my fire ,my love

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y fire in ancient days they used stones to make you because you are special and they needed you your reflexion was there direction made everyone surround you for warmth and uniting families they
called you fire ,l named you inspirer

feel your warmth from a distance ,no need to hold it my eyes can't resist your attraction burn everything of me but not my heart pliz keep it safe called you fire but l call you inspire

l will always find a way to make you blaze will protect you from ending wil do everything crucial to keep you day and night because we depend on each other wanna face you everyday


l believe you came from above are you a potion of the sun cause you are burning ...very hot when you are close i sweat whilst you are away i miss your warmth ... i love you my fire

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shez is my fire

Submitted: January 21, 2018

this is the first song I have published to the process of being recorded
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