me!
  • You had a twin?
  • Well she just looked exactly like me, we weren’t blood related. I lived in her place until now.
  • What about her?
  • She got mistaken with me and she died that night. His parents died too and if I wouldn’t have seen him he would have died too.
  • This happened when you were a kid?? And your real parents?
  • I had even a big brother and a sister. We were all held by TPS. Back then the reason I snuck out was because I planned to put that girl in my place and go back home with my family.
  • So what happened next?
  • We were both caught and my family was slaughtered soon after in an experiment. The ones I fought were built from my family’s DNA remains.
  • Sorry to ask but, you are human, right?
  • More or less! I came from a lineage of hybrid humans so it’s wrong to say I’m like you.
  • What about Brad?
  • He is human but his mother was injected with our DNA and he is a bit different than average. Half and half?
  • Why would his parents do that to him?
  • His parents worked for TPS and as far as I know from the reports, because his mom was sick he got sick too and they did that to save him.
  • So why did TPS killed his parents? It wasn’t an accident right?
  • You’re smart! Because they used the DNA without permission. They got caught when the kid started to grow because he had too much strength and kaboom!
  • Don’t talk like that about them!
  • Oh, so you were listening?
  • Why didn’t you save my parents?
  • Because I was too small to move you three at the same time. Plus, your dad died instantly…
  • So you let my mom die?
  • She said to take you first and you saw with your eyes what happened next! For the name of love! We were kids!!
  • But she was still alive!
  • I had to watch my whole family being dissected and slaughtered! Stop sobbing over past!
  • You’re a monster!
  • So are you! Do you not remember why your parents took you outside that day?
  • They were laughing and I was…
  • Someone saw you when you turned blue and smashed your room!
  • I don’t remember!
  • That’s because you were just playing and your parents sedated you the next second!
  • How do you know that?
  • I was the one playing with you!
  • So why didn’t you stop me?
  • Because I was chained and sealed! Don’t you remember? I would always get a punishment or two…
  • I guess I was too small…
  • Let me finish! When you were born I was already able to read, write and fight and other stuff so when I was like, a year old they decided to seal me and chain me because I was constantly making my family get hyped up and disturbing their experiments.
  • How? You were a baby!
  • I liked to smash things very much and if there was no one to keep me company I would jump around and search for my family. Cause trouble for the personnel etc… My kind is usually very docile but I was not born like that.
  • Were you born there or…
  • I was two months when they took me and my family, so no…
  • How can you know this?
  • I have been stealing reports and spying for the last ten years or so…
  • And you didn’t get caught?
  • Nope.
  • But I saw you two on a tape in a lab … what was that?
  • Ah that? Since they searched me a companion they were testing a lot of kids. He was no exception. But with him I got along well so he used to keep me company in experiments and when I needed to rest.
  • Did they … to me too?
  • Nah, your parents took care of you so except vitamins they didn’t inject nothing else into you.
  • But to you…
  • They put in me a ton of shit, that’s why now I turn green. I used to be crimson and my hair would go white but now you saw…
  • What are the ampoules for?
  • Ah those? They are blue baby embryo. After fertilization they inject them with that and put them in capsules, like the ones we sat in in the afternoons. Ah, I remember that once I put my spit in one of their serums and the place took fire. That time I felt angry because they shaved my head.
  • Are you for real?
  • Yeah, and thanks to me you got shaved too! Your mom knew how to make us behave…
  • How can you remember?
  • Once I remove my seal I remember everything from the moment I said my first word.
  • How come I don’t?
  • You’re half and half…
  • So you don’t feel bad that you stole that girl’s life? For her parents…
  • They are weird as hell and the only good thing about them is money. They are quite shallow…
  • But they raised you…
  • They called me monster too and if they know the truth that would make them hate me more. I received enough hate and torture so… It’s not like I hate them or that they didn’t raised me properly… it’s just…
  • Let’s not talk about our pasts ever again!
  • Gladly!

He takes her hand and hugs her like nothing happened. Her green eyes shed tears of blood and everyone got alarmed. She smiled and said that it’s just because she got a transfusion.

Although Steve wanted to ask more questions, his lips wouldn’t listen to him. His mom started crying and hugged them both like they were her long lost children.

The morning arrived fast and the agitation started all over again. This was no leisure time. TPS was searching for them and they had to mobilize their forces to confront them. The air was different around Brooke. The people avoided her and Brad would always find excuses to not be alone with her. She felt it and deep inside but she couldn’t do a thing about it. She always knew she was different and she was really happy when she could act like them. She goes up on the terrace and sits on a chair, letting the sun hit her skin.

  • What are you doing here alone?
  • I want to feel the sun…
  • What are you talking about? You know you’ll just get burned right? What’s the matter?
  • If I tell you can you solve it?
  • I’m Dre! You know I can do much more! Ask me the moon and I will give it to you!
  • Ha ha! Even I can’t get the moon!
  • Well now we’re talking!
  • How long has it been?
  • Five years or so, but I liked the other ones too. You know how to spice your things!
  • Glad you like it!
  • Say, by chance did someone tell you …
  • I’m not a kid anymore! It’s not like that. They all just fear me…
  • That sucks!
  • I’m used to it but it still feels like I’ve stepped on poop. Now that I think about it… How did you find us and how did you get that Mithra?
  • Well your sleazy hand can be useful too!
  • My sleazy… You knew all the time about it?
  • Of course, you are so loud that even a deaf would hear you!
  • You know it’s not like that!
  • Oh, said the brag queen…
  • Stop calling me that! You know I hate it!
  • I know, you almost squashed that poor girl at school…
  • What are you saying? I just pushed her!
  • She was in hospital the whole year…
  • Come on, Dre…
  • I’ll stop if you go to them like that time! AH! You were so cool at that time! I am older but I almost esteemed you!
  • Get out of here!
  • We are already out!
  • You don’t say…
  • Even if they don’t see you as a normal person to me you are the greatest friend I’ve ever had!
  • I love you too my friend! You’re the only one that got me from the get-go.
  • My wonderful friend, come here!
  • Come here you crazy friend!

~ Brad enters~

  • Are you cheating on me?
  • Who’s who?
  • We even shared the same sheet! And here I was, trying to throw a party for you…
  • Show him the ring my friend!
  • See this?
  • Are you cheating on your wife??
  • Are you stupid? WE ARE NOT LIKE THAT!!!
  • You don’t have to yell…
  • So… you think I’m yours just cuz’ we had a little something there?
  • Well you even…
  • Enough! Say, were you really throwing me a party?
  • Well I planned to… I avoided you all day so you don’t ask me what I’m up to…
  • See? And here you were all depress…
  • Don’t say it!
  • Say what? What were you doing?
  • No need to know!
  • Were you cheating?
  • For the last time, we are just best friends like, for more than twenty years!
  • Oh!
  • Yeah! Take care of her for me champ!
  • I will! She’s mine anyway!
  • Say what?
  • Nothing!
  • Repeat that one more time! Comes closer.
  • I said…you’re too close!
  • Am I? Then repeat! Sticks closer.
  • I… I said you’re m…mine..
  • Why? Very close.
  • C… B… because you, back then…you…kiss…ssed me..
  • That wasn’t a kiss!
  • But…
  • This is a kiss! Kisses him.
  • T… Blushes.
  • And just so you know, you’re mine! Flicks his forehead.
  • What was that for?
  • Weren’t you throwing me a party? Take me there!
  • Wa… How..
  • I’m waiting!!
  • Yes, ma’am!

~behind the corner~

  • Did you film it? Do you think the sound will be ok?
  • This is high tech, of course it will be! Oh shit they’re coming! Move, move!

~hurriedly coming downstairs~

  • Did you do it?
  • Yes, we secured it sir?
  • What are you up to Steve?
  • Nothing much!
  • Steve?
  • Mom!
  • Steve?
  • Miss Trina, not you too!
  • Show me!
  • Show you what?
  • Nothing! All three respond.
  • I guess being surrounded by you is what I needed the most…
  • What are you saying? Come and give mama a hug!
  • But you’re not my mom!
  • Come here!
  • Steve will get jealous!
  • Who cares? Hugs her tight.
  • Once you get to know the real her you’ll see how much she truly cares. Says Dre.


Friendship is the root of all. Love, hate, sorrow, joy… you name it.

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