Brooke's reality

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Behind the blue eyes

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It was almost midnight, in one room, at a low table, three pair of eyes were staring to one dark-red glass.  The air was heavy, none of us dared to blink. The thought of blinking sent cold shivers down on us. The orbits of our eyes started to turn from white globes to white lanes crossed by rivers of blood. The rivers of tears soon followed, the end was near, the tension rose, our nerves were stretched to maximum. The reason? A simple stupid so called ‘fun bet’ which was ‘supposed’ to bring us closer. The first to blink would have to have his/her hair cut (stupid rule, I had already enough hair cutting) and the last to blink would be declared king and he/she could give two definitive orders (why two and not one or ten?)  to the second one that blinked.

However, the tension was real and the bet was like a sworn pledge between us. The struggle was intense until one green eye and one blue eye started to tremble. The suspense was criminal: would the green eye close first and bring hell to hiss master or would the blue eye close first and put an end to this silent massacre. The weird thing was that the two brown eyes were like two marbles, unaffected and safe. Now the battle between blue and green became inevitable. Who will have his/her hair cut? Who will be the king and what cruel orders shall he give?

The air was heavy, the tension, high... What fate awaits the three souls? But then, right at the last moment, the green eyes closed! Soon after the blue followed. The brown eyes were smiling at the losers.

- Now, shall we start with the haircut or with my absolute orders?  Says Steve with a smirk on his face.

- Are we really going to do this? I say while grabbing my hair .

- Aren't we friends? Says Brad in tears.

- Yes, yes, we are really doing this and, yes Brad, we are friends. Says Steve rising and placing one foot on the table.

- Steve, my friend, we're not shooting a movie here! Let's start! I say a bit annoyed at his gesture.


- Ah! Shall we proceed my faithful subjects?! He says full of a weird charisma .

He takes a sheet and puts it on his shoulders, a wooden spoon placed on the side and he's all set. Now it really looked like a movie scene. The only thing missing was the camera and the staffs.

- Hmm! Yes! And now the game is officially  started! I, Steve the Great shall assume the role of the king, judge and ...Hmm... Yes, and counsellor, doctor  if needed! Says Steve in a weird tone.


- Yes your highness... Now give the orders or whatever... I say while crashing on the sofa.

- OK! In that case ... Brad will give you a haircut miss subject! he answers, pointing the spoon towards me.

- Holly hair!  Can you please not make it worse? I say watching Brad with a desperate expression.

- It's okay! He cut my hair last summer! says Steve with a smirk plastered on his face.

- Actually that makes me feel worse! Whatever... let's just do this. Brad bring a chair ! I'll bring the scissors.

- Yes miss Brooke!

- Huh? What did I hear? I say angry.

- I'm sorry... Brooke... Says Brad timidly.

- Oh! So now you dropped the formalities... Good job Bradford! Says Steve laughing.

- Bradford?! Hey... Is that your full name?  Never mind... Let's begin.

-This will be fun to watch! Says Steve with a big smile.

Brad let out a sigh and then took a deep breath as he placed his hands on my head. It felt like something horrible was about to start, but , to my surprise it didn't. He untangled my hair with smooth gestures and after a few cutting sounds he was done.

- Was that it?! I ask confused.

- Yeah... answers Brad with relief.

I dashed to the mirror. I couldn't believe what I saw. My hair wasn't ruined, in fact it was better than ever. The ugly tuft on top of my head was gone.

- I don't know what you did but I like it! I say doing the catwalk thing.

- I... I'm glad you like it ! says Brad blushing.

- Ok... now that the first part is over shall we get to the second course? Says Steve flapping his sheet.

- Your highness, make it short! You only got one order left! I say while pulling his sheet away.

- Make that two! he answers pulling back the sheet.

- But...

- No but's ! Ahem! First, you had your hair cut, second is the two absolute orders! answers while pacing back and forth.

-Fine ... I get it your highness! I answer annoyed.

- My first order shall beeeee..... You! points at Brad. You shall drink tan beers while being embraced by a strong girl!

- Wait! I'm the only girl here... are you saying that I have to hug him until he finishes ten beers?!?! Must I really do this? I howl.

- Yes! I really like to see him acting like a damsel in distress. Answers Steve making faces.


- Steve you shouldn't be like this.... Tries Brad to interrupt.

- UH NO NO NO! Remember my subjects, my orders are absolute! Or... would you rather be kissed by her, Braad? Says Steve with a grin on his face.

- Come on .... it's just a hug. I won't eat you! I say reaching my arms towards Brad, I’d rather hug him them kiss him. I didn’t want to be accused of child abuse.

- Of course you won't be eaten! Now I'll pour you beer so just go and get hugged already! It's going to be boring otherwise.

- You won’t hit me afterwards … Brooke, right? Says Brad approaching the sofa area cautiously .

- I won’t hit you … yet! I say giggling.

- Who wants beer? Screams Steve excited of what was to come. God knows what scene was running inside his head.

I throw my slippers and lay back on the sofa. It was so comfy that I almost forgot that I had to hug Brad. Steve on the other hand, didn’t forgot and gave him a generous push so that he could spoil my relaxation time completely. Brad practically flew with his back in my chest. All the air that I had, left my lungs at once. But that didn’t stop me from clenching my arms around his body. Steve was more than delighted to see Brad’s crimson face. I couldn’t stop laughing. At first I agreed to hug him just for taking my revenge on him.  I was planning to crush his ribs on the process. Even if I dropped formalities with him, the fact that he slapped me still remained. My revenge plan was set on motion. If crushing his ribs wouldn’t work then…When he would be drunk and sleeping I would slap him back. That was the thoughts that were rambling when I accepted Steve’s conditions. Of course I had no intention of letting Steve catch on. I am not that stupid.

After three beers Brad’s eyes started to sparkle and he was too joyful and it was obvious where this was going. Well he was praised by Steve that he’s a good drinker but to me it seemed a bluff. In an attempt to help my koala bear (after some chatting Brad was given this nick name, to be more precise he tried to get up when Steve called him crimson head and I just had to stuck tighter and I coiled up my legs around his waist, seeing this, Steve burst in laugh and named us the koala bear and his chick on the move, he said that it suits us perfectly) I proposed that me and Steve would take one beer each and so he would have to gulp down only five. To my surprise they agreed without saying a word back. I was trying to reach to my beer from Brad’s back when he suddenly started to breath hard and cry. I was taken aback. Steve sobered up instantly and told me to hold him still until he brings his kit. Brad started to call Claire’s name louder and louder. He cringed and tried to free himself from my grip. He even bit my arm. Steve tried to give him an injection but couldn’t he struggled too much so it was impossible to keep him still. We kept trying and with a lot of effort, after a few minutes we finally calmed him down. Steve gave him a tranquilizer and he finally fell asleep. He fell asleep in my arms and when we tried to move him he grabbed my waist tightly. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t unclench his hands. Steve brought a sheet and put it on Brad, then he sat beside me for about a half of hour. Steve was beside me, motionless, still face, Brad was sleeping in my lap and I watched how tears kept flowing from his eyes.  It was the first time in my life when I wiped tears for more than a few minutes.

  • Ahhh! I guess I have to tell you… sighs Steve breaking the weird silence.
  • You know, Pam’s twin, I thought that I’m in a tough spot but I think that I was wrong.
  • Nah… Both of you need therapy, so that’s why I kept trying to kill two flies with one stone.
  • Just tell me what you wanted to tell me first! Stop the bull…
  • Okay my dear Brooke, but I can’t guarantee that it will be pleasant.
  • Don’t let a lady wait! I say pinching his arm.
  • Well… It happened after a few weeks since the broke up. He was already under treatment so he always had someone with him, just his luck. That day he went to meet a new client in Toronto. Maybe now he is a bum but he used to be the CEO of the B&G.
  • For real? Wasn’t he just some company employee?
  • Well, now the sons of the president took over. So he was in Toronto on his way to meet this new client. Halfway through he had to stop, at about ten meters ahead an accident took place. A car frontally hit the back of a truck. He went to check the situation. Then he saw...
  • What?
  • The driver of the car was none other than Claire.
  • Oh my God ! But didn’t you said that she didn’t die?
  • Yeah, she didn’t die when they broke up, she just took some cash and disappeared … I say… Those two had an ill fate. She died right in front of him. There wasn’t much blood, she had internal traumatisms so…
  • I get it, no need for details!
  • Brad fainted  and didn’t woke up for a whole week. When he woke up his parents dumped him at my clinic. They aren’t reasonable people, but I will tell you about that another time. What came after was even worse. He didn’t eat he refused medicine and all he did was cry while calling Claire. While he was in my clinic he often had these episodes, just like what you saw today. Last summer I tried some tricks with the alcohol hopping he would open up and talk about it but it was a failure, he ended up in hospital, ever since I don’t allow him to drink more than one glass but today was the first time that he woke up early from his induced slumber. Plus, I saw that he cooked meat. He usually can’t stand the sight of blood. What have you done to make him cook it without him throwing up or fainting?
  • I …. I don’t know… I just asked him to make it and he did it.
  • No way! There must be a catch. He acts more calm around you or is it something that you did…
  • Should I tell you what we were doing before you came?
  • That will help. Please tell me in detail!
  • It will be weird but… here goes.
  • Go on.
  • I overslept and miss Trina called him and when I woke up he was beside me. After that miss Trina left me in his care and went out. He was supposed to keep me awake and inside. Do you know how a rugby player feels when he’s blocked by multiple players?
  • Squashed?
  • Yeah… HE pinned me down on the floor so I sweet talked him that I won’t run .
  • And he took the bait right ?
  • Yeah The second he got off me I literally jumped towards the door then to my surprise I saw the floor the next millisecond. His body was squashing me like I was just a sponge. I literally had no trace of strength left in me.
  • For real? He had the guts to squash you too times in a row?
  • Although I’m ashamed now, at that moment I was too hungry and dizzy to care.
  • So what did you do next? Did he kiss you? Or you continued to squash onto each other ?
  • No we didn’t mister pervert! I almost lost my consciousness so I remember he was beside me calling me so I came to my senses but I was all mushy. He tried to carry me in his arms but I was too heavy so he put me down and I grabbed onto him and so we made our way to the kitchen.
  • He carried you??? Brad , the one that avoids females like plague?
  • What are you on about? Wasn’t he hanging around with miss Trina?
  • Miss Trina is like a second mom to him! So how did you made him do it?
  • Aa… the meat ! I just sat at the table with my head in my palms and told him that I was going to die of hunger. My stomach was like a Ferrari engine.
  • Hmm… weird. So how did he respond?
  • He kept apologizing and said that he will cook for me anything.
  • Ah! I was right making you hug him.
  • So you made me hug him hopping that he would open up to me or something like that?
  • Yep!
  • You fox like person! You weasel!
  • I think you might be his cure and from what you told me thanks to him you didn’t lost your consciousness so it’s a perfect give and take relationship.
  • Relationship??
  • Well you already dropped the formalities and he is now sleeping in your lap.
  • Well you might be right, but you know ? I just finished a relationship a few weeks ago and frankly I didn’t want to have nothing to do with guys for a while. You get my point? Plus , he’s younger than me.
  • I get you but look at this from a different point. In the end it’s just for treatment.
  • Hmm, I think we need to talk again when he wakes up.
  • Yeah I think you’re right… But… Don’t you need to sleep too?
  • I’ve slept too much and besides, I’m used to white nights.
  • Good for you! I on the other hand , not. I need my beauty sleep so if you would excuse me… I’ll take the sofa.
  • Ok…
  • Wake me up if something is wrong.
  • Sure…

This scene is weird as monkeys. Why was I the only one awake? Why wouldn’t he unclench his arms? Now more than ever I feel like talking and I don’t have with whom to talk to. When it was just me I would talk to mom or Jeremy or Emma or I would call some work mates… That’s right, I don’t have the right to call them anymore. Even my phone is out of sight.

This feels worse than I taught, maybe I’m really depressed. For me to long for conversation is like for the lion not wanting his pray. I always cherished my moment alone but now I don’t like it anymore. Is it because of Brad? No it couldn’t be. Just look at him sleeping. A few moments ago he was flooding me with his tears and now he just cuddles like a puppy. Geez!! Only if your arms would stop clenching so tight! My back hurts! What is worse is that if I try to move he hugs me even tighter. I must have been a bad woman in another life. That’s the only explanation. Rumbling in my head won’t get me out of this weir situation so I could at least try to replace my waist with the pillow Steve left. Not that I was disturbed by this superb specimen but I really wanted the bed.

I grab the pillow and I try to squeeze it gently between him and me. He started to fuss around and when I thought that he will loosen his grip and wake up, he just moved from my waist all the way up. For a split second I thought that he was going to crush my head or my arms but he didn't. I tried to release myself but all I got out was one arm. Great now his face got stuck from my lap to my shoulder. What a crazy development. Great now his face was stuck on my shoulder. Well at least now I could lay down. But I must admit, he was agile even in his sleep.

Now even if I wanted to take my revenge by slapping him I couldn’t. Not after all I heard. So… I just put the pillow under my head with my free hand and in a matter of seconds I think I was even snoring.










The morning arrived hurriedly and the sun was blasting his rays merciless, instead of a dim sunrise it was a laser light polygon. The supposed-to-be refreshing air and luck-warm dew were completely missing. It was obvious that it would be an extremely hot day. The air that filled my lungs was hot and humid and on top of that I felt like the gravity was tripled. My body was like a squashed melon and my back was even worse. I never in my life woke up so beaten. Not even in my junior days after a good brawl it didn’t felt like this. The light was even more disturbing … My freaking sun!! Do I really need to wake up right at this precise moment? Well I couldn’t stay like a smudged fly on the wall either.

With a ton of bravery and a spoonful of moodiness I try to wake up. I opened my eyes but the strong light made them retreat in tears. Next I tried to get up but couldn’t.

  • Come on now!!! What is this?? I shout from the top of my lungs.
  • Where?  Who? Says Steve falling from the sofa.

~two powerful screams and a strong falling sound~

  • I… How? To miss Brooke?? But I … stutters Brad.
  • Relax you two! Have you forgotten what you did last night? Says Steve amused at the scene.
  • If you were me, you would be screaming too! I shout while trying to get up from the floor.
  • Brad! What are you waiting for? Go and help her up. After all is your fault that she can’t stand straight. Giggles Steve towards Brad.
  • No need! I can do…. AH! My back!!! I tried to get up but instead I blocked my back.
  • Ugh! That’s nasty! Says Steve with a pitiful look on his face.
  • Shie… Stop pitying me and give me a hand! Aren’t you a doctor? I say trying to straighten myself up.
  • I’m so sorry! Is there some way to make up for … tries Brad to speak.
  • You’ve done enough! I cut in.
  • Come on now! Don’t tell me that you are upset dear. Didn’t we agree last night that you are the cure for him and he is the cure for you? Says Steve joyful.
  • From what I remember I think I said that the three of us need to discuss about it again. I never mentioned that I would agree on spot! I howl at him from the floor.
  • What are you talking about? Says Brad puzzled.
  • She knows everything now! Smiles Steve.
  • Shut up you weasel! And you, come and give me a hand! Or do you think that I will stay like this until he finishes his speech? I shout annoyed and in pain.
  • Oh… Okay ! I’m coming! Answers Brad after giving a glare to Steve.

He tried to lift me from the floor but somehow it failed and then Steve finally stepped in and did a check. I already couldn’t feel my legs so I automatically grabbed the person closest to me, who happened to be Brad. I felt sorry for his arm, but on the other hand I really didn’t care whose arms I was ripping in my dramatic gestures.

  • Am I going to die doc’? I say dramatically.
  • Ha ha ! No dear you’re going to live! Laughs Steve.
  • Brad?! I turn my ‘drama’ towards him.
  • Ye..Yes? He says troubled by the sudden turn.
  • Will you do me one last favour? I say letting one tear fall. (it was because of the pain in truth…)
  • Anything… Says Brad serious.
  • You can say it latter! Now let’s fix your back. At three… Says Steve like a real pro.
  • Please... I mumble between my teeth.
  • And one , two !
  • It’s all set now! Says Steve smiling.
  •  Oh my poor back! Do you have no mercy? Is your job really allowingto cause this much pain at once? I say gritting.
  • Are you in so much pain? What should I do for you? Says Brad while holding me so that I don’t fall again.
  • I want to go on the bed and put something on my back. It’s really a killer pain!
  • I’ll go buy some ointment and a plaster! That should relive the pain. Says Steve.
  • No need. There are already inside the top drawer on the left side in the there. I say pointing towards it.
  • Let’s go… I murmur to Brad.
  • You better take good care of her Brad. After all you did to her… Giggles Steve while bringing the plasters.
  • I…
  • Stop teasing him and do your job! I howl while embracing a pillow. The pain was killer and I still couldn’t feel my legs.
  • Aye aye, miss! Laughs Steve.
  • I’m sorry for this miss Brooke! Says Brad remorseful.
  • Well it is your fault but these are details. Right now I really need to rest so could both of you just get the hell out? I say, squeezing the pillow.
  • Let’s go Brad, stop admiring her back view … says Steve pushing him and closing the door.

After I heard the door closing I felt relived and in a matter of seconds I felt asleep. I thought I heard some noise but I was too veggie like to care.



  • What did you tell her, you fox? Says Brad serious while grabbing Steve’s collar.
  • Relax sugar! I told her everything except that one. You know the one in which you are…
  • Don’t you dare to say a word!! Howls Brad pulling Steve towards him.
  • Relax ! I’m a doctor so the confidentiality between patient and doctor is still valid. As long as I treat you I am not allowed to share the details .
  • She can’t find out before I tell her! Says Brad in Steve’s ear.
  • I swear… It’s not even a big deal so why the whole serious act ? Plus shouldn’t you be worried about what happened last night? Does it really not matter? Asks insidiously Steve.
  • Well … I suppose that I got drunk and I to miss Brooke… I… stutters Brad with his crimson face.
  • Ha, ha ! I really like you my friend! Say do you remember even 1 % ? Laughs Steve.
  • I … I just remember that I was holding her in my arms and… But, bu… but, I thought it was just a dream!!! I swear! Says Brad flustered.
  • Ha, Ha, Ha !!!!That’s a good one! A dream ! You punk it was real. Even your tears were 100% real !
  • Tears?
  • Oh yeah after you had the seizure and bit her when she tried to hold you down….
  • I bit her ??? Seizure ? Oh no, no, no ! What do I do now Steve? Says Brad panicked.
  •  He, he ! I swear…You make the most enjoyable faces! Ahh but you should’ve seen how tight she held you and how she wiped your tears for half an hour or so. She was so good to you. Oh, and the way you kept hugging her tighter and tighter, until she couldn’t even move…  Ahhh…. That was worth an Oscar.  Teases Steve.
  • D… Did … Did it really happen? Tell me the truth! Stutters Brad.
  • My friend, I told you already: it wasn’t a dream. Says Steve serious.
  • But why? How could you let this happen to me when Brooke was here?  You said that I was better now! You told me that I won’t have seizures anymore! He howls.
  • Indeed, but have I ever let you drink more than two beers or two shots ? No. Since last summer you were strictly supervised and your medication and therapy increased. Weren’t you sent more on field jobs? While you drank, didn’t your fav girl hugged you? Says calmly Steve.
  • So I wasn’t cured just ‘protected’ from harm… And she was my shield. Falls on the sofa. Why her?
  • Why not? Didn’t you said you liked her the first time you saw her? Didn’t you tormented me telling me how strong and cool she was for months? But now I am curious … Why didn’t you told her or contacted her? Says Steve glaring him.
  • That… How was I supposed to do that? Jumps Brad.
  • You could always ask miss Trina or your uncle… Answers Steve.
  • You know I can’t! Not until I …
  • You’re so soft! Like that would be a problem! She has the same symptoms! Cuts Steve.
  • You know that and still suggested that we go together for therapy! It makes no sense!!! Shouts annoyed Brad.
  • For me it makes a lot of sense. I have to prescribe only one recipe and since you would be together 24/7 I will have more time for myself. Isn’t it wonderful? Says enthusiastic Steve.
  • Ah, so you were just too lazy to treat us both separately… What if I didn’t like her or she won’t like me? Ironic tone.
  • Hey, who do you think you’re talking to? Am I not a genius? You think I didn’t take that in consideration? He says dramatically.
  • So… he says even more ironic than before.
  • Trust me! I already have the details set! You just have to follow my lead! Raises one hand in the air.
  • What exactly are we doing? Asks Brad.
  • You will soon find out! Responds confidently Steve.
  • How long do you plan to keep us in darkness mister genius? Dodges with irony.
  • Nu huh! There are things that require time. One at a time dear. No more no less. Defends Steve.
  • Whatever! Let’s clean a bit, miss Trina must arrive soon. Answers tired of his dramatism.
  • Sure why not! Go ahead! Says happy Steve.
  • Aren’t you going to help? Glares Brad.
  • You know I never do cleaning jobs! Says Steve irritated.
  • What a jerk you can be… Whispers Brad.
  • Says the crimson face! Answers Steve.
  • Knock it out, would you? He says, obviously annoyed.
  • Sure, sure, Blue Tear! Giggles  Steve.
  • Do you want to get hit? Faints a punch.
  • Do you want me to wake up miss Brooke? Shows the door.

~ door opens~

  • Do you both want to get hit? Interrupts miss Trina.
  •  Miss Trina!!! Brad.
  • Welcome back! Steve.
  • You rascal! Are you welcoming me in my own house? Shouts miss Trina.
  • No miss! Answers serious Steve.
  • I thought so… How’s Brooke?
  • She… Stutters Brad.
  • Steve?
  • Oh yeah, she has a bad back thanks to Brad and currently she’s recuperating her lost hours of sleep! Says Steve joyful.
  • Just what did you do to the poor girl? You animals! Should I break your backs a little? Jumps towards them angry.
  • Please calm down, it wasn’t what you are thinking! Excuses Steve.
  • How do you know what I think? Answers back miss Trina.
  • Please ! She will wake up! Says Brad.
  • You just wait! None of you is allowed to leave until we solve this! Understood? Howls miss Trina.
  • Yes, ma’am!
  • Yes, ma’am!


The atmosphere heated up just like the air outside. What awaits Brooke in this hot day? Is this the beginning of hell or the path to a new life?

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