Darkness Calling

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



  Brenna was coaxing a flower to bloom when she felt the enormous concussion of power blast through the air. It was nothing like she had ever felt before. The enormity of it left every plant flattened, leaving the small garden that she had been cultivating for a century in ruin. Fear coursed through her veins and as soon as she was able to gather herself together. She rushed to the Elders in hopes that they would have an answer to what had just happened.


  Spreading her arms she quickly shrank in size and zipped away on gossamer wings her dark hair flowing behind her in a silken waterfall.
Brenna was small even for the people of the fey, a miniature version of her people. She was the picture of beauty with dark locks the color of burnt cherry, with eyes
the color of new moss on the forest floor. Her skin was pale as sparkling new fallen snow unmarred and supple as silk. She was always quick to smile with a Cupid's bow mouth and had the heart to match her beauty.


She was very beloved by her people and often times got away with small antics and pranks when others wouldn't have. It also didn't hurt that she was her father's favorite. She had been adopted by the king when she was little more than a toddler. She lost her mother to the battle between the vampires and the fey. She had no other family to take her in and as she was born under a lucky star she was the mirror image of his childhood playmate Mira.


Mira was the daughter of his father's advisor. She had been treated cruelly in the kingdom because of the people's fear of her power.  She spent most of her days under lock and key in a section of the council tree usually reserved for traitors with royal blood. She was only called upon when they had great need of her ability as a prophet and sorceress.


Her father had been but a lad and she had been the sun, moon, and stars to him. He used to sneak back to her room and sit outside her door for hours while she spun stories for him. She would create pictures with her magic and send them through the keyhole of her door bringing the stories to life. She had been his only friend in a world of war where no one had time for a very small boy.


  He still held a deep resentment toward the council for such medieval behavior. Had they taken the time to know her heart they wouldn't have feared her so deeply but fear her they did. They feared she would one day overthrow them and take the seat of power for herself, a ludicrous notion! She wanted nothing more than to love and be loved. She had been but a child, just a few years older than himself, full of life and potential. Forced to fill a role beyond her experience that had led to her imprisonment and ultimately her banishment.


Brenna reached the central council and grasped the hidden handle on the trunk of a large Cyprus tree giving it a firm tug. It sprung open and she rushed inside shutting the door behind her.


Taking a deep breath the smell of lilies and magic teased her nose. With the scent of home comforting her, she stood at the entrance and slowed her racing heart. She was too old to be racing about the council hall unannounced and she didn't want to stir the king's ire. He had been very short tempered of late. Just this week he had imprisoned a scout for missing a band of marauding Weres on the outskirts of one of the fey cities. Imprisonment for a fey is a fate worse than death, cut off from the earth, the lay lines, trapped in a cell of cold burning iron, She shuttered just thinking about it! She'd rather face a full pack of blood-thirsty weres on a full moon than endure that fate!


Squaring her shoulders she walked to the council chambers doors and requested an audience with the king, even being the favorite had its limitations.
Waiting just outside the council chamber doors she paced back and forth going over in her head the exact feelings that she'd received as the power concussion rippled over and through her. She wanted to be precise once she spoke with her father and try to impress upon him the raw power she had felt. She had a premonition it would soon bring the world upon its head. There was a great change in the air and it was coming straight at them.


She paced back and forth waiting, the king had never taken this long to allow her an audience. He must be in a really foul mood, or there was something major going on. She hadn't paid much attention in the to the others in her rush to get to the council and see the king, maybe she had missed something big. Just as she was about to step outside on a small balcony a guard beckoned her forward. She rushed toward the doors to be in place before they opened. She didn't want to look disheveled before the king however loved by him she was, she was still held to tradition and appearance. She smoothed her hair and clothes, gave a curt nod and proceeded forward.


The king sat on his thrown with a pained scowl on his face, shoulders slumped, and looked totally unlike himself. Brenna rushed forward and kneeled at the king's feet placing her small hand on his knee. She looked up into the king's face searching his eyes for answers. He sighed and patted her hand, " I am growing old, Brenna, and I am but feeling my age today, that is all", he said with a small smile.


Not entirely convinced Brenna was unsure she should mention what she had felt today in the forest. The king looked unusually tired and worn, but she knew he found out she knew and didn't tell him it could upset him more than was necessary. She worried the matter over in her mind for but a moment before she spoke,"Sire, there was a usual occurrence in the forest today". I was tending to my garden when a blast of power so strong shot out of the swamps and flattened every flower and small plant life around. It rushed through me so violently I was thrown to the ground in a daze. It was powerful my liege, and old, it felt so old.


The king looked up with a startled expression and Brenna watched as the blood drained from his face. "My king, are you alright," Brenna asked. When the king didn't answer right away she called the royal physician in a panic. She didn't know what this news meant exactly but she did not expect the reaction she had received. She had assumed he would send out scouts at once to check it out, but for the king to be completely stunned into silence and fear, it was incomprehensible for Brenna.


The Royal Physician, Edgar, rushed forward and gently led the King to the royal chambers where he gently laid him on his bed, mumbling soothing words all the while. Brenna was about to leave the care of the King to Edgar when he called out for her with an outstretched hand. She rushed to his bedside and leaned close to hear what he was saying. The king had a frantic look on his face as he leaned forward just enough to whisper in Brenna's ear " Tell No one what you have told me, I must have time to prepare myself," with that the king lay back and closed his eyes seeming to drift into an uneasy sleep.




Brenna was unable to sleep that night, nor was she able to sleep the following week after speaking with the king. No scouts were sent out she could see, nor did news reach her ears about the unusual occurrence added that to the king's reaction of the news had Brenna's nerves on edge. She found herself snapping at the staff and that was unlike her. Unable to stand the tension within herself a moment longer she started throwing things she deemed useful into a traveling pack, tomorrow, she was going to find the origins of that blast and check it out herself. After packing food and things she thought would be helpful she sat staring out into the night lost in her thoughts.




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