The Happy Meal

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I didn't come up with this "concept" but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Submitted: January 23, 2018



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I didn't come up with this concept of “A Happy Meal”. Someone wiser than me told me this once many years ago but I have held onto it and it is how I view the world, or try to most of the time. I honestly can not remember who told me this originally but I am clearly stating here right now that this is not my “concept” but I do like it and perhaps maybe you will too and it will make you think just like it did me.


A Happy Meal


Our perspective on life really depends on how we look at things. If you go around thinking that things are always dark and sad and depressing then you will probably walk around in darkness and be sad etc. But if you look at things positively and try to make the best of it perhaps you will see light and humor and such in things and your day will be much better. At least I would hope so. Our focus determines our reality I guess.


You take a simple little "Happy Meal". You know the kind, the cheap little meals you can get at the fast food chains that cost practically nothing. They are called “Happy Meals”. If you offered up a "Happy Meal" to a very rich person, someone that is use to eating steak and lobster and such they would probably scoff at it, seeing it is simply a little nothing of a meal and refuse it.


But if you offer up a "Happy Meal" to a starving, homeless person they would probably take it and relish every single bite like it was a four course meal and truly appreciate it.


It is still the same thing no matter what. It is a simple little "Happy Meal". But see how it's value changes depending on the person and how they view it.



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