Brooke's reality

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Reality call

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018








Room seven, Saint Lorenzo hospital, year 2090.

  • Doctor she’s not breathing again!
  • Quick! Bring the defibrillator and intubate her again!
  • Yes!

~rushed movements to stabilize her~

  • I swear… She seemed fine one month ago and she really looked like she could wake up any time… Call her guardian again! Throws his gloves.
  • But…
  • Did he left her again????
  • It’s been two weeks since we lost contact…
  • Why did I get this case? Why????
  • Sir???
  • Call me if something happens… I need some fresh air!

~exits, and in the room remain two nurses~

  • Poor girl, she seems young…
  • Maybe you don’t know but this year she’s thirty.
  • For real?
  • Yes, I feel so sorry for her… It’s been six years now and she hasn’t woken up…
  • What happened to her?
  • They said she was involved in an accident when she got off work, but there were rumours that her ex-boyfriend was behind the whole thing.
  • What?
  • Listen up closely, we don’t usually talk about it because the doctor forbids it, but…
  •  But???
  • There was a rumour that after her car accident a rift appeared and her soul got transferred in the chimera’s realm…
  • That’s nonsense! That is just a story! There are no parallel universes!
  • I know that too, but still! I mean we would know if some green guy looking like some distorted animal was around… BUT…
  • But?
  • The doctor said she was in a coma ever since she stepped in here, but I heard from a superior that five years ago after only six months since her check in, she was able to move!!
  • How?
  • After they removed her cast from her legs she woke up, created a big fuss and ran away. She was nowhere to be found for five days!
  • No way!
  • Yeah, and the doctor just popped up one night holding her in his arms!!!!
  • And what did he say after? What happened?
  • Nothing! This is where it gets weird…
  • Tell me…
  • He put her in an induced coma and her guardian got mad, they fought and ever since his visits diminished considerably… Her condition got weirder too…
  • And, what does she really have?
  • I heard from a superior that she has a very rare condition and because of her brain malfunctioning she can’t wake up.
  • So that’s way every day she gets those new high frequency rays treatment blown in her head…
  • Yeah, a month ago her brain waves were so good…
  • I know, I really thought that she will woke up. She even moved her fingers and blinked…
  • Such a shame…
  • What if she can hear us?
  • She can’t dear… She can’t… Her brain is as good as fried.
  • If that’s the case, why doesn’t he…
  • Without the guardian’s consent it would be murder.
  • But if she has one more seizure…
  • Do you not see? Every time she has something her guardian is nowhere to be found and she somehow recovers in a blink! Look at her vitals!
  • Wow, they look better than those of a teen!
  • Exactly! It’s killing me! I’ve been here for almost four years and it’s the same every day!
  • Hey, what if we try to wake her up?
  • How? Are you insane?
  • Let’s just shake her up a bit… the doctor is not here anyway…
  • What are you thinking? Are you insane?

~ shakes the patient and slaps her face~

  • Hey, red hair! Wake up!
  • Stop it! Pulls her away.
  • Shut the f**ck up… A weak voice.

~ the two back down scared, her pulse rate rises suddenly~

  • She…she…! Call the doctor!
  • Don’t do it! Just let me finish my story on the other side! I will soon die anyway…

~ her vitals return to normal and a stillness enshrouds her body again~

  • What do we do?
  • I told you not to do it!
  • You said she can’t hear us! She’s supposed to be in a coma!!!
  • I know! What do we do?
  • Well… How about keeping this a secret?
  • Shouldn’t we tell?
  • We should, but if we tell, we will also have to tell what we did…
  • Keep it a secret?
  • Keep!
  • Come on, let’s leave…
  • I’m coming…

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