Crashing Down

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jocelyn Johnson is a sweet, cute, yet hot-tempered girl. Her parents have passed years ago so her 25-year-old sister has taken their place. The two of them are off and at 'em, traveling the world
place by place. Jenny Johnson has taken the title of Substitute Parent to Jocey, while still making everything fun. Jenny is an outgoing yet mature girl that tries to keep Jocey's temper down as
much as possible. Jenny has taken the oppurtunity to travel the world with Jocey and create lifelong memories with her.

A plane to Egypt with approximately 30 people on the plane has now crashed right smack in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The desert that contains venomous creatures of all shapes and sizes,
minimum water and hydration, and almost no source of food. The passengers are not all the same, some weaker then others, thus, making the experience so much more horrific to some then others. You
are now starting a journey with Jocey and her sister, Jenny. So buckle up and please be sure to stay seated at all times.

(Note: If you've read my profile then you might know that I said that I do not post books. That's a lie now. I posted this one because I'm not that proud of it, and I will not be that active on
this due to the fact that, again, I'm not that proud of it and also the fact that I wanna work on other books. The chapters will be short and sweet and if you enjoyed this you might enjoy my other
works. If you do not enjoy this, then there still might be a chance that you might like the pieces that I have written with actual pride and love. I swear to all of you that if anything, this is
one of my worst works and I can do better. If I happen to take it down, it's because I did not like where it was going or I wanted to edit it. And lastly, I own every single character, idea, and
other stuff that belongs to me so get your dirty paws off if you had any intention of taking any of them. Hope you enjoy....actually I don't care)

Mysterious From, Jane Doe

Table of Contents


Just the main introduction and a little starter.
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Nagging Begins

A constant beeping and frequent nudges woke me up. I rubbed my eyes, slowly remembering my surroundings. Not the surroundings I was in, n... Read Chapter

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