Immortal Sin

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I Summoned a Demon

Book / Romance

I found some old spell books in my grandpa's basement. Thought it would be great to try them out. Big Mistake! I summoned a demon. He said that he will serve me from now on and when I turn 16, he would have my soul.

Teen Boys

Book / Romance

I don't sing much although I am a girl. My voice is deep and sounds like a guy. I don't like it. I would always avoid singing. But my favorite group of singers were the Teen Boys. Their voices are lovely and young. I would sing their songs. One day, I got a ticket to their concert, surprisingly, one of them asked me to join them when he heard my voice. How am I, a girl, going to fit into a group of male singers?! Especially when they are all so good looking?

Modern Romeo & Juliet

Book / Romance

Romeo Montague has been every girl's dream. He has everything: money, fame, a giant mansion. Not only is he rich but he is handsome and smart. People say that he travels from school to school to find one that suits him. That is because all the teachers were mean to him. But what is Romeo Montague really looking for when he travels from school to school?