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Unyielding You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 21, 2018

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Submitted: January 21, 2018



Branches grow from my toes.

Roots deep beneath the soil,

Span inches below,

Where lays a dark dirty dungeon you and I fear to stay. 

We’ve suffered horrors.

Hollows of our past. 

Yet while I grasp my flashlight,

You confine yourself in shackles. 

Chains bind your ankles.

Your wrists.

Your brain, 

Silent in a murky haze. 

What sadness.

What loneliness you must feel.

You weep in your dungeon as I flee mine.

Why? Why? Why? 

You were the strong one.

Not the shy one, the incapable one. 

You broke our promise

To escape.

To always care for each other. 

I wish better for you.

For us. 

I paint us together,

In my childhood dreams.

Hand in hand.

Tragedy unites us.

Friendship you must acknowledge. 

A cruel façade can’t last forever. 

Love hides in your mind so domineered by others.

So infested with hate. 

Come now my dear,

Remove your ear plugs.

Listen what I say. 


More than a word. 


Try it again.

Time waits for no one. 

Not you. 

Not me. 

We’re aging with each sunrise.

With each tick of the clock. 

A decade passes. 

Still, you continue your silent tirade. 

When will you tire? 

Your teeth need oxygen. 

Your mouth looks dry. 

Your tongue remains unseen

Let daylight enter those beautiful lips. 

Let us talk as we did in yesteryears.

Our secrets hidden under the lock of night. 

Fear can’t hurt us as it did before. 

Come now my dear,

I’m waiting for you to run with me. 

Break free.

Join me in our pasture. 

© Copyright 2020 Joy Shaw. All rights reserved.

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