My View on how to save the planet by recycling than littering

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My View on how to save the planet by recycling than littering:

This is my article on how to save the planet by recycling than littering. As every year there are tons and tons of rubbish destroying our planet. As a result of this it is killing wildlife and the oceans are full of it. So what can we do about it?
I believe that we should use the recycling boxes we’re given for free as well as the green food caddies by our local councils. Also we should use the local dumping sites for the items that cannot be put into the recycling boxes or the food caddies. Plus we can recycle our old clothes, bric-brac, furniture, toys, DVDs, CDs, videos etc. to charity shops as well as any carrier bags, bubble wrap, or newspaper that they could use in the shops. For example, to wrap fragile bric-brac. E.g. glass, porcelain, or china. It really saddens me seeing litter everywhere and watching the litter picker men who are employed by the local council picking up litter from the street and they up doing this from 7:30am or earlier and still doing it until 8pm at night.
I just wish we could recycle more and litter less. The only people who can stop this happening, is us! By doing this we’ll be saving wildlife and reducing pollution and make our carbon foot and planet cleaner.

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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