at least it can’t get any worse.....

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a student’s daily life.

Submitted: January 21, 2018

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Submitted: January 21, 2018



Beep! Beep! The blare of my alarm clock wakes me for another day of torture. I slowly get up and get dressed. I walk into the kitchen where my mom is waiting for me with breakfast. I quickly eat my bacon and eggs and slog out the door. I hop on my bike and start the long ride to school. I am halfway there when I realize I forgot my backpack. I quickly pedal back, where mom is waiting for me at the front door, holding my backpack. By this point it is 8:45. School starts at 9:00. My mom agrees to give me a ride in exchange for me doing extra chores after school. 

When I get to school, I notice the torturous part of my day walking towards me and his followers, well, following him. “Hey, nerd!” he yells, picking up the pace. I decide to pick up the pace too, and start running. I am almost to my first class, when I trip and fall. Josh picks me up and slams me against the wall while his band of merry morons cheers him on. He gets all up in my face and I realize I wasn't the only one who forgot to brush my teeth this morning. “Got any money for me?” He asks. He’s not really asking though. He’s basically saying “Give me cash or I will pound you into a pulp.” I quickly pull out the $3.50 that was for my lunch and give it to him. “That’s it?” He says, and I gulp and quickly pull out the $1.50 that was for dessert bar and hand it to him. 
Then, all of a sudden I hear a voice saying, “Leave him alone!”. It is my one and only friend,Cameron. “Make me, nerd boy,” Josh sneers. “If I must,” Cameron sighs. He walks into the nearest classroom. “Come on!” I yell. “You're just going to abandon me?” I hear no answer. “Well, would you look at that,” Josh says. “I guess the poor little loser really is alone in this-” He is cut off and I hear someone say, “Well, Mr. Carson. What do we have here?” I look to see who it is, and it's the teacher from the classroom Cameron walked into! Josh gulps and quickly says, “We were just joking around, right, Pax?” “What!?” I exclaim. “No! He stole my money!” “Alright, Mr. Carson, come with me,” the teacher says. Josh looks at me with a murderous glare in his eyes and follows the teacher. I pick myself of the ground and run to my first class. Josh isn't in any of my classes, so I don't have to worry until lunch. I manage to make it through my first two classes without incident, but when I am walking to third period, which is math, I realize I forgot my textbook at home. All of our math lessons are from that textbook, and Mr. Johnson expects us to follow along or we get detention. I quickly take out my crappy old tracfone and call my mom. She is off work today, so I am sure she will be able to bring me my textbook. She picks up the phone and says “Pax? Is everything okay? Why are you calling me in school?” 
“Mom, I need you to bring me my math textbook! I left it at home and I need it or I'll get detention!” I quickly say. She agrees, but of course, I need to do more extra chores after school. I run to math and wait for mom to drop my book off. Mr. Johnson starts to ask me where my textbook is, I hear the phone ring. I cross my fingers and hope that it's mom. “Pax? You're needed in the office.” He says. I jump up from my desk and quickly walk to the office. When I get there, I see mom with my math textbook. I grab it, quickly say thanks, and then run back to math. 
When I get back, Mr. Johnson is already halfway through the lesson. I quickly flip to where we are in the textbook and follow along. The rest of my classes leading up to lunch are ok. It's when I get to lunch that things turn upside down. Again. I sit down next to Cameron and he gives me half his sandwich because Josh stole my lunch money. Josh walks up to me and says “thanks for the cash, nerd. I was hungry.” And walks away laughing. I sigh and start eating the sandwich Cameron gave me. “You should report him to the principal, you know,” he says. “He could get suspended.” “If he gets suspended because of me, he will murder me when he gets back.”  I sigh. “But isn't it worth it to have a chance he will stop bullying you?” Cameron replies. I don't answer. Maybe I'll talk to mom when I get home. There are only two classes after lunch, and they go fine. When the bell finally rings, I get on the bus and wait for my stop. When I finally get home, I tell mom about Josh. She does not take it well. She yells at me for not telling her and then calls the school, telling them about everything he did. She tells me to go in my room. While I'm in my room, I hear mom going ballistic about Josh. She never tells me about the outcome. The next day, I remember everything for school, and mom volunteers to drive me to school, and seems oddly happy. That was my first clue. When I get to school, I hear everyone whispering and I hear my name a few times. That was my second clue. And, weirdest of all, I didn't see Josh anywhere. That was my third clue. But, as smart as I am, I still was sort of confused. I start walking to my locker, when Cameron runs up to me in a huff. “What’s going on?” I ask. “I'm getting a weird vibe here.” “What?! You don't know? Josh got expelled!” Alex cries. So that's what mom was happy about, I think.  From this point on my life is going to be a whole lot easier, right? Well, partially. I still forgot stuff. I am still late to school sometimes. The rest of middle school is tough, but I somehow make it through. But, on my second month of high school, my teacher says to the class, “Students, I'd like you to welcome our new student.” No. No, it can't be! “Class, this is Josh Peterson.”

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