English was her first language

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

She could brighten the darkest days and darken the innocent of thoughts.


I knew I wanted her, but I knew she wouldn't have me.

I was a sophomore in high school. She was my English teacher. 

She always had every guy in a thousand mile radius entranced when she entered a room.

Blonde, busty and beautiful. Eyes that pierced the soul. A smile that could melt the frozen tundra. 

I stared at her the entire class. Days she wore a skirt that rode high between her thighs, and her bust barely stayed contained. Every boy in class couldn't pick up their tongue quick enough.

On graduation day, I gazed at her from the crowd. She was as beautiful as the weather in a southern spring. 

I wish I could fuck her!


I was home visiting from med school. I was stopping in the closest grocery store for some snacks and beer before I headed back to my parents. 

I was standing in the middle of the isle trying to decide between Nacho Cheese or Pretzels. I was honestly undecided. 

"Nacho Cheese tastes better with beer" a voice behind me insisted.

I couldn't believe it. I turned around to see who was speaking and it was her. 


I ran into my fucking English teacher. She hadn't changed a bit. Little older, but so much sexier. She cut her hair to a little bit past her shoulder, but I didn't care, she was sexy.

She was dressed down. Blouse and blue jeans. She smiled at me. I lost my train of thought for a second. When I finally found my voice again, I told her I agreed and told her she always had the right answer.

That shifted the mood. She seemed now confused. I thought I said something stupid. I apologized quickly, stating I didn't mean to offend. She said I didn't but she was confused by my comment. 

Oh my God! She didn't recognize me. I wanted to high five myself. She was flirting with me not because she knew I was one of her students, but because she was attracted to me.

I informed her who I was and her jaw dropped. I would like to think it was because she had thought about fucking me and now realized I was this over weight acne faced nerd who once gawked at her in class, but who knows.

We spoke for a second and parted ways. UGH! I should have made a move. Even though I had improved the outside of myself a bit, I was still a shy little geek on the inside. Guess that's why I have a right hand.


My parents threw one of their lavish, over the top, over compensating holiday parties. 

Everything was the usual. 

My father bitched about his secretary, who I'm pretty sure he was fucking on the side. And my mother upped her liquid diet. 

I was bored. I was probably the youngest adult there, mixed with children between two and eight years of age.

Fuck I was bored.

I escaped to my fathers office to look for his good alcohol. 

I used to sneak sips when I was younger. The old man hadn't changed. There was his premium bottle of vodka. The 8% stuff. Not that Wal-Mart crap.

I was about half way into my first glass when the door cracked open. I never tried to hide my crime so quickly, fearing my father would come in furious with me.

Instead..she, my teacher peeked her head inside. I was shocked. I had so many questions but none of them mattered with her right in front of me now, wearing a tight coca-cola red colored dress. Breasts bouncing around, the back of her dress barely covering the bottom of her ass.

She giggled, "I won't tell if you won't".

We sat in the lounge chairs and chatted a bit. I told her about med school. She told me about her backpacking through Europe like every other teenager. It wasn't how I saw my evening going. 

Hours passed and before we knew it, we had been down there for couple hours. Now sitting against my father's desk. She told me about some dirty secrets about other teachers. By this time she was pretty tipsy. I relished in the fact that everything was so casual with her. Nothing felt tense or unusual. I told her how her class was the only one I looked forward to. 

She blushed. 

She had said how I was always an excellent student. I had confessed I had a crush on her. I was tipsy my self. She asked me why? I leered at her. Explained that she looked like a Goddess out of ancient times. I was memorized every-time she entered the room. She tried to hide her blushing but I could see. She liked it.

I told her that she's only gotten sexier over the years. I even confessed that I used to jack off thinking about her. That was a moment she was uneasy about. She had told me that she used to fuck another student. I remember the rumors I told her. I said he was lucky. I wish I was him.

That peaked her curiousity. She moved closer to me, leaning in with her busty line. 

"Why did you wish?" she asked flirtatiously.

I couldn't find the words. I could see her breasts pushing together. She locked eyes with me, waiting for my answer. I tried to laugh it off.

"Oh so I could get straight A's" I joked.

She wasn't buying it. She ran her finger over the crease of my zipper. I shuttered from her gentle touch.

"Are you sure?" she asked again, this time slowly licking her lips.

I nodded. She kept rubbing the area. I could feel my pants grow tighter. I turned my hips trying to avoid her feeling my rock hard cock. 

But she wanted to feel.

She rubbed her open palm over the same area. I knew she felt it. She continued, pressing her hand over the outline of my cock. I groaned loudly. She asked me again.

"Are you sure you didn't wish you could fuck me?"

My eyes fell in the back of my skull. I bit my bottom lip and looked down watching her hand now cupping my obvious hard cock. I looked over to her and said firmly,

"Yes. I wish I was the one fucking the shit out of you"

That was what she wanted to hear. A devilishly smile came over her. She bit her bottom lip, rubbing my cock, groaning loudly.

"You want to shove your big cock down your teachers throat don't you?"

I couldn't believe it. Now, I mentioned I was a geek. So I spent a lot of time watching porn as a teen. So that's the obvious place my mind wondered. This was like something right out of one of my favorite teacher porns.

I turned her around, slamming her up against the desk, holding her arm behind her back, pulling her hair with the other hand.

"You want this bitch?" I asked her aggressively.

As she groaned to answer, her breasts toppled her dress, exposing the top of her areolas. She looked at me from the side of her face and nodded, wincing from the feel of my cock pressed up against her ass.

"I want you to fuck me baby. Fuck me like the slut I am" she demanded passionately.

I didn't need to hear anymore. I unbuckled my pants, reaching in to pull my big cock out. She hiked her skirt up. I wet the tip of my cock, pulled the top of her dress down. I wanted to see those big tits bounce. 

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was no Bradley Cooper but I was finally gonna fuck my hot English teacher. I dreamt of this moment for years. 

I pushed her down, bending her over the desk. Her big tits flopping onto the desk. I grabbed her nipple and pinched it as I slammed my cock into her pussy. She gasped as I stretched her tight cunt. 

I was pounding her so fast you'd think I was in a race. 

I turned her over and got in between her thighs. Throwing one leg over my shoulder so I could bury my cock deeper in her cunt. She had a nice little trail leading to the protruding lips of her pussy. I watched her face change expressions as I continued to pump her pussy, her breathing increased significantly.

She tilted her head back. I could feel her pussy clench. She was gonna cum. And cum hard. The look of those tits bouncing around. They were better then I thought. I grabbed both legs, pulled myself even farther and slammed her cunt like I hated her. My balls slapping against her ass. Her moans got so loud, I could feel my ear drums vibrate.

She came all over my cock. She came so much, it was pouring outta her pussy. I pulled out because I wanted to live this fantasy the right way. She knew what I wanted. She got on her knees, opened her mouth like a good little slut, and stuck her tongue out, tits sitting on her chest waiting for my creamy surprise.

I started to shoot all over the place. Fuck it was like a wild hose, flailing all over the place. Cum hitting her everywhere. She looked like a glazed doughnut. 

Fuck my balls were pulsating. I stood there feeling light headed. She continued to jerk my cock, licking the tip incase anything else came out.

"I think you earned that A" she uttered, catching her breath.

We both chuckled seconds later. 

Submitted: January 24, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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Rajesh Gautam

I read your creation, I liked it very much. I am a new member of BOOKSIE with name ‘Rajesh Gautam’ from Agra(The City of Tajmahal), India. I write poems in Hindi language, however for your ease translation in English is also given below the original poem. Please read me and let me know your views about the poem. Your comments bitter or sweet will be a guidance for me. Thanks.

Wed, January 24th, 2018 5:54am

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