Cause and Affect

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I was taken by this cover picture and had to write a story to fit it. ---- Is there a moral to this short and simple story? Yes, maybe more than one.

Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Submitted: January 23, 2018



Jason Thatcher was a graduate student from a famous university, and he had majored in human behavior.

Jason impressed his professors so much that they recommended him for a study on nomadic tribes. Such a study was about to be funded through a grant by a wealthy group of alumni.

Yes, Jason got the grant and he wasted no time putting together his trip. He decided to do his first study on a somewhat inaccessible tribes that live in a very harsh and unforgiving environment.

After a "submission of intent" to the university and a subsequent approval, he was on his way.

It took Jason nearly three weeks to reach his destination, which would be his "Home Base" of operations. From there he would travel to various tribal locations for interviews and possible short term living arrangements with tribe members.

Jason had to back-pack from his Base of Operation because there was simply no other way to reach the tribe's ancestral homelands. It was about a 12 day journey to the vast mountainous region.



Finally Jason saw the first tent-like dwelling of his target tribe and approached it during the beginning of a mild dusting of snow-fall.

Suddenly an old man exited the tent with a rifle in his hand and he told Jason to go away.

Jason explained his intent and said, "I mean you and your family no harm. I have come to learn about your way of life and to tell the world of your hardships."

The man replied, "You have come out of curiosity and with the hope of making yourself famous.

Would you really like to learn something today?"

Jason responded quickly by saying, "Yes, of course!"

"Then let me tell you the story of Oreo," said the man with the gun. "Many years ago another man came to our tribe saying the same things that you have said. That was when I was a small boy.

In the man's supply sled was a sweet and wonderful food called Oreo. The children were taken by its taste and begged for more.

After the man left, stories started forming about the Oreo-Man and his delicious treats. As the children grew older the food called Oreo became a legend among our people. With each story told the Oreo gained abilities no food could have, but the children believed anyway.

Now, every generation has a few young men that leave the tribe and go looking for the Oreo, most never return. --- But I did return!

The terrible things I saw and heard in the lands of Oreo will never leave my mind. I am terrified by them.

So take my story as a warning and leave here. One Oreo-Man was enough.



D. Thurmond / JEF


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