Evocative Storytelling

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The Night-Watchers await you at the Crossroads.

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



Evocative storytelling emerges from dramatic theatrical relation of mood-altering subject matter such as voyeurism, covetous deceit, revelation of ancient secret occult knowledge, carnal taboo, suspicion of being cheated on by a lover, bloodlust of victory, exploitation of compulsive behavior, lurid whispering, egomania, watching someone without their knowledge as they engage in a private act, what happens immediately after death, pact with the Devil, Alien Abduction, celebrity drug overdose, fear of the unknown, impoverished multitudes.

When you sculpt your narrative around deeply engrossing controversial, and even life-threatening, subject matter, you will succeed in accomplishing evocative storytelling.

For example, an underage girl, a minor whose parents allow her to dress in a sexually provocative manner, is victimized when she is stalked by a convicted felon from down the street who has recently moved into the neighborhood and is registered with law enforcement as a predator. Fliers from the internet were handed out when the convict took up residence in the upper-middle-class subdivision.

Evidence of ritual Satan worship begins to appear at the children’s playground in the neighborhood park. Pets have been brutally slain, their blood smeared on the front door of the stalked adolescent girl’s home.

The disturbing offenses are reported to police who question the convict, yet can take no other action due to lack of evidence. Late that night, a flaming upside down cross appears in the front yard of the stalked girl’s home. Police stakeout the convict’s residence, yet the dangerous criminal is never seen coming or going. Meanwhile, the unspeakable atrocities continue unabated. Then, the girl disappears.

The convict is also missing. When a judge signs a search warrant, the predator’s house is turned inside out. A stash of illicit street drugs and schedule II controlled substances is found in a false bottom in the floor of his bedroom closet. Pharmaceuticals and contraband firearms are confiscated, yet there is still no knowledge of the perverted convict’s whereabouts.

It has been four days and five nights. No one has seen or heard from the missing adolescent girl. The worst is feared. Her parents are suffering nervous breakdowns. An alcoholic middle-aged woman with a lurid reputation for being a swinger reports a licentious old man peeping in her window at night.

The old man is brought in for questioning. The bra of the missing girl is discovered on his person. Under pressure of intense interrogation which crushes him under the agonizing weight of tears of terror, the old man grovels, claiming he found the brazier in a garbage can in the alley behind the house of a young man who has a male roommate and is suspected of being gay.

When the uber-macho S.W.A.T. team bangs on the young man’s door, his roommate, who is a flight attendant and home alone, eats an overdose of muscle relaxers which dangerously suppresses his central nervous system, dropping his heart rate and respiration to critically low levels. Medics rush the young man to the hospital to pump his stomach, but he codes on the EMT crew while en route to the medical facility. Their attempts to resuscitate the victim fail. He is pronounced Dead On Arrival.

An autopsy reveals a nanotechnology microchip cunningly concealed in the dead flight attendant’s sinus cavity. The substance of which the microchip is composed does not match any chemical compound known to exist on Earth. The microcircuitry appears to be biomechanical and lies far beyond the most advanced prototypes of human origin.

A celebrity television evangelist arrives on the chaotic scene to leap upon a portable podium and thump his Bible that the End of Time has arrived, Judgement Day has come and all sinners will now bow down and confess on bent knees, they will repent and beg for mercy from Damnation and Hellfire before the Beast with seven heads and ten horns who shall devour the Whore of Babylon!

Eschatology fanatics from around the world flock to the neighborhood. The town is inundated with illegal off-market commerce by freewheeling grifters who seek to financially exploit the sensationalist press coverage of the disastrous mayhem.

The berated town’s crime rate escalates beyond the capacity of local authorities. The entire situation is spiraling out of control. FEMA declares the scene a national emergency. After four police officers are brutally attacked by an angry mob, the President falls under increasing public pressure to stem the violent outbreak, so he mobilizes the National Guard. An Improvised Explosive Device is detonated beneath a Humvee, resulting in the tragic deaths of six enlisted men, a female reporter, and an unfortunate member of the Salvation Army who was delivering a dozen cases of baby formula for families in the neighborhood who have not been able to safely leave their homes in quest of much needed nutritional supplies.

A pit bull mauls an old lady in her rose garden. A neighbor, enraged by the vicious assault, shoots the dog dead. The owner of the dog guns down the man who shot his pit bull.

When you stimulate readers’ endocrine systems causing their internal glands to secret powerful steroid hormones directly into their bloodstreams rapidly altering their emotional states and triggering reactions in targeted organs and muscle groups - all based on cognitive association and conditioned reflexes which have been inculcated in the public who have been unwittingly exposed to insidious propagandist lies since birth - you will have attained the coveted goal of evocative storytelling.

Of course, you could talk about butterflies, flowers, cotton candy, and rainbows. As long as readers are happy with the narrative, they will consider it evocative storytelling. People like superlatives and lavish application of adjectives.

Soap operas have weak characterization and meaningless plots, yet, like a clandestine cabal of sinister Spin Doctors, they exploit the devastating, far-reaching power of voyeurism. Evocative storytelling comes in many forms. What I have listed here are among the witchcraft spells which invoke strength of narrative. To witness firsthand how I apply these cult principles in vividly transporting, monumentally arousing practice, you may read the evocative storytelling I have penned.

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