100% Natural

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

At times an inferno of poignantly towering emotions; while at times a meadow of resplendently blissful tranquility that stretched for times immemorial,

At times an astoundingly prolific bombardment of restlessness; while at times a river of celestially milky and exotically unending enchantment,

At times an untamed volcano of tantalizing voluptuousness; while at times as beautifully heavenly as the mystical mists on the spell bindingly gregarious mountaintops,

At times a ferociously undulating sea of unbelievably ecstatic exhilaration; while at times the majestically sleeping castle of fathomless dreams,

At times an indefatigably reverberating catharsis of the countenance; while at times the ingratiatingly innocuous pearl floating in holistic harmony; at the bottom of
blue sea,  

At times an impudently overpowering monster transcending over the realms of pragmatic sagaciousness; while at times the boundless fleet of silken birds regally sweeping through the clouds,

At times a passionately never ending fire that Omnipotently enlightened the complexion of this dreary planet; while at times a phlegmatically lazing tortoise; paying an absolute deaf ear to the conventionally turgid society,

At times wave of endlessly swirling and enthralling excitement; while at times a nimble dewdrop sensitively curled; and waiting for the very first rays of; fantastically ephemeral dawn,

At times a blazingly marching patriotic soldier for whom even the ghastliest of death caused no fear; while at times at river of amiably drifting contentment; in complete synergy with the Lord Divine,  

At times a profoundly ambiguous wind incessantly vacillating between the limitless shades of vivacious life; while at times the rejuvenating incense sticks of irrefutably sparkling truth,  

At times an unrelenting cistern of ebullient happiness; while at times inevitably entrenched by obfuscated skies of disparaging sadness,

At times a perennial whirlwind of insurmountable rhapsody; while at times a timidly retreating butterfly sandwiched in cocoons of sordid remorsefulness,
At times a fireball of indefatigably uxorious fantasy which never ends; while at times
an impeccably sleeping angel wholesomely oblivious to the unfurling of rapid time,

At times an unparalleled storm which took the entire living race by radically dramatic surprise; while at times a sheepish leaf wilting towards even the most infinitesimal draught of breeze,

At times carving a way of its very own amidst countless others engulfed with baseless rigidity; while at times stooping like an obeisant angel in front of the Almighty  divine,

At times an eternally frolicking peacock vividly flirting behind the hills; while at times fretting and fuming in the aisles of treacherously betraying morbidity,

At times an unsurpassable caravan of philanthropic goodness; while at times lured by fabulously eloping and nubile damsels as the bodies euphorically titillated in
the moon soaked night,

O! Yes; at times this; while at times an unfathomable shade of that; but one thing was intransigently undeniable; that whether I lived forever in the paradise of heaven; or whether I forever rotted in the gallows of hell with the word die; my heart was; is
and would always remain 100% natural.

Submitted: January 24, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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