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Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



Honestly I get frozen

Stuck in this moment

Overthinking, in doubt

Honestly lost in the crowd


Losing control of my thoughts

Wondering, why am I so lost

Something serious I might say

A feeling I can't control


Small gestures are expected

Even more than a bouquet of roses

Maybe a herd of white horses

Because you only deserve the best


Take it down a notch some may say

Try something to make her day

What could it be that she deserves

After what I have observed


Why does it have this effect

That I want to be the best

To be the reason behind

That beautiful smile


I hear your voice and I am at peace

I see your face, it's a masterpeice

I know that you aren't easy

My heart is locked, you hold the key


The happiness I feel inside

I know it seems like I try to hide

It's true that I am enticed

By beauty you hold inside


Loss for words, I truly am

It's not that I am not willing

Heck if you only knew the feeling

I want you so bad


Why am I so afraid?

You may not feel the same

After I exert it all

I may just take the fall


An endless pit, I may be trapped

Wouldn't know how to come back

Ahead of myself once again

I don't want to be just friends


With this gift marks the start

Hopefully to start a spark

Maybe it would work

Maybe it won't


But I don't want to lose all hope

Should I take this risk, I am prepared

Even if deep down I am scared

As of now I would'nt care


Might as well give it a shot,

I do like you SO MUCH...

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