Our Next Breath

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We are sorely struggling to take our next breath. *Inspired by True Detective Season 1*

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



Come into this place

This place is of darkness and fortitude

Let not its colossal standing paralyze your comprehension of the scope to which it envelopes a never-ending purpose,

one that is beyond subjective simple minds.

Stand the complex structures you were created to be

Find no means of existence in the clever simplicities of escapism

Take the shovel to the frozen dirt; churn loose a discovery into yourself

The effort is worth your time

To know yourself would be to grasp the essence of creation,

to have mapped the subconscious and unconscious hemispheres of existence

There is no knowing who we are, there can only be seeing who we were and searching for why

Always are we searching for why

But we always ask how

How similar are they?  How different are we from each other?  How can we coexist?

Where does the land dominate and the water serve?

Does either conquer?

Or have we been bred to determine a victor to every facet of life?

Are we capable of rising from base clay when we do not accept every component that has led to the moulding of humankind?

For we cannot agree on our beginning, for our beginning is a story that was told only once and has never been repeated.

We are not in need of guidance

We are in need of understanding

Our understanding will lead us forward and guide us into an age of cohabitation,

no longer domination

For now, we are stalled and sorely struggling to see our mouths from the water so we can take our next breath.

© Copyright 2018 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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