Harriet Tubman's Greatest Achievement

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Harriet Tubman’s Greatest Achievement


Has anyone you know run 140 miles illegally to achieve freedom? Well someone has and her name is Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman is the one who ran 140 miles from her slave home in Bucktown, Maryland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She then created the underground railroad to help slaves escape. Harriet Tubman has achieved many great things, but what was her greatest achievement? Harriet’s greatest achievement was the Underground Railroad with her escaping and escorting slaves along the railroad to freedom.

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery when her master died when Harriet was 27. This is shown in the background essay when it states, “When her master died in 1849… she decided to run”. This shows how she had to decide between liberty and death and she chose to do the brave thing, run.


Harriet started the Underground Railroad at the age of 28 and conducted eight trips to save 38 people. Document B records 8 different trips and a total of 38 people rescued on the Underground Railroad. This shows how she risked her life to save 38 people that longed for freedom just as much as she had and she helped them achieve it just like she did.

This shows how Harriet Tubman achieved great things. Even though she did many other great things like organizing an espionage, aided wounded soldiers, and helped the poor people, her greatest was the Underground Railroad. When she escaped, she thought of others and was inspired to help them by creating the Underground Railroad. What will we do to inspire others?


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