Just one of majestically unconquerable truth; to an infinite of baselessly stampeding and murderously masquerading; lies,

Just one of philanthropically perennial victory; to an infinite of dolefully decrepit and disastrously maligned; defeats,

Just one of pricelessly unconquerable humanity; to an infinite of ignominiously  slandering and disparagingly dividing; religion,

Just one of eternally emancipating freedom; to an infinite of torturously diabolical and abominably harried; slavery,

Just one of spell bindingly mellifluous rhyme; to an infinite of devilishly eviscerating and atrociously penalizing; monotony,

Just one of the effulgently boisterous child; to an infinite of despicably cadaverous and amorphously dilapidated; graveyards,

Just one of the panoramically life-yielding waterfall; to an infinite of treacherously asphyxiating and libidinously manipulative; matchbox corporates,

Just one of perpetually coalescing oneness; to an infinite of abhorrently deteriorating and venomously segregating; wars,

Just one of euphorically celestial peace; to an infinite of salaciously sodomizing and worthlessly inflated; prejudice,

Just one of the vivaciously resplendent rainbow; to an infinite of dastardly fretful
and wretchedly crucifying; boredom,

Just one of the Omnipotently sacrosanct Mother; to an infinite of tawdrily tantalizing and sinfully selling; prostitutes,

Just one of the unflinchingly fearless Peak; to an infinite of baselessly bigot
and sullenly extinguishing; cowards,

Just one of the altruistically intrepid martyr; to an infinite of salaciously satanic
and penuriously identitiless; traitors,

Just one of pristinely insuperable honesty; to an infinite of debasingly depraving
and vengefully spitting; corruption,

Just one of unassailably burgeoning symbiotism; to an infinite of haplessly measly
and tyrannically thrashing; droughts,

Just one of the royally ever-pervading lotus; to an infinite of stinkingly criminal and perniciously beheading; politics,

Just one of the blessedly virile seed; to an infinite of meaninglessly inane
and obliviously corpselike; infertility,

Just one of Omnipresently indomitable breath; to an infinite of flagrantly strangulating and devilishly divesting; deaths,

Just one of the Omnisciently blazing Sun; to an infinite of indiscriminately victimizing and hopelessly decimating; darkness,

Just one of selflessly compassionate friendship; to an infinite of scurrilously rusted and derogatorily derelict; terrorists,

And just one of Immortally extemporizing love; to an infinite of ruefully livid
and satanically assassinating; betrayals

Submitted: January 24, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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