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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

He stood there outside, the middle of the night left to his devices. The night sky engulfed with grey clouds so dark they could easily have been several times darker than the night sky itself. The city streets were jam-packed with cars, and the lights of the buildings gleamed brilliantly through the glass walls. The cars all remained in a standstill, their hazard lights blinking slowly in the slow, moving moment.

The traffic light changed from red to green and in the synchronized moment the rain crashed down upon the city, gallons of droplets simply plunged down upon them relentlessly. The magnificent lights of the city blurred by the onslaught of the veracious storm. Yet still, he stood there in the rain, taking in all that the storm would give. The rain blurring the windshields of all the cars, gave him bizarre clarity. The storm, in which every drop of rain stung, came on in waves, the wind pushing and pulling the massive droplets.

The storm was dancing, performing, a ballad which only he could see through his dampened eyes. The rain in a single intense moment, spun around him generating a vortex around him. The traffic light turned yellow. He looked around himself, he looked plainly, objectively, at all of the cars, at all the people working stressfully, inside the glass buildings, and finally, at all the people who walked around him with their umbrellas, keeping their distance from him as though he were a leaper, letting the rain pour only upon him.

The storm had baptized him in the name of clarity. He saw their intentions, their worries, their dreams, all of them through his damaged eyes. The light changed to red. As the light changed colors, the rain stopped and he stretched a crooked smile across his face. All the lights went out in the city, all but the red traffic light.

There were shrieks and screams for a full minute, until nothing but silence remained. All the city lights, and all the car lights turned back. However, no one was left, only an empty city. The rain began to plummet down upon the city once again. And underneath the traffic light, which was now stuck on red, there he stood. He began to laugh a sociopathic laugh, until tears began to pour down his cheeks. Then he stopped and reflected upon this moment. His expression changed from one, who hated the world, to one who only hated himself.

And so he walked, away from amongst the motionless cars. And so he left the way he came, alone. As all the city lights flickered back on, the streets were empty, the buildings were empty, the cars were empty. And slowly the rain began to fall again, landing upon hundreds of abandoned umbrellas.


Submitted: January 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Ciel Perdita. All rights reserved.

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Rick Starbridge

very visual and descriptive. Write some more.

Mon, April 27th, 2020 10:22pm

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