A funny memory

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Submitted: January 21, 2018

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Submitted: January 21, 2018



  When my nephew was about 5 years old and my niece was about 4 years old we decided to go see the Christmas lights at Zilker Park in Austin with my brother in law and his wife and my ex wife. They called it the trail of lights and it is basically a big chunk of land that has some soccer fields and pic nic table area with a U shape little road that winds through it and the City of Austin does this Trail of lights through the area every year at Christmas. I highly recommend it if you are ever in Austin at Christmas time.


  Anyways we all jumped into my brother in laws van and drove down to the area but the kids wanted to walk the length of it to see the lights up close and my brother in law thought that was a good idea so at the beginning of the trail he dropped off my ex wife holding my niece's hand and me holding my nephew's hand and we started to slowly walk the trail, looking at the lights.


  Vincent my nephew was a sweet little kid and as he would see people walking towards us in the other direction would say “Merry Christmas” to them and wave and the people would smile at him and think that was cute. It was, trust me. But being someone that sometimes likes to play practical jokes and such I had this funny idea.


  I looked at my nephew and told him “Vincent you don't say Merry Christmas to people” with total seriousness.


  “You don't Theo?” he asked, looking up at me trusting like. “What do I say?” he asked. He had heard you were suppose to say Merry Christmas so he was curious what you were suppose to say.


I said “You say Harvey Korman to them”. He looked at me confused when I told him.


“I'm suppose to say Harvey Korman Theo” he asked to which I told him “Yes, you say Harvey Korman everyone when you see someone”. I looked at him dead serious. My ex wife was several feet behind me holding my niece's hand so she never heard any of this.


So with that being said every time some people were walking by us Vincent would say “Harvey Korman everyone” and wave and people would look at him confused and tilt their heads and look at each other like “what did that kid just say?” and then almost laugh. I tell you it was hard to keep a straight face but I was laughing like hell inside.


Anyways we kept walking slowly along the trail of light and people would be walking by us and each time Vincent would say “Harvey Korman everyone” and wave and people kept looking at him like “what did that kid just say?” God I wanted to laugh but I managed to keep a straight face.


  We got to the end of the big U shape trail of lights where my brother in law was waiting for us and we all piled back into his van and we slowly made our way through the rest of the way in a slow parade of others cars all heading slowly out of the park. There were people walking by the van on the grass and Vincent is near the window and he is waving at the people and going “Harvey Korman everyone”. My brother in law and his wife both turned around and shot me a look like “What did you teach him to say?” to which I just rolled my eyes and looked up at the ceiling of the van and sort of did the “I don't know” and then smiled. I had a good laugh at this. His parents straightened him out and my ex wife punched me in the arm but it was worth it.


  I also was the one who taught Vincent to shake up his dad's beer when he asked him to bring him one. I would tell him “shake it up Vincent real good. That will make it taste better” and Vincent would and shake it up and then hand it to his dad and he would open it up and it would spurt out on him. Oh my how did that happen? Laughs.




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