"Autistic Ollie" is an own voices book about an autistic boy. It is a picture book that does not yet have its pictures.

My Mommy says I have a wonderful mind
with some magical powers I’m certain to find;
I sometimes suspect that they’re hiding too well
so I’ve asked for a hint, but nobody will tell.

I write like a chicken, my teacher would say,
but that sounds quite amazing to me anyway.
My hands won’t be quiet, me feet won’t be still;
which makes some people mad, but I think it’s a skill.

I get really frantic and scared in a crowd,
there are strangers too close and it’s all very loud;
I always feel better as soon as we’re home
and I play with my toys in my room all alone.

I started to think that perhaps I could fly,
but then Mommy convinced me that I shouldn’t try;
I thought that my skill might be crossing the road,
but it made Mommy cry and it frightened my toad.

Some people say math or computers or cooking,
but none of them fit me and really I’m looking!
I've thought about about this and I've looked into that,
but I can’t write a novel and can’t swing a bat!

And then I remembered the thing that I do
and what no one can ever do better than you;
I’m splendid at being the person I am
and you ought to be you since nobody else can.

I like when each dinner’s the same as before,
its delicious each day and I never get bored;
I like to count tiles and to measure each side,
with my tape measure ready I ramble with pride.

My plushies are wonderful, fuzzy, and cute,
and they always want hugs when I’m wanting one too;
my kitty's adorable, silly, and sweet,
when she purrs on my forearms I stim with my feet.

There’s so many skills that a person would need,
there are so many talents to just being me;
it's a marvelous thing, since the odds are so small,
that I have the good fortune of having them all.

And if there’s a magical power to find,
I believe that I will, I have plenty of time;
but even if this is the best I can be,
I’m not sad or upset since I like being me!

Submitted: January 22, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Jacob Drum. All rights reserved.

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