The Hunt

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The game is on. A team of expert mercenaries prepares to hit a target with precision. But the threat level is higher than ever. Will they succeed in their quest?

Submitted: January 22, 2018

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Submitted: January 22, 2018



“Boss, How are we going to overcome this obstacle?”, Craig asked me looking down at the reinforced security of the target we were scouting to attack.

“Let me think Craig. This obstacle is never like the ones we never faced before.”, I said looking at the target. We were an elite team. We have taken down target with impeccable efficiency. But this time the game has changed, New players have arrived and threat level versus price graph grew exponentially with the new addition. But we had little choice. This is what we did and this is what we must do to survive.

I look across the street to find Isabel, Shiva and Rutherford waiting patiently for my signal to pounce. Isabel and Shiva are lovers and they are starting a family soon, while Rutherford was a lone wolf. These three were new additions to the team, highly skilled, talented and did not require much training to adapt them to the team. Craig has been my partner for as long as I can remember. I could always count on him to have my back in any situation. I almost lost my life while on a mission a few months back, and what saved me was the quick presence of mind of Craig. I loved my team and with every mission we became closer to each other.

But our past stories and missions does not matter if we make a wrong move on this one. One wrong step and we could lose one of our team member. The guards detected our presence and were on high alert. The guard was led by Berney. He was thorough, vicious and intelligent. He would not hesitate to tear us down if we were caught.

“Team. Get Ready”, I shouted.

“Copy that” Shiva said nodding his head.

“You guys know the drill. Isabel, Shiva you distract the guards. Rutherford provide over watch and direct the team. Craig and I will go after the target, secure it. Rutherford provide cover for Isabel and Shiva to escape. We would move separate out after that to confuse the guards and meet at the top of watch tower five miles out after that. Questions?”

“What if the guards do not get distracted. What if they come after you?”, Shiva asked

“Hmm. That is where Rutherford plays an important role. He will alert us of the incoming cavalry. We will switch roles. Craig and I will play the distractors, while you and Isabel grab the price. Anything else team?”

“What if the guard catches up with Shiva or Isabel?”, Craig asked

“It is highly unlikely an event. In that case we will abort the mission, extract the team member and get out of here”

“There can be additional reinforcement”, Rutherford said without flinching.

“Timing is the key to success in this mission. This mission should not last more than five minutes. Anything more than that rises the threat exponentially and we should abort the mission after that”, Craig said.

I nodded in agreement.

“If there are no other questions we will get start the mission in five minutes.”

“Roger that”, Shiva nodded.

The players were ready. The game would start on my whistle. I watched the guard below waiting for the right moment to start the game. Berney was outside talking to another guard. They were busy discussing something. I sensed the golden minute has arrived.

“Three. Two. One. Go”

On my command, Isabel and Shiva moved down at breakneck pace. Their movement was well choreographed. They went very close to the target. Berney and his team saw my team mates and started bolting after them. Berney was fast but he was no match for Isabel and Shiva.

I waited cautiously for Isabel and Shiva to completely distract the guards. The took a turn at a corner near the guard house. I signaled Rutherford to start his duty. He swiftly moved to a spot across the guard building to provide watch.

“Good to go boss”, Rutherford signaled

I looked at my longtime partner Craig. He nodded in agreement to Rutherford. I took a few deep breaths. I looked at Craig and said, “Let’s do this mate”.

“Yes sir”

“In three, two, one, go”

We swooped down on the target and started securing the target for extraction in quick swift movements. We secured the target in thirty-two seconds. This was a new record for me and Craig. It is probably the threat level of this project brought the best of us.

“Sir, INCOMING, INCOMING”, shouted Rutherford.

I looked around to find Isabel and Shiva coming towards us. The cavalry following them were closely.  I signaled Craig to wrap it up. Isabel and Shiva looked confused what to do on seeing us. This was a new situation for them. It was not unlikely for them to be confused. I signaled them to follow us as we started moving in the opposite direction at rapid pace. Rutherford circled and came behind the guards to confuse them. His plan worked very efficiently as the guards were confused on which one of our team to pursue. This gave us a few precious seconds to escape.

While I was escaping, I heard a lady shout from inside the building, “Rajiv, I told you to guard the Copra I kept in the sun from crows. Your dogs are useless!! Go outside and sit there. Can’t you see I am busy here.”  

© Copyright 2020 spiritvoyager. All rights reserved.

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