Passing Time

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Once upon a time I hitchhiked with a girlfriend from Austin Texas to Battle Creek Michigan with my guitar, some back packs and a few other things. It took us three days to make it across country
and we met some wonderful people along the way. The following is a song I wrote to my friends and family back home, sort of home sick for them all.

Well here I am fifteen hundred miles away from my hometown
Thinking about my friend’s way back there.
I’m wondering if they’re doing fine, and still remember me.
And thinking about the times that we once shared.
It’s been a while since I have seen the wonder of their smiles
Though the memory is still fresh in my mind
But the road ahead is where I’m bound, and I have come to know
All those ‘yesterdays’ I’ve had to leave behind…

And maybe I’m just a gypsy for doing what I’ve done 
But I took the only road that I could find.
And maybe someday we’ll meet again, and I can play this song my friends.
But for now, it’s all just ‘passing time’.

I met a woman who took my hand and led me down this road.
We hitchhiked all the way with just our clothes.
We rode in the back of pick up trucks with people we’ll never see again.
And how we made it, well, God only knows.
I seen the stars late at night while the wind blew on by
And I’ve seen the sun come up the very next day.
And every mile we traveled down this dusty country line
Was another mile I left you further away.

Well, who can say what tomorrow will bring, or what it has in store
Though its something that we’re all bound to find.
I know deep down inside of me, there ‘s a bright new shiny day.
But for now, its all just ‘passing time’…
So my friends, way back home, or wherever you may be
I haven’t forgotten about all those times.
When we would sit and laugh at life, and takes things as they came
But for me there was simply something else to find.
And please don’t ever forget this ‘boy’
Who somewhere down along the line became the ‘man’ that I am now
I’ve simply got to follow these dreams that have always been in my heart it seems
And I’m headed down that road to where I’m bound…
Well, it’s just a dream that I’ve always had in my heart,
To travel down this dusty country line.
And someday my friends, you’ll see this ‘boy’ again,
But for now the ‘man’ is just ‘passing time’…

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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