A Stir in the Shadows [Working Title]

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Anzu is the leader of a cult he hates, and perhaps the only pure sorcerer that cult has been able to make. He doesn't want this to define him, however. In truth, he'd prefer it if he could simply
continue his day to day job of misplacing other people's belongings. He simply wants to be a thief, and nothing more. Though, unexpectedly, he stumbles upon a ten year old plot that inexplicably
draws him into working with the cult he despises, the son of his retired cohort, and a god whose only understanding of the mortal world is how he can tilt it the one way or the other. (Updated
monthly on the 23rd)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The cool night air swept through the streets of Karinn, announcing the early hours of unapologetic displays of disregarding the local law... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The Atendaris castle keep was sat atop a magically constructed pillar, right outside the Crater. While not a huge territory, it was very ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

  ‘You think they feed those often?’ Rovus pointed to one of the dracor sitting atop the city wall. A red lizard with birds... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

‘Melvore, huh?’ Marc tapped his book with his pen. ‘I don’t know if you should be bothering Stormborne with this kind of-...’ T... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Anzu set up a small bottle of incense on the nightstand between the two beds, clacking two flintstones over it and letting sparks fly int... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The morning thereafter, Anzu and Rovus went down the road to Melvore. It was a fairly short walk, only an hour between ... Read Chapter