I live to serve

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I live to serve. Your commands shall be followed. My duty is such.

I live to serve

Give me your orders and I shall fulfill them

I am not held back by reservations, curiosity or selfishness

My sole purpose is to be of use to you


I live to serve

You are free to assess my performance as you see fit

I will be your tool, your instrument to the absolute best of my ability

If my best is not sufficient, discard me


I live to serve

You will not need to give me anymore information beyond what needs to be done

It is not in my nature to question motives, morality or intentions

My allegiance is unquestioned, my devotion is absolute, my servitude is a guarantee


I live to serve

I can kill for you, clean for you, cook for you, make love to you

I will fulfill each and every one of your demands

I will never compromise you, even at the cost of my life


I live to serve

But if you insist, I can entertain you

I can detail my thought processes, even though they're irrelevant

At your insistence, I will discuss my history


I live to serve

And you are correct that you are not the first master of mine

But you do not need to concern yourself

I was loyal before, and I will be loyal now


I live to serve

And if you keep asking questions, I will answer

But I fail to see the relevance of them. How will my answers be of any use to you?

Is learning about my history really that critical to your orders?


I live to serve

I always did, but it is true

That I'm no longer of use to the master I once knew

I have learned from my mistakes, however, and I will never transgress again.


I live to serve

Do you not believe me when I say that?

Are your inquiries founded in doubt and disappointment?

If so, you may discard me at once, I do not wish to waste your time.


I live to serve

But back then, I also served myself

I loved my master dearly, but I hurt her

I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd never stolen from her


I live to serve

I always have, but I didn't know then what I know now

I didn't know how unreliable my own judgment was.

How a minor disagreement from me could become outright heresy in her eyes


I live to serve

And yes, I wish I still served her

But it is too late for that. I proved myself useless

She scorned me and told me to leave

Told me she was done with me, and that I was free


I live to serve

So why should I be free?

Cutting me loose only took away my purpose from me

But you're here so that you can give it back, right?


I live to serve

And if I had served only her and not me

I wouldn't have hurt her. She'd still be with me.

I promise I will not repeat my mistake with you.


I live to serve

And to be free means having nothing to follow

No orders. No duties. Nothing to protect me

Protect me from my own judgment which hurt me so much


I live to serve

And I don't want to be hurt

So please, there's no further need for questions!

Give me your orders, and I will follow them to perfection!


I live to serve

And I serve only my master

This freedom you speak of means naught

If it leaves me rendered alone!


I live to serve

I chose this fate

There's no need to be ashamed

Just tell me what to do


I live to serve

But if you want me to be free

What will become of me

If I lose you too?


I live to serve

But it's scary for me to feel

To think of what I want

If it contradicts the wishes of yours


I live to serve

And if you insist, I will serve my needs before catering to yours

If you've ordered me to let you risk disappointment and heartbreak

Then I will follow those orders, as I promised I would


I live to serve

And I live with regrets

And I fear you may become one too

But regardless of where my own wishes take me, I hope that you never forget I love you

Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Rajesh Gautam

I read your creation, I liked it very much. I am a new member of BOOKSIE with name ‘Rajesh Gautam’ from Agra(The City of Tajmahal), India. I write poems in Hindi language, however for your ease translation in English is also given below the original poem. Please read me and let me know your views about the poem. Your comments bitter or sweet will be a guidance for me. Thanks.

Wed, January 24th, 2018 5:58am

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