The Dragon Inside

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There is more than meets the eye to everyone




There’s a Dragon living inside of me


Just beside my heart


He keeps it beating when it starts to falter, and


Calms it when threatens to fly apart.


From time to time he


Asks the gargoyle in my head


For help who then


Scrambles down to swing from


My earlobe saying:


Here is Sanctuary, sanctuary”


Reminding me not to


Ride the crazy-line


Every time I go out of my mind…


The butterflies in my stomach


Turn into sprites when they


Visit the gargoyle,


Traveling up my spine


Avoiding the dragon, who


Is temperamental around snack time.




Most mysterious of all is the


Curious creature that rules them


From within my soul…


Not quite a beast, but without a name


To tame it’s coiled up power


I nervously wonder


Who controls it?








But then,


Could it be me...?


Submitted: January 21, 2018

© Copyright 2022 R.E.Milne. All rights reserved.

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Beautifully done. And a perfect ending too!

Sun, January 21st, 2018 5:07pm

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