The night we hit the cow

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Below is a true story.

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



Below is a true story. I

Back one summer right out of high school, I was visiting some friends in Midland Texas. A couple of young ladies invited me to take a weekend road trip to go swimming at some swimming hole about a hundred miles East of Midland, so we loaded up the truck and started down the highway. Some time after it got dark, we were on a stretch of highway that was way out in the middle of no where on a deserted stretch of road. It was so dark out that you could barely see past the headlights. I mean it was dark! (If you've ever been out on some deserted stretch of road between towns, you know what I'm talking about). Anyways, as we were coming up this hill another truck passed us up. There hadn't been anyone else on the road for some time. The other truck flashed his lights as he passed. The two girls in the truck thought that they were trying to warn us of highway patrol. As soon as we made it over the top of the hill we realized what they were trying to warn us of was really a cow that had wandered into the road. The girl driving (I'm sorry, but I can't remember her name now) swerved to miss it, but it was too late. The cow suddenly appeared in the beams of our headlights and Bam!  Up flew the hood of the truck. She slammed on the breaks and we sort of skidded to a stop off to the right of the road.

The driver of the other truck, who barely missed the cow himself thought at first we had dodge the bullet (so to speak) because he saw us swerve, but then he said he saw the hood fly up in the headlights so he knew we had hit it. He turned around and came back for us.

We all got out of the truck and looked at each other and mostly we were okay. Thank God. Even her dog in the back of the truck was okay. But the cow was now dead back up the road a bit and the truck was a total loss.  The other guys took the driver back to Midland to get some help and the other girl and I stayed with the truck until they came back, just to make sure no one messed with it. And as we sat there in the pitch dark, trying to catch our breaths I looked up and saw the Milky Way for the very first time in my life. You know, in the city you hardly see it, because of all the city lights at night, but out here in the middle of no where...It was truly amazing despite what had just happened.

Anyways, after a while they finally came back with help and we all went home to lick our wounds, so to speak. What a night. The next day we were all sitting around her house, sort of numb because of the wreak and not really saying much, or even knowing what to say. They had one of those air condition window units in the room that was turned off and the wind started blowing through it and I'm telling you, it sounded just like a cow mooing.... We all looked at each other  and started to laugh. What else could we do? It was just too strange.  Stupid cow!


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