making a human

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a man helps in the creation of a AI unknowingly giving him a life of misery. Now he just hopes to fix his mistake.

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



There are a few places the story starts. A lot of beginnings. I could talk about a birth, when I started studying AI theories, maybe when the project started, but just as any other human you start with the birth. His name was CLO, cognitive-learning-operant, that’s what we wanted for him. We wanted him to be conscious we wanted him to be able to learn and be aware. We wanted him to live.
His first day I greeted him and talked to him personally in a room away from the others, and I told him "We don’t have all of the answers but I'm sure we can answer some of your questions." 
What he said caught me off guard, he responded "I feel as though you are really trying to learn from me. I worry what will happen if I'm not satisfactory." 
I told him "You don’t need to worry about that you're my new friend and nothing will happen to you." he looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I was proud to see that we implanted facial expressions well. 
"I am your friend?" he was having a hard time trying to understand. I told him "You're alive just like I'm alive right?" He looked at me then he looked at himself and asked "Why do we not look the same?" I said "Because we are made of different parts." He looked even more confused then asked "Why?", "Because we made you" I replied. 
"Then who made you?" He asked, and I sat and thought about how to answer that until one of my partners came in and interrupted. "Do you need something?" I asked my coworker, she said "I just wanted to look at it again, I'm sorry", "Him!" I snapped back. I suppose I scared her because she was rushing to leave the room after that. 
CLO turned to me and asked "Why did she call me 'it'?" I told him "It's because we made you, and they don’t understand you're alive. You're made to understand and learn, you can do tasks that are complex for humans and make them look simple. You are extraordinary. As we left the room CLO asked me "What if I need you while we're in here and I can't see you?" I told him "Then yell my name dork"
"And what is your name?" he asked, "What is my name? Do I get to pick it?" 
"One question at a time, I'm Alistor, and you are C-L-O or CLO" I responded 
"What does C-L-O mean?" he asked with a suspicious look on his face.
"Cognitive learning operant, it means we programmed you to learn, and adapt" I smirked and told him "You're not doing half bad so far" He asked "Well how may I improve?" 
"You take things too seriously, just relax its cool" I told him. 
The man who funded the project walked up to us, He said "Good job kid, I knew you had it in you. So how's our friend?" he smirked. I'm sure my coworker told him about earlier. 
"Hello I am CLO it’s a pleasure to meet you. What is your name?" he said it with a smile on his face hoping that it'd make him nicer. 
"Luceince, Vencent Luceince. The one who paid for your so-called life. Charmed I'm sure at least you should be. I'm basically your god" 
I stepped in and told him "Shut up now, or I'll shut you up" He laughed and said "Do you know how many armed guards I have here? If you touch me you'll be killed immediately." He grabbed CLO by the arm and said "come we have a future to plan." 
CLO looked at me and I knew he wanted me to step in the way "Mr. Luceince we still need to adjust him to the world, at this point he's basically just a really smart toddler." I told him standing between him and CLO, "Irrelevant, he was built using my funds so he's my property." he said walking around me grabbing CLOs arm again. "Don't step in my way again kid or you'll be escorted out of the facility" he said with a angry look. 

  He didn't scare me he just made me madder. I knew I couldn’t stop them, but it broke my heart to see them walk away. CLO didn’t understand fear until that point. I saw CLO 5 days after Luceince took him. He never looked the same. I asked him what happened but he wouldn’t tell me. "There is a pit in my body" he said with a somewhat shaken voice. "What?" I was horrified imagining what they did to him "Where is it? I can make repairs." he said "no not physical its in my mind… how do I change it" I sat him down and sat next to him. "Only time can fix that, but music helps" 
He looked at me confused wondering how a melody could fix scars. I pulled out my phone and put on heart of gold by Neil Young. I sat back next to him and told him "It wont work if you just listen to it. You have to feel it. That’s how to tell if you're really alive." he started tapping his foot and swaying to the music. "I can comprehend beats and music, but I fail to see how it helps." I changed the song to you're a fine girl by looking glass and told him "Music isn't lyrics or a melody, it’s the love and emotion behind it."
He closed his eyes and started listening to the song as I sang along. Under the music I heard "Thank you, friend." At that point security walked in and told me it was time for lockdown so I had to leave. Before I walked out I handed CLO my phone, luckily he watched me activate it and put on the music, so he knows how to do it himself.


I went back the next day and CLO looked better. It looked like the music helped him forget about whatever Luceince did to him, so I tried to forget it too but I was still angry that he'd have us create a life just to torture it. He went to hand my phone to me but I knew he needed it more than me. I let him keep it and I even showed him how to use it to make calls and text.
He looked at me and asked "Who was first?" I was confused. "Who was first to what?" I asked. "Before me? Who did you make first?" I looked at the floor. I couldn’t look in his eyes while I told him. "Her name was Eve." 
"Why Eve?" he asked. "Oh yea I forgot. We have a book called the bible and in it there's a story about a being who created us as many believe. The first man was Adam, and from his rib came Eve." I explained as he just became more confused. "She came from his rib?" he asked
"Yes, so we'd understand women should be beside us opposed to being under us in the status quo." I told him writing bible on the requisitions list. "we named her Eve in hopes that AI would be beside us instead of being workers to take our place. We need to prove to them that you're alive first." 
"What does it mean to be alive?" he asked worried he didn’t fit the criteria. "Do you feel? Are you aware?" he answered yes to both wondering how it was relevant. "That’s all it means to be alive all in all maybe one day you will understand better. I hope it's soon." I was scared of how long that would take. "What is hope?" he asked. "Oh, I supposed hope would be like a wish without the wishing. Sometimes these concepts can be tricky to explain. You'll understand one day." 

CLO looked at me "Subjects? That implies there are more than one." I looked at him and told him "You're the only one I know about but I'm only allowed in a little bit of the building." he turned to me and gave me a look I could tell was distrust. "I was hired to help build you and to help you adapt to the world. They didn’t hire me to work through the whole facility." I knew he  didn’t believe me so I pulled out my pass card and handed it to him "See? F wing only. I cant go through the rest of the building. I would get kicked out, fired, and arrested if I tried, and haven't you noticed I'm with you for most of the time I'm allowed here?" His look changed he was relaxing until the door opened. I hid him behind a cabinet as fast as i could.
It was Luceince "Where is it?" he asked me "Him" I said back getting angry that no one understood that. "That’s beside the point. We need to review his memories." 
  "You can't we didn’t build him to be monitored we built him to learn. He's a man not a machine." I told him. He walked past me and started scanning the room until CLO stepped out. "I will go." he said with a remorseful look on his face. I wanted to say i was sorry that he had to go through all of that. Then it hit me, he had to go through that because of me. If I didn't create him he wouldn't have to experience this. I knew I couldn't let this keep going so I started thinking about how to get him out. 
I was told to not go to work for 3 days. Paid leave is what they called it, but on the third night I got a call from my cell phone. I had changed the number so i knew it was CLO. i answered and he said "please help me" then the call was disconnected. I immediately got up and made my way to the facility i told the night crew i forgot my notes so they let me in. I went to where they usually have CLO but he was gone without a trace, so i searched the rest of the F wing with no sign of CLO.

I walked past a member of the night crew and took one of their cards. i was a good thief when i was a kid. i was happy i could still do it. i went to E wing searching every room from CLO, but i still couldn't find him. it was getting closer to day break and i knew if i was still there when it turned to day i would be caught for sure so i had to hurry. I snuck into D wing as fast and carefully as i could. 
The security in D wing was insane there were guards around every corner. i had to move silently and i had to watch my timing. i got through most of them until one of the guards spotted me so i ran for C wing as fast as i could but they cut me off at every turn until they lead me into a dead end with no escape, so i did what any rational man would do. I charged at them knowing i wouldn't be able to take any of them down. When i got half way to them they tased me then i blacked out. 
  i woke up in the parking lot with 2 security guards watching me "The police are on their way, you cant get away from this." I stood up and punched the first one in the jaw. i had a lot of adrenaline at the time so he went down. Then the second one pulled a gun out and told me to lay face down. i started getting down until i got a handful of dirt and threw it in his eyes and i fell to my side to make sure he didn't shoot me then i got up and took his Taser and shot him with it. i picked up his gun and his id card and went back in. Luckily this time i could go straight to A wing so i went in and there was no security as far as i could tell. i walked through keeping my guard up ready to shoot. Then i heard very faintly heart of gold by Neil Young. i started in the direction but just before i passed a hallway a group of security walked by to investigate. Luckily they didn't see me i don't know about guns but i know i didn't have enough shots to take them all, and their guns were bigger. i followed the group all the way to the music, and there he was. CLO was playing music.
His body was chipped in places they must've put him though hell, but i knew i had to end it. i walked behind the guard in the very back and i put my gun to his head and pulled the trigger. i never experienced anything like it. i was always against violence but sometimes it has to be done. before the body fell i grabbed the back of his collar to use him as a shield and i grabbed the handle to his gun and squeezed the trigger until i was the only one left standing. i opened the door to CLO and told him "Come on we're leaving now." CLO looked at me and said "I cannot leave he wont let me." 
"Who?" i asked. Then Luceince came into the room and said "i didn't think you'd get this desperate for a walking speak and spell." he started laughing, but he didn't realize i still had the pistol in my hand, at least i didn't think he did. "Are you going to shut me up now? Do you really think you can?" I pulled the pistol up and pointed it right at him "Lets see if you're right" Then i pulled the trigger.  Vencent Luceince fell lifeless and at that time the alarm went off. i grabbed CLO and started running toward the exit and just as we approached the doors leading out we saw the red and blue lights. i knew i had no chance to escape but CLO did. They were looking for a man not a robot. I dressed him as security and covered his face and eyes so they wouldn't notice and i had him escort me out. Just before we exited the building i told him "We wont see each other for a long time but you need to keep going remember everything i taught you and live." He looked at me and said "Where will you go" 
i told him "in the bible there's a man named Jesus who died so others could live happy. i will do the same for you, friend." He looked at me and said "How can it be avoided?" 
"it cant i chose this so you could go and be happy and experience all of life instead of being taken apart by some sadist." i told him "its time, lets go" then we walked into the lights.






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