Unfinished Journey

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I wrote this poem to let out my feelings and inner thoughts. It's written in Free verse. The theme is related to Home, it's your choice on how you understand it since I admit it has multiple
meanings. Whatever you interpretation is, the real meaning of this poem can only be deciphered by yours truly. I hope you enjoy~!

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



Unfinished Journey

Ashley Rain


Sounds of tranquility surround this place.

The wind crawls deep in your soul.

And the feeling of nothingness stands tall.

You say you are a believer,

But you spoke too soon.

There's nothing in this place,

There's nothing in this room.

The man who wears nothing but black showed you joy.

However, he is also the man who took you away from home.

Where will you go?

You lost little soul.

Have it all? Or lose it all?

You can have both.

Don't be deceived by the warm tune.

Too much warmth will burn you alive. 

Once you burn, they'll remember your name.

But not your story.


It's not too late to find the right direction.

Choose the forgotten road.

For everyone truly forgots its existence.

Forget your friends who aren't even there, 

Or else they'll drag you in a place where water cries for help.

Then take a turn to sacrifice a piece.

It'll hurt a lot like the times you spent with them and not in your home.

After that take a deep breath.

You'll catch a melancholic voice.

They may even be voices.

They're waiting for you.


Then again, you might run away... Again.

Stop blaming others for your suffering.


They suffered.

You keep causing havoc on your own mind.

While they keep on stitching it.

Until you bleed.

Until you're far gone.

Until you feel the warm touch of something that can't be seen.

If you choose not to run.

Then realize....


Home isn't a place.

These are people who...

Loved you,

Helped you,

Raised you,

And died for you.



© Copyright 2018 Ashley Rain. All rights reserved.